The Bride and the Motorbike

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Part One

Bella clung to her father's arm as she walked down the aisle. Her knees were trembling as cold shivers ran through her body. 'It's just nerves Bella,' she scolded herself internally. She felt Charlie's concerned gaze as his steps beside her faltered.

"Are you sure you want to go through with this Bells? It's still not too late." Charlie whispered to her in concern.

Bella forced a bright smile onto her face and squeezed his arm. "I am sure dad honestly. I am marrying the love of my life after all."

Charlie swallowed and his last hope that Bella would come to her senses died. He straightened up and proceeded to walk her down the aisle. Her dress swished around them as they plodded onward. Bella stumbled as the underskirt got caught in her high heeled shoes. Charlie clutched her on the arm and saved her from the fall. She murmured her thanks.

Up ahead, Bella's soon to be husband, was standing at the specially prepared alter. They were getting married in the Cullen's spacious gardens in the open air. Edward was dressed in an immaculate, expensively cut wedding suit. Behind Bella, his sister Alice pranced in her bridesmaid dress. It was a peach colour, not Bella's choice (but then she had not chosen anything at all to do with the wedding garb), but it suited Alice's pixie like frame. Her short, spiky hair was gelled close to her small face.

Edward's other sister, Rosalie, had declined to be a part of this 'fiasco of a wedding' as she had called it. She sat with the other guests, her husband Emmet beside her. He was pulling at his collar and looked uncomfortable in his morning suit. Alice's partner Jasper sat beside them and gave her a weak smile. He could sense her conflicting emotions and she was grateful when he sent calming waves over to her. Her body visibly relaxed.

Bella breathed a sigh of relief when the walk ended and Charlie placed her hand in Edwards. His cold touch made her flinch. She did her best to hide her reaction but she knew he wasn't fooled. Edward thanked Charlie and her father stepped back.

"Ready love?" Edward whispered in her ear. His sweet smelling breath washed over her and his sincere gaze made her heart melt.


A loud snarling sound made the gathered guests turn in surprise. The noise grew louder and to everyone's amazement a large black motorcycle came roaring down the aisle. Sitting astride it was a tall, muscular, breathtakingly handsome Native American.

Bella's mouth dropped open in shock. She could hear Edward cursing beside her, but her whole vision was taken up with the sight of her long absent best friend, Jacob Black. He had been missing for nearly a month. After Edward, without her permission, sent him a wedding invitation, Jacob had gone wolf and had not been in contact with her since. To see him here and looking so...beautiful and determined took Bella's breath away.

She watched as he held out his hand toward her, a pleading look on his face.

"Last chance Bells. I will not do this again. Remember when you brought the motorcycles to me to be fixed? Remember how it felt to ride them for the first time, the wind in your hair and the absolute freedom...I know that you miss that feeling honey. I know that you miss me and that this isn't you. I have come here one last time to ask you to come with me...Will you, before you make the biggest mistake of your life!"

Bella started to tremble again and it wasn't from Edward's cold touch. Her heart was beating ten to the dozen and the sight of Jacob sitting so confidently astride the bike that she had helped fix was making her head spin.

Hushed voices could be heard as the guests took in the show. Charlie was smiling in delight and he glanced across to Billy, who was staring at his son in awe. 'Change your mind Bella please,' Charlie chanted the phrase in his head like a mantra.

"How dare you intrude on this private occasion Black? You are upsetting my wife, I suggest you leave before I have you removed by force." Edward declared.

" last chance. What is your decision?" Jacob completely ignored Edward's posturing. His whole focus was on Bella.

Bella turned her back on Jake and his heart stopped. After everything, he had still lost her. She did not even have the courtesy to talk to him. His whole body shook as he realised that he had failed. Edward was staring over Bella's head and he sneered in triumph at Jacob.

Charlie sighed and he watched as Billy manoeuvred his chair over toward his son. Bella looked at Edward's face and saw the cold triumphant smirk crossing his marble like features. The doubts she had been having ever since she had heard of Jacobs' disappearance resurfaced and like a veil lifting from her eyes she finally saw Edward as he really was.

She suddenly shoved her bouquet of carefully dried roses into Edward's hands. He stared at her in shock as she lifted up the skirts of her dress and kicked off her high heeled shoes. She whirled round and stumbled her way over to Jacob.

"I'm coming Jake. Wait up." Bella yelled.

Jacob could not keep the wide grin from crossing his face as he saw his Bells running awkwardly toward him in her bare feet. He wasted no time in giving the motorbike a kick start and he roared over to her side.

"Get on honey." Jacob said as he took her hand in his and assisted her onto the back of the bike.

The crowd watched in amazement as Bella Swan grabbed the tall Quileute around the waist and they roared off and out of sight, Bella's veil fluttering away in the wind created by the bike's speed.

A loud whoop from Charlie made all eyes turn onto him and he could not help his hysterical laughter as the guests started to cheer at all the commotion. Billy smiled as he observed his old friend's unrestrained joy at the fact that his daughter had come to her senses. He wheeled his chair over to Charlie and they high fived each other.

Edward Cullen stared around in bewilderment as the fact that Bella had just taken off with his mortal enemy began to sink in. He had not been able to stop her as the place was crowded with people, a fact the Jacob had obviously been banking on. Edward gazed around and his eyes locked with those of Rosalie as she smiled smugly at him.

Jacob breathed a sigh of relief as they made it out of the Cullen's driveway and onto the road heading for La Push. He felt Bella let go of his waist and he started to panic until he realised what she was doing.

Spreading out her arms in joy Bella leant her head back and screamed into the wind. "I'm freeeeeeeeeeee."

Jacob's loud laughter mingled with hers as they made their way to La push.

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