Author's Note: Okay, this will probably be the last chapter of this fic ^_^ I'll maybe write a sequel one day, but right now, I can't think of any more events that I could put into the story. Thanks to all those who reviewed, love ya all!


Finally, much to Shane's dismay, the weekly episode of Xena was over. The spiky haired grumbled and turned the TV off. "Too bad that they show Xena only once a week." She complained. "Too bad that Callisto didn't appear in this episode!" Kaori threw in, earning odd looks from the other three. Haruka shrugged it off and tried to make Michiru stand up, so she could go to the toilet. Finally, Michiru stood up from Haruka and the couch, allowing the blonde to hurry into the bathroom. As soon as Haruka was gone, the aqua haired girl turned to look at Shane and Kaori. "I just wanted to thank you." She softly spoke, gaining the attention of the two. "Thanks us?" Shane repeated, her eyebrows wandering upwards. Michiru nodded. "Yes, for letting me stay here with you. I honestly wouldn't know what I should do if you'd decided to throw me out." Both Shane and Kaori grinned and shrugged. "Well, you're welcome. The house is big enough for four people, and since Haruka and you seem really devoted to each other, we see no problem." All of a sudden, Michiru rushed forward and pulled both Shane and Kaori into a bone crashing hug. "Thank you!" she called out, while Shane chuckled. That was when Haruka entered the room again, frowning at the scene. "What is going on here?" "Group hug!" Kaori replied. "Come join us!" Michiru cried out, and Haruka gratefully obeyed.

Later that day, all four members of the family sat in the kitchen, waiting for the dinner to finish. Shane was reading the newspaper, her blonde spikes sticking up over the paper, while Kaori busied herself with one of her romance novels. Michiru sat next to Haruka, gently caressing the blondes upper leg, and Haruka herself was deep in thought.

"Good thing they sent me here." The blonde thought to herself while her eyes rested on Shane, who didn't notice though. "I got to meet and love Michiru…and I got to become the daughter of those two wonderful people here." She smiled to herself, earning an odd look from Michiru. "Dollar for your thoughts, Haruka." Shane suddenly said, smiling and putting the newspaper down. "Oh, they're not that spectacular." Haruka replied, also smiling. "I just was thinking about how happy I am…to have a family at last." Shane, Kaori and Michiru broke into a smile, and Michiru and Haruka shared a short kiss, Harukas heart singing with joy. Indeed, she did have a family at last.