_Come on, give me this pack, Juliet… - Wade asked again, after she refused for the seventh time – It's probably heavy… - he told her.

_Doctor, you don't have to. I'm fine. – she said, looking shy. Nobody cared about her for the last weeks, so she kinda had forgotten how it felt like.

_Call me Irwin. Or Wade. – he smiled ar her – I'll let you carry the pack, but only if you promise me that on our next stop you'll let me check out on this scratches you have… - he pointed her cheeks.

_Sounds fair. – she smiled, and caressed Luke's arm, cause he took a deep breath – What's wrong, darling? – she asked, making sure to keep walking as fast as the others

_I'm tired, Aunt Julie. – he mumbled, and she took a breath

_Guess I'll have to accept your offer, doc… Wade. – she smiled weakly, giving Wade the pack and pulling Lucas up on her lap.

_You let me do this. – she suddenly heard and someone took Luke out of her hands.

_Thanks, but… - she looked up and saw that Luke was comfortably sitting on Reiben's lap – I'll do it.

_Juliet, let him take the boy. – Miller said and she nodded against her wills.

_Thanks. – she mumbled, and Reiben spent a second looking at her, but then he looked away.

_You would slow us down if you carried him. – he said, shrugging, making her roll eyes.

_Don't let him bother you. – Jackson said, as soon as Reiben couldn't hear them anymore – He is a nice guy, it's just some trusting issues.

_I see. – Juliet half smiled – I didn't have the chance to thank you for what you've done for us, Jackson.

_Neither I for what you did for me. – he smiled – It was the right thing to do…

_I'm glad you did this. – she whispered – I don't know for how long I would find ways of taking care of Lucas…

_Is he your nephew? – Jackson asked, since the boy had call her "aunt" and she was a way too young to be a mom of a 5yo kid.

_Not really. – she smiled sadly – I was his mother's best friend, you see? And we lived next door. – she looked at the ground, trying not to cry – It's only Luke and I since we've got no one left.

Jackson had no guts to ask what happened, so he nodded. They kept in silence for a long time, until it started to get dark.

_May we stop for an hour or two, Sir? – Wade asked Miller.

_Why is that, Wade? – he asked, looking at Juliet for a second.

_I guess we're all tired. – Wade said, trying to assure that it wasn't the girl's fault.

_We'll stop as soon as we find somewhere to sleep. It's been quite a day, we all have to take some rest. – he said, looking at Reiben, who had a sleeping kid laying on his chest.

_Thank you, sir. – Wade mumbled, smiling and going back to stay close to Jackson, who looked quite entertained with the conversation between Juliet and Upham.

_Captain said we can stop as soon as we find somewhere. – he told the sniper.

_Good. – Jackson nodded – It might be a farm or a church somewhere around… - he looked down the hills – Hey, Captain… - he said, seeing a construction a mile away – It seems like we have somewhere to stay…

It was an abandoned farm. There was an old house and a barn, and the guys made sure no one was inside before getting in.

_That's it. We leave in three hours so try to sleep. – Miller said when they were in. The men nodded, and Juliet hurried to walk towards Reiben, who had some problems to find a way to put Lucas down.

_Come on, give him to me. – Julie said, stretching arms. Reiben gave Luke to her carefully, and the boy didn't wake up – Thank you. – she whispered to the soldiers, looking sincerely glad. Reiben nodded, uncomfortable.

_It's ok. Take some sleep. – he advised – But make sure you eat something or you won't be able to walk tomorrow.

_I'll do it after I lay him somewhere… – she nodded.

_Guess Jackson had it all solved. – he smiled and Juliet felt that something on that smile was weird – Go ahead, girl. – he said, turning his back to her.

_Juliet. – she frightened when Jackson touched her shoulder, cause her eyes were on Reiben's back – Sorry, didn't mean to scare you. – he smiled – You can lay him there. – Jackson pointed an improvised bed where only a kid would fit.

Juliet smiled and walked with him, making sure Lucas was asleep. Then she looked up at Jackson.

_You're really kind to us.

_You're really strong to face this whole thing alone. – he devolved the compliment. Julie felt her blood coming up to the cheeks and looked at Wade – Guess I've got a deal to comply… - she half smiled, and walked to the doctor.

_Hey, you. – he smiled – Thought you were going to ran away.

_I'm not the run-away kind of girl. – she smiled, sitting next to him while Wade picked up some cotton and started to clean her scratches.

_I could see that. – Wade said, taking care of her bruises carefully. Juliet had a hard time trying to remember when was the last time someone was that nice to her – So how do a american young lady end up here? – he finally asked, putting some gaze on a deep cut the brunette had on her elbow. She took a deep breath, and when Wade heard her voice it was like she was a frightened little gir. Her eyes were wet, and hands shaking. The girl had gone through a really bad time, that was for sure.

_Lucas's mom... She was an amazing woman. – she started the story, half smiling – Katherine. She's more beautiful and happy than I'll ever be. You know those people that can make a entire room glow with their presence? That was her. – she said, and tears started to fall slowly and quietly – And Josh, her husband, he was the most gentle guy I've ever known. He would always do anything to make her and Luke happy. Josh was an artist, so he moved to France to try his luck. When he was stabilished, he asked Kate and Lucas to join him. She asked me to come with her, and I said yes. – she said, cleaning up her face – Months later, here we are, me and Lucas. Kate and Josh were killed on a German attack, and we didn't have the same destiny cause I was out with Luke, taking him to the park. – she explained, and Wade couldn't help himself. He respected her cry, but held her hand tight, admired by the girl's strenght and love for the little kid that laid right beside them – I'm not going to deny I feel sorry for accepting the offer, sometimes. But a part of me is glad I've done that, otherwise Lucas would have no one. – she fineshed her speech and faced the little kid that had a peaceful night for the first time in weeks.

_Juliet, you should be proud of yourself. – Wade told her, caressing her hand slightly – What you've done... What you're doing to Lucas... It's going to change his life, you've saved him. And I promise you you'll both be safe with us. – he assured, and Juliet smiled kindly at the doctor.

_I can't thank you enough. – she said, wiping out some stubborn tears – For me, and for him.

_This is not necessary. – he smiled again – Now you should get some sleep. – Wade suggested, and noticing she was reticent about it, he add – Medical prescritpion.

Juliet flashed a smile and nodded, taking place next to Lucas. She laid on the floor next to the kid, and caressed his hair for a while. She was so glad that God had put those privates in her way that she couldn't fall asleep... It just seemed like a dream.

_You know, this isn't the definition of 'sleeping'. – a deep voice that now she was able to recognize told her, and Juliet felt like rolling eyes. Actually, she did that a lot when it came to that specific private. Reiben.

_Thank you for the concern, private, but I'm fine. – she said, laying on her back to take a look at him. Reiben was sitting next to her, and his eyes were fixed on Luke – Do you have kids back home? – she asked, softening her voice. Reiben asked with by shaking his head no.

_He is smart. – he said, suddenly – Kept talking to me before falling asleep on my chest.

_What did he say? – Juliet smiled motherly.

_You should sleep now, Jules. – Reiben looked away, avoiding her look.

_Jules. – she repeated the nickname – That's how Luke calls me, Aunt Jules.

_I can call you auntie if this make you fall asleep. – he replied, annoyed.

Juliet couldn't help herself and laughed softly. He was mad, and it was funny.

_Sorry. – she said, fast recovering – I'd rather go by Jules, if you tell me what did he say. – she said, and rolled back to face Lucas when Reiben gave no sign he was going to talk – Good night, Private.

It took her less than two minutes to fall asleep. Maybe it was because even with eyes shut she knew he was not leaving, that she was protected for the night. And he didn't. When Juliet's breath got deeper and Reiben noticed she was asleep, that's when he answered her.

_He said you're an angel his mom sent him. – he whispered – And that maybe I could be...

_Reiben. – Miller asked him, and the Private looked up – Will you take care of them? I gotta decide our rout, would you like to do that or I can take Jackson?

_I'll stay. – he said, and stared at Jackson for a while. Reiben could tell he didn't want to leave either.

_Good. – Miller said, taking a quick look at both of his men – We'll be back in an hour.

_Yes, Sir. – Reiben nodded one more time.

It was finally quiet again, and he looked back at Juliet. He wouldn't mention that again, even though she was asleep.

_Good night, Jules.

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