It's Saturday night. It is seven o'clock and the sky is already pitch black, but there are no stars, only a lonely full moon. Right now, Deidara is standing in his room, staring into the mirror.

"Should I put all of my hair in a pony tail, or have it released?" he's asking himself while trying to figure out which hairstyle would suit him best for the night.

He examines his body through the mirror, spins around and sighs. His tight, white jeans give him girl legs. The legs look so slim and long, though he still looks short. But why complain, his ass looks nice. Too bad no one can see it because of his black, two sizes to big t-shirt with Pewdiepie on. Not that he want anyone to stare at his butt all night…

He looks at the clock on his bed table. Sasori should be here any minute now. And just when that thought flies through his head, the door bell rings. He's about to call for his mom to open the door, but remembers she's not at home. Where is she? He remembers she said something about meeting some new friends, but that's all. The door bell rings again and now he runs down the stairs. Even though he didn't run very far, he's exhausted when he reaches the door.

"Hi" he greets when he opens the door, trying to breath as normal as he can.

"Hi" Sasori greets back.

He looks at the blonde and blushes. He looks so cute in that big t-shirt with those white, tight jeans. And his hair has really grown, Sasori didn't think it would be this long without the ponytail.

"R-ready to go?"

"Yeah. I'm just going to put on my shoes, and then we can leave."

Sasori nods and Deidara sits down on the floor, putting on his converse.

'Just like when you were a kid' Sasori thinks, smiling a little at the sight.

He have always liked the way Deidara puts on his shoes, it looks so cute.

"Done" the blonde declare as he jumps up on his feet "Shall we go?"

Sasori nods again, still smiling. God, he didn't know he missed this guy so much.

The walk to the concert is made under silence. It's not awkward, yet not comfortable. Itachi was right, their friendship isn't that good. But at least they aren't enemies. While Sasori is wondering how he will reveal he's the blondes childhood crush, Deidara is wondering how they could be better friends. They are both so deep in their thoughts that they don't even notice the silence. Not until they are getting near the park and some music starts to fill their ears they come back to the reality.

"I can hear them!"

Deidara smiles as wide as possible when he hear the singer sing "Awake and Alive", one of his favorite songs. He starts to run towards the music, while Sasori just stands there, smiling for himself as he's watching him run away. When the blonde discovers he's not followed, he sighs, runs back and grabs Sasori by the hand.

"Don't just stand there, hurry up!" he shouts and drags the stumbling redhead with him.

After leaving their tickets, Deidara forces them to run right into the crowd of strangers who yells and sings along. Sasori would be fine with just standing in the back, but no, Deidara just have to dig through the crowd and stand in the front. When they arrive to that special place with only a few meters to the stage, the song changes and everyone cheers and claps their hands. And exactly when the singer starts to sing, everyone else does the same.

"~I remember when we used to laugh

About nothing at all

It was better than going mad~"

Everyone sings calmly, except from Sasori. To be honest, he has never heard Skillet before. If he didn't know it was a band he would guess it's some kind of dog or something animal related. But he must admit it, they are good.

"~Stay up late and we'd talk all night

In a dark room lit by the TV light~"

'I wonder when that special moment Itachi was talking about comes' Sasori thinks as he watches Deidara who is totally enchanted by the performance.

It's been one hour now and the only one who seems to be tired is Sasori. He just stands there, doing nothing besides listening to the music and keeping Deidara company, but he must be the warmest guy in the area. Compared to him the band's sweat is nothing. If this goes on he might pass out.

"Sasori, are you okay?"

He looks down at Deidara, who seem to be worried. One of the blonde's small hands strokes him over the shoulder, slowly and gently. What a nice feeling.

"I'm okay, I'm just a little warm. Really, it's nothing" Sasori explains, smiling as he waves his hand in front of his face.

"You don't look okay."

"I can assure you that I'm perfectly fine" the redhead tries to convince the blonde.

Judging by the look of the smaller boy Sasori can feel how he's failing. Without saying anything, Deidara grabs one of Sasoris arms and starts to drag him out of the crowd. It's hard to get out from there when everyone thinks they are coming to take their places. But the two friends eventually succeed to leave the human herd.

"Deidara, what are you doing?" Sasori asks, also failing with his struggling" Where are we going?"

They are going towards a lake, not very far away from the concert, because you can still hear the music. When they're at the edge of the ground and can't walk further, if they don't want to take a swim, Deidara makes them stand opposite to each other, glaring angrily at Sasori.

"Hey, what's wrong?" the redhead asks concerned, and somewhat confused.

"Sasori, you are sweating like a pig and when I touched your shoulder I could feel you were shaking" Deidara explains rapidly "I could see you weren't okay, so why didn't you just say how it was?"

"I saw you were having so much fun, so I didn't wanna destroy it" is Sasoris answer "And I promise you, it's really nothing."

Deidara looks up, then down, then out to the lake. It's like he's nervous and can't decide what to do or say.

"You don't have to lie, Sasori" he says with a weak voice "You don't have to do that just because you want me to be happy, to make sure I'm always smiling. It's okay to tell me if something's wrong, I promise you. If you don't feel okay, we can talk about it, and solve it together, like a family. Then, hopefully, we can all be happy together."

Sasori stares at the blonde, wondering what the hell he's talking about! It looks like the blondes eyes are empty and they stare at nothing. The red head understands that his thoughts are somewhere else.

"Hey, Deidara, what's wrong?" Sasori asks worried as he grabs the blonde's shoulders and shakes him lightly.

Now the eyes of the blonde becomes watery. He keeps staring at nothing a few more seconds before he slowly looks at Sasori.

"Don't lie, Sasori, don't ever lie to me, please" he begs whispering as his eyes gets blank and shiny "Please!"

"No, no, no, I won't. I-I didn't mean to. I'm sorry, Deidara, I'm so sorry" Sasori apologize as he embraces the blonde just when he starts to cry.

Sasori can't help but think that something's the reason for Deidaras behavior. Who would react like this normally? No one! What was the blonde thinking about? He was saying something about his family and that he wanted them to be happy together… Sasori finds there's no point in asking himself these questions, so he decides to ask Deidara.

"You wanna tell me what's making you cry like this?" he asks whispering as he strokes the blonde over the hair.

"You lied" Deidara yells into Sasoris chest and hits him with his fist, not very hard though.

"I know I did" Sasori whispers so softly he can "But, it must be something else, something you won't tell me…"

Sasori makes space between him and Deidara as he takes his sleeve and dries the tears away from the smaller one's face.

"You wanna tell me?"

Both of the guys are sitting on the ground, facing the water that reflects the lights from the houses on the other side. Deidara has decided that he will tell Sasori how it is, even if he doesn't feel comfortable with talking about it. He just needs a few minutes to calm himself. Sometimes he opens his mouth to talk but he close it again. Because he's not looking at Sasori, he can't see his irritated face. Waiting is nothing the red head likes. Just when he's about to complain about the painful waiting Deidara once again opens his mouth, and finally he speaks.

"…It was three years ago" he begins carefully "…It was a very special day. My parents were going to marry each other. It was only a few hours before the ceremony and I, together with my parents was sitting in a private room in the church they were going to marry in and talked about some stuff. Suddenly my dad had stood up from the couch he was sitting in and said that he had forgotten two very important things in the car. It was the rings. He excused himself and left the room so he could get them. Me and my mom waited for him, and we waited for a very long time. When it was half an hour left until the wedding would start my mom walked out to go get him. But… he wasn't there, and neither was the car. Mom got worried and tried to call him, but he never answered. She asked the guests if they knew where he was but no one else knew, and in the end, mom had to cancel the wedding because he never came back."

"He left her at their wedding? That's terrible!" Sasori says upset, disgusted by the thought of leaving your own kid and the women you're about to marry, just like that.

"Well, that's not the worst part" the blonde says, sounding like he's about to cry again.

He reaches with one of his hands after one of Sasoris and grabs it, gently holding it. Sasori blushes, but that's nothing Deidara notice.

"Is it okay if I…?" he asks quietly.

"Yes, of course" Sasori answers hasty, blushing even more.

"Thanks" the blonde says gratefully and tries to smile, but the weak smile fades away as he continues to tell "No one could contact dad, so in the end we had to call the police. They came to the church and mom and some of the guests had to answer some questions about dad before they started the investigation. When that was done there was nothing more we could do, nothing more than wait. And we did, for at least a week before the police contacted us again. They came to my house and talked to my mom. Even if I wasn't allowed to hear the conversation I was eavesdropping. They said that they had found dad in a motel outside the city a-and that he w-was…"

Deidara's voice gets shaky and he tries to take deep breaths to calm himself. He looks at his own hands that's holding Sasoris, seeing how white they are because of his hard grip.

"The…they said he was d-dead" he says, trying to not let out his crying voice as tears runs down his face "He… had hanged himself."

Without thinking Sasori drags Deidara against him and holds the blonde tight. The arms around the back and his head against the smaller boys shoulder.

"I'm so sorry" he whispers, trying to comfort the blonde even though he don't know how to fo in this situation.

While regretting he asked Deidara to tell this he can feel the arms of the blonde gently embrace him. At first he's shocked and he can't help to blush a little, but for now he can leave the attractions for Deidara on the side. And there they stand for a while, only holding each other in silence.

'Don't ever lie to me' are the words going through Sasoris head over and over again as he hugs the blonde tighter 'I'm sorry Deidara, but that's too late.'

"~…for your attention

You don't even know my name~"

'Wait a second.., I know this song' the redhead discovers as Skillet once again interrupt their silence.

For a brief moment he had forgotten they had come here for a concert.

"~…I could be the one to hold you~"

"~Every single day, I find it hard to say, I could be yours alone~" Sasori sings along quietly as he leans his cheek against the blonde's head.

Deidara's grip around Sasori's body gets tighter, but the red head don't know if it's because the blonde can hear him or not. Not caring about which one it is he continues to sing along to the song, quiet while he's embracing the other one.

Songs used in this fanfic:


Awake and Alive

Those Nights

Yours to hold

A few of my favorite songs… I love Skillet!

If you don't know who Pewdiepie is, go check him out on youtube^^

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