This fiction is a compilation of old sexual stories I wrote about a character I used in cyber roleplays back when I played WoW. There's no real plot and the only logic is that Lauri was a young, bbw priestess who remained slightly corrupted by her fight with Yogg-Saron. She was then lost in time long enough to become a strong and dominant mature woman with an extreme libido. Here are the bios I used in the roleplay. Many names and places come from that roleplay, although nothing of what I wrote here happened in a roleplaying session.

Disclaimer: I do not own most of the characters nor the world of Warcraft described in the following chapters. All rights belong to those who created them and to Blizzard.

WARNING: This story will contain extreme sexual content. Some of it will disturb you, as it even disturbed me to read through them as I edited them before publshing them here. Many sexual taboos will be broken, don't start complaining about being turned off, you have been warned.

Also, English is not my mother tongue and this dates from a few years. I corrected most of the grammar, but there are still poor choices of words and sentence structure.

The young Lauri

Age: Around 20, depending on the story

Birth Year: 6 (Warcraft II)

Place of Birth: Andhoral

Residence: Gadgetzan

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 165 lbs

Measurements: 44-33-37

Clothing Sizes / Styles: She has a dress size of 14-16 and mostly loves wearing dresses, short or long, with sandals, of which she has dozens of pairs.

Hair Color: Blonde

Hair Length: Middle of her back

Eye Color: Blue

Handedness : Right

General Appearance: Lauri is a bit chubby, with a round face, full lips and a belly pot. Her thighs are thick and both her bust and rear are full and curvy. Overall, she sports quite generous curves, her waist still thinner than her hips, giving her a slight hourglass shape.

Key Family / Relatives: Her parents died when she was little and she has no other known relatives. The closest would be the two dryads who raised her after moving to Desolace at 14, after the plague struck Lordaeron.

Relationship with Friends: She is loveable and trusts people easily. Anyone willing can become her friend.

Educational History: She was first raised as an orphan in a monastery. After fleeing the plague, she turned more to a druidic path with the help of dryads of Desolace, before hearing the call of the Light 2 years later and leaving for Stormwind to complete her studies of the Light.

Skills: She is a decent herbalist and alchemist, but has very limited menial skills otherwise. She is a very able healer.

Bad Habits / Vices: She eats a lot of cookies.

Best Quality: She is always happy!

Worst Quality: She is very naive.

Sexual Background: She lost her virginity to a Tauren and had a few partners, mostly in casual encounters in the Lube and Booty Inn. She has a good libido and is quite open minded, but she doesn't chase the opportunities so much as she let them happen. She's never had bad experiences in her sexual encounters, making her willing to try new things. She also can't have children because of a magical spell casted on her by the clergy.

Favourites: Cookies, milk and fun.

Personal Goals: Have a child.

Professional Goals: Become a gladiator (and she succeeded).

Morality / Ethics: She is more of a Good person, although she doesn't like putting the "greater good" on top of everything.

The change between the young and mature Lauri happens in an encounter with Yogg-Saron in Ulduar. She is 22 years old at the time. There is a story describing the encounter in deeper details. After the encounter, there is a short period of grace before she is lost in time. She has the time to bear a child, but is lost in time before having him. They were lost in time for what seemed like 16 years to them. They returned 1 year later in the real world, to find that her son's father had died. Taking his heritage as a warrior, her son became a paladin and joined the military, while she helped defeat the Lich King, then retired rich and happy.

The mature Lauri

Age: Around 40, depending on the story

Birth Year: 6 (Warcraft II)

Place of Birth: Andhoral

Residence: Gadgetzan

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 140 lbs

Measurements: 49-29-38

Clothing Sizes / Styles: She has a dress size of 10 and wears much more provocative clothes than her younger self. She often wears corsets, short shorts and skirts, along with stockings, fishnets and thigh-high boots. She loves sporting tight leather attires, but she retained her love for dresses, shoes and sandals, but they are much more revealing and almost always heeled.

Hair Color: Blonde

Hair Length: About shoulder length.

Eye Color: Blue

Handedness : Right

General Appearance: Her forehead is marked by a few wrinkles, but her skin is still smooth overall. Her hands, knees and elbows are where her age shows the most. Her bust has grown enough that each of her breast is larger than her head, but are firm, round and defy gravity. Her hips are broader, but her now flat stomach and fine waist gives her a real hourglass shape. Her whole body is slender, although she retains body fat mostly in her arms, thick thighs and big booty. Her face is less round and more marked by age, but her lips are still full and her nose small and perky.

Key Family / Relatives: She has a single child, who is a paladin.

Relationship with Friends: She is loveable and her loyalty to her friends is without question, although becoming her friend takes some time.

Professional History: She vanquished most of the world's most dangerous threats and became a gladiator. She survived the temporal distortion and came back even more powerful, completing her quest to slay the Lich King. She has become an influent member in the clergy of the Light, based on her sheer personal power.

Skills: She picked up many survival skills and has become a powerful priestess, versed not only in healing, but also in the more lethal shadow discipline.

Bad Habits / Vices: She has an infinite libido.

Best Quality: She is very open-minded.

Worst Quality: She is impulsive.

Sexual Background: Her encounter with Yogg-Saron transformed her body and influenced her mind. She has a libido which only increases with sexual satisfaction, while her body is able to adapt itself to most sexual situations. She has had a long incestuous relationship with her son, which has been the most satisfying to her. Breaking taboos and pushing the normal conceptions of sex drives her even more. She also has a dominating personality when it comes to sex.

Favourites: Sex, cocks and cum.

Personal Goals: Fuck as much as she can.

Morality / Ethics: She doesn't take position unless forced to, since her impulsiveness often draws her into morally questionable situations.