A single touch. To press one button is all it will take, and with it it all I did – no - all we did will be undone.

Well, to fully understand the importance and size of the sacrifice I am about to perform I should go back to where it all started.

A graveyard. Never had much liking to the place, too much sadness, too much grief and too many unfulfilled promises. Yet it is most appropriate place for a story such as this to begin. After all, the definition of a graveyard is what best defines the state of my being today, and there is no point in fooling myself any longer, and I know it well.

After all with every loop, with every time she died part of me died together with her as well. Maybe me being dead inside is what lets me do what I must, to fulfill my promise to her no matter what it takes.

And in the middle of it all she stood, my Mayuri, the sole girl for whose sake I sacrificed it all, the one for whose sake the other me, Kyouma Hououin was born.

Don't think I am an idiot, I did not get a place in a prestigious university for nothing, and at the time I knew full well of the consequences of these actions to my life, the very way the world will see me from now on. But yet for her and her alone I sacrificed it all that day.

I always told her she was my hostage, yet the opposite was true as well,even if not more so, as the 'me' today exists for her sake and her sake alone. Maybe that's why when the time has come I did what I did, I took back the happiness I had given to others without as much as a second thought, and in the end I readied myself to destroy the only other person that I loved. No, destroy is not the word I should use, kill should be more appropriate in this situation. With this a life will be lost. With this the single life I managed to save in my life will be taken away.

And all that's left is the single and simple push of a button,

And with it I will sacrifice the one I love for her sake,

My Mayuri.

A/N: I would like to thank my wonderful beta Pectus Noctem, it's only because my wonderful beta that this story reached the daylight in the first place.