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Kiss Kiss!


"Aunt Julie"

_May I ask the point of this mission, Sir? – the private asked, annoyed. He just couldn't see why the hell they were looking for a damn private when everybody else was on the front.

_You mean ask "again", Reiben? You might try… - Miller said and didn't bother about looking back at his men, a glance of smile stick on his face.

_I have to agree this time, Sir. – another private took the word and Reiben seemed to like it.

_You too, Jackson? – The Captain looked at his sniper a bit surprised. Jackson never questioned orders…

_I just wonder, Sir… It's a complete waste of military resources, Sir… - he shrugged.

_Do you want to say this to the man's mother? – Miller glanced to all of them, and after the non-answer, he sighed – Let's just find this damn Ryan so we can go home… - he mumbled and the boys nodded, except for Reiben, who rolled eyes.

_He better go home and find the cure for some disease… - he mumbled, making the crew half smile.

It was the Second World War and the Allies had taken Omaha Beach. Everybody was fighting and combating, except for them. They were "wasting military resources" looking for a "damn private" they didn't know. Orders, that's what it was. Otherwise, none of them would be there.

_Would you stop? – a tall soldier with a mustache suddenly grumbled to the tiny guy next to him, who hummed something in another language. They were in an abandoned city and no one seemed to be there. The silence was around, except for Uphan's song.

_Oh, sorry! – he suddenly muted, taking a few steps away from the other.

_Poor bastard, Mellish… - a big man laughed out loud – You scared the man with this ugly face of yours!

_Oh, shut the hell up, Caparzo! – Mellish stabbed the other's back, but grinned. Caparzo returned the action and then they heard his throaty laughter again.

_I am the youngest, and you two look like kids! – the doctor of the crew said, smiling.

_Oh, little Wade is now a grown man! – Caparzo mocked at him.

_Shhh… Shut up! - Jackson asked, making everybody freeze to his alert expression.

"Bad sign… Bad sign…", Reiben said in his head like a mantra: Jackson never misheard something threatening. He'd barely finished the thought when gun shots fired.

_Cover! – Miller yelled and everybody put the guns up, searching for place where they could hide.

_Where the hell are them? – Reiben shouted, looking at Jackson with a stressed out expression. He couldn't fire someone he couldn't see.

"Where would I be?", Jackson tried to ignore the shots and Reiben's voice while he scanned the place, looking for somewhere he would hide. And suddenly he glanced at a German on the other side of the construction where he and Reiben were supported on. He made the other a sign, explaining they should try the flanks. Reiben nodded, walking to the right, while Jackson turned left.

The sniper straightened the Riffle on his hand and reached the building's side. It was on a destroyed alley, and he saw only a few intact houses. He was almost on the corner when he saw a face through a window. The next moment someone was pulling him into a house while he watched a German guy fall right behind him, shot by Wade, five seconds later.

Like a well trained soldier, Jackson quickly immobilized the guy behind him, cause even if somehow he'd save his life, he needed to make sure it was all ok. Jackson's eyes were wide and he didn't even bother looking at the strange in the room. How in hell he didn't hear the soldier on the street? He heard shots and knew that Reiben probably had got the other guy. He was so surprised that it took a few seconds so he could realize that he kept holding the man behind him, and that his struggle wasn't as strong as Jackson expected.

_Hmmmmm! – Jackson heard, and noticed he had a hand on the other's mouth. And then he realized it. There was a lot of hair on that head. The body was too tiny. The moaning was too sweet. He quickly dropped the person and turned around to see who that it was a girl.

_WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU DOING? – she whispered-yelled when he dropped her.

_Who… - he tried to say, knowing that his gun should be up. He just couldn't do that… – What… Who are you? Do you speak English?

She had light brown hair, which fell against her back in a girlie way that didn't remind for a second they were in a war; the white skin was covered by scratches, but she didn't seem to notice them… The eyes were blue and looking at her Jackson had the feeling that she just had seen more than a girl like that should ever have…

_Apparently. – she rolled eyes, half smiled to the soldier's surprise with her – I'm Juliet.

Some other gunshots fired and Jackson took a look through the window. He saw Miller and the others coming together, what meant that the Germans were down.

_Private Daniel Jackson. – he said – Are you American? What are you…? You're alone here? – how could someone possibly leave a girl behind? She couldn't be more than 18.

_I'm… - Juliet was interrupted by a cry that cracked her eyes. She ran away and Jackson hurried to follow her – Shh… Shh… - she said in a low voice tone, taking a little boy from behind the wardrobe, where she'd told him to hide. – It's ok now, Luke… They can't hurt us anymore…

_Please, make it stop. – the boy cried and Jackson felt sorry for him. A kid shouldn't have to go through that hell. No one should.

_JACKSON, where are you! – he heard Reiben's "soft" voice tone and walked to the door.

_ I'll be back. – he said, and the girl sighed, yet cradling the kid – I'm here. – he said, taking a deep breath – Are you all ok? – he asked, looking at Wade.

_Yeah… - Wade answered – Luckily, none of us got hurt – What were you doing in there? Hiding? – he frowned.

_This guy you killed… - Jackson pointed the man on the ground – He was gonna shoot me. I didn't see and he came from behind…

_How did you… - Reiben was gonna ask what he'd done, but something behind Jackson caught his eyes – Who are you? – he asked, taking a few steps, his hands on his gun.

Jackson looked back and noticed that Juliet was standing on the door. She had covered Luke's face and looked at Reiben with a frightened but angry expression.

_Would you put this down? – she asked, surprising them with the fluent English she had – You're scaring him! – she said, and they noticed the little boy shivering in a quiet cry, just like he'd been taught to do.

_Reiben – Jackson touched his shoulder – Come on, Reiben, put it down.

_They're not threaten, Reiben… Please. – Wade asked, seeing the girl's face.

_How do you know? – Reiben started to say but Miller forced his hand down.

_Jackson, who is she? Is she American? – the captain asked, and Juliet seemed offended to be that ignored. Why in hell he didn't ask that to her directly?

_My name is Juliet Mason. – she answered, taking some hair out of her face. – And yes, I am American.

Miller took a long look at her. The girl had some guts, that was clear… She was alone with a kid with the world falling apart, and yet she had personality.

_So, what are you doing here, Juliet Mason? – Miller asked again.

_Long story. – she mumbled, and trying to mask the sadness, she looked up to Jackson, who glared at her, supportively.

_That we would love to know since you're a damn American kid in France doing nobody knows what! – Reiben said, annoyed, having no idea of how angry she got because of the "kid".

_Reiben, shut up! – Wade asked, seeing the way the little boy grabbed a bit of Juliet's dress, visibly frightened with that guy yelling to the girl.

_I'm sure she can share this with us later. – Jackson said, and Juliet sighed in relief. He then glanced at the captain, who frowned.

_You're not considering this, are you, Jackson? – Miller asked, surprised.

_Sir… - Jackson looked at her again – I just can't ignore this. – he said in a low voice tone – You see, I'd be dead if she hasn't pulled me out of the German's way…

_No, no, no… - Miller shook his head – We can't do this.

_What are we supposed to do, then? - Wade asked – Leave them?

_They would slow us down… - Miller explained.

_You don't have to take me. – Juliet suddenly spoke, and caught everybody's eyes – I really can't ask you to take two more with you… - she looked down at Luke – But, please… - she glared back to the soldier, begging – Please, take him with you.

_We can't… - Miller said again.

_I won't go without you, Aunt Julie! – Lucas's eyes begged her not to leave him alone with those strangers. He held her skirt tighter, and Juliet felt anger coming on her heart: how was she suppose to have hope if even American soldiers refused to help an American kid?

_He is a kid, for God's sake! – she felt a tear coming down from her eyes – You are soldiers! You're supposed to help people, to care about the children and to make sure they suffer no harm! – she wiped out the tear with violence, angry because she cried – Make sure he's ok. Please. – she begged – Please, Jackson…

Jackson couldn't take that… He had no stomach to say no. He could see that Wade thought the same, so they both looked at the captain.

_If we don't stand for women and children, what is the point of fighting, Captain? – Wade asked, looking at that beautiful young girl.

_I think we should vote. – Miller looked at the others.

_Take them with us. – Wade and Jackson said, together.

_Mellish? – Miller asked.

_Sorry, guys… - he looked at the others – We just can't have anything slowing us down.

Miller nodded, looking at Caparzo.

_Not leaving them here, sir. – he looked the others.

_Upham? – Miller sighed.

_Take them, sir. Of course. – he smiled to Juliet and Luke, and she smiled back to his innocent ways.

_No, Captain. – Mike said, after a while.

_It's against the rules… - Miller took a breath – Guess we've got a 4x3, Reiben, what are you gonna do? Cause a tie?

_I wish there were real rules for this hell, sir. – Reiben said, looking at Juliet for a long time – So I guess you don't have a tie… - he completed, walking away staring at a point far from there. Miller took a breath and then looked at Jackson, nodding.

_Come on… - Jackson smiled at her, cluttering Luke's hair – You're coming with us.