There was ones a boy, a ten years old one, and his name was Deidara. He really, really liked his best friend, but he didn't tell him, it was his own little secret. But one day, when he was eleven, the feelings had grown stronger and it was hard to keep them silent inside of him. He didn't know what to do, it hurt so badly. Every time he was with his friend he couldn't resist looking at his smile and the eyes, listening to the kind voice, and every time the terrible feelings got stronger. So, one day, Deidara had finally decided to tell his friend.

It had been the end of May, the Sakura trees had grown tall and beautiful, and the pink blades had fallen down, landing on the white, gray stone path. The two boys had stood opposite to each other, both of them quite nervous, because they both had something important to tell each other.

"What did you want to tell me?" the friend had asked.

Somehow it was decided that Deidara would talk first.

"Ehm… S-sasori no Dan-na" Deidara had stuttered, not looking at his friend "I… I…"

The friend called Sasori didn't like to wait, so this had made him pretty annoyed.

"Come on Brat, tell me" he had said, trying to sound so nice he could.

"I… I lo…"

"Just say it already!"

"I love you…"

It came out as a whisper, and Deidara didn't know if Sasori had heard him. But when he had looked up and seen the shocked look on his friends face, he knew he had. At first no one said a thing, or did anything. But after a while, Sasoris face had turned from choked to a blank expression, but it had also looked like he was… angry and sad. And then he had turned away.


Deidara watched as Sasori walked away without a word.

"Danna! Where are you going?" he had yelled after his friend.

He had started to run after him, but Sasori had also start to run. Deidara had no chance, his friend was faster than him, and he knew it. When he no longer could see Sasori, he stopped.

It was silent. There was nothing that made any sound.


Deidara had felt the tears falling down from his cheeks. His vision had become blurred as he sat down on the stone path.


He cried.

The only thing that could be heard was the eleven years old boy, who had his heart broken by his first love, his best friend.

It was Friday that day, and when the weekend came, the two boys didn't see each other once. When it became Monday, Deidara sat in the classroom, nervously waiting for Sasori to show up. But he didn't. The whole day Deidara had waited for Sasori but he never came. He had decided to ask his teacher where he was.

"Suzuki Sasori? He didn't tell you?"

"Tell me what?"

"That he was moving."


Deidara had stared at the teacher with big, choked eyes. He had moved?

"When..? Where?" Deidara had asked upset.

"I think they moved yesterday, but where I don't know."

Deidara had left right after that. He had walked to the bathroom and looked in to the mirror over the sink.

"Did he move because of me? Is it my fault? Did he move because I told him I love him?"

He had started to cry again, while falling to his knees.

"I-I'm sorry Saso-ori, I'm sorry for lov-ving you" he had whispered to himself as he covered his face in his hands "I won't do it again, I promise! I won't fall in love again!"

I'm done with the prologue, or what it's called! It was really difficult to write in… past tense? I guess there is a lot of errors, but I tried my best ^^ I wish I could make a doujinshi out of this instead, because it would be much easier and better, but I'm not that good at drawing T-T

I just want to say that I have no idea when Sakura trees are blooming … And I know that Sasoris last name isn't Suzuki, but you will understand later why I wrote it like that. If you even want me to continue… Please review if you would like to read more^^