On the first day of summer vacation, Phineas found a strange-looking remote outside his house. He later found out the remote was able to open a portal leading to another dimension.

But this dimension wasn't as cheerful as he thought. It was ruled by an evil dictator. But with the help of an organization known as The Resistance, Phineas was able to free everyone in 2nd Dimension Danville from the dictator.

Ever since then, Phineas became friends with the other dimension versions of Ferb and Isabella, and he often visits them using his remote. And so far, he has been able to keep the 2nd Dimension a secret from his friends and family.

That is, until now...

Stinkfly3 Presents

A Phineas and Ferb Production

The Revenge of Professor Poofenplotz

Based on the video game designed by AK1028

Disk 1: The Flame Blaster

Deleted Scene

It was a typical day in the 2nd Dimension. Phineas was over at The Resistance HQ with Alt. Ferb and Alt. Isabella. Phineas was wearing a virtual-reality helmet, mechanical gloves, and special attachments to his shoes. He was currently punching midair and dodging invisible threats.

"Great game, guys," Phineas told his 2nd Dimension friends as he continued playing. "I've heard of a video game based on The Matrix, but the controls weren't this advanced."

"The best part is that you don't need to buy a video game concole to play it," Alt. Isabella said. "Just put on the helmet, gloves, and feet attachments and you're good to go."

"By the way," Phineas said. "How's the album coming along?"

Ever since Doofenshmirtz was defeated, Phineas encouraged Alt. Ferb and Alt. Isabella to try out new things. Thanks to the 11-year-old boy, Alt. Ferb discovered his natural talent for playing classical guitar and Alt. Isabella realized she's a good singer. The two friends are currently working on their first album.

"Isabella and I already finished two songs," Alt. Ferb told Phineas. "Although I think singing about a cup might not be a good idea."

Phineas stopped playing the video game. "You wrote a song about a cup?" he asked as he took off his helmet, gloves, and shoes attachments. "Can I hear it?"

"Sure thing," Alt. Isabella said. Then Alt. Ferb picked up his guitar and started to play some notes as Alt. Isabella sang.

I got you in the palm of my hand
Wanna put somethin' hot in you
So hot that you can't stand...
Gonna take you to my lips
Empty out every last drop
So thirsty for what's in you, baby
That I can't stop...
In the middle of the night, I'm in bed alone
Don't care if you're glass, paper, styrofoam
When I need some water, baby, coffee or gin
You're the only thing, I wanna put them in
My cup, my cup
Sayin' what's up to my cup, my cup
More of a friend than a silly pup, my cup
You know what it is
Sayin' what's up to my cup
Sayin' what's up to my cup
Sayin' what's up to my cup

When the song was done, Phineas looked a bit confused. "Isn't that from Glee?" he asked.

"What's Glee?" Alt. Ferb asked.

But before Phineas could reply, an alarm went off and Alt. Candace ran in. "Playtime's over, people!" she exclaimed. "This is a Code Red emergency!"

"Wait, what's going on?" Phineas asked.

Alt. Candace took out a handheld laser. "Just keep your mouth shut and don't tell anyone your name," she said as she pointed the laser at Phineas. "You'll thank me later."

But before Phineas could say anything, Alt. Candace zapped him, causing him to black out.

End of Deleted Scene