The Bride and the Motorbike

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Outtake 2-Angel's Diary

Angel had just celebrated her fifth birthday; she was a petite child, just like her mom had been. However she took after her dad in looks and demeanour. Everyone who met the young girl was immediately won over by her sunny smile and happy disposition. Even her older brothers couldn't stay mad at her for long. One look from those dark eyes, framed with long lashes and they found themselves forgiving her for whatever mischief she had caused. Her name may be Angel but she did not always live up to that title. One of her defining characteristics was her inability to keep a secret. Her brothers were usually the ones who got caught out as she would blurt out things they had done or said innocently.

Her grandfathers too had been caught out on many occasions by their only granddaughter. If Renee wanted to find out what Charlie or Billy had been up to all she had to do was ask Angel and she would reveal what she had seen or heard. Whenever the two men sneaked off to have a crafty beer they would carefully check that Angel was nowhere in sight, but as she was very adept at appearing unnoticed their plans usually came to nothing. Renee was on a health kick, one of her many fads that she would start and then abandon. This meant that Charlie and Billy were forced to eat all kinds of nutritional foods and exercise more. Junk food and beer were banned and the two of them complained constantly. Renee was not giving an inch, so they had to resort to sneaking around behind her back to enjoy their former diet.

Bella was in the kitchen one day making up a large dinner for her husband. His appetite was legendary and she actually made up enough food to feed two people. Angel had just been picked up from school by Renee and she skipped into the kitchen and slung her backpack on the floor.

"Mommy I have a new project for school." She stated loudly.

Bella smiled indulgently at her youngest child. She reached down and pulled Angel's thick black hair back into a ponytail and gave her a kiss on the forehead. "Have you sweetie? What is it about?"

"Families, I have to keep a diary about what happens in our house every day this week and then read it out to the class. You and daddy, granddad and granddad and nanny and Charlie Junior and Billy Junior all have to come and hear me read." Angel babbled without pausing for breath.

"Diary?" Bella said dubiously. "You don't have to put everything down that happens, Angel. "

Angel pouted. "But mommy Miss O'Neill says I have to write down every single thing."

Bella winced; she could just imagine what her daughter would write down without thinking. "How about you show me the diary before you read it out to the class?" She hedged, at least then she could edit any embarrassing material.

"Okay mommy..." Angel finally gave in. She hugged Bella's legs and looked up at her, a sunny smile lighting up her face.

"You look so much like your dad when you do that..." Bella said wistfully.

"I know mommy, you say it all the time." Angel whined in exasperation.

Bella laughed and touched Angel's cheek softly. "I know, can't help it sweetie."

Angel held out her arms to be picked up and Bella complied, hugging her daughter to her and smiling happily at the wonderful family that she had created.


Seven days later and the whole Black/Swan family were sitting in a line at the back of the school hall, along with the other parents. All of Angel's class were sitting on a small raised platform that doubled as the school's stage. The principal waddled out, tugging at his tie. Mr Gumtree was a large individual and always seemed to be on the verge of falling apart. His hair was always untidy, his shirt and tie were too small for him and he kept tugging at the tie, trying to loosen it. Behind him came Miss O'Neill, she was only young and looked terrified as she faced the gathered parents. It was her first teaching post and she was desperate to impress.

"Hello everyone, thanks for coming..." Mr. Gumtree muttered. "Well we won't delay things, Miss O'Neill the floor is yours."

Miss O'Neill cleared her throat nervously and gave everyone a watery smile. "Good afternoon and thank you all for coming. As you know my class was set a fun project to keep a diary of what went on at home. They have all worked hard on this project. Unfortunately all of their written work was ruined when paint was accidently spilt over their work. So after talking it through we have decided that the children will tell you from memory. I hope you will all give them your full attention."

Jacob and Bella froze when they heard this. They glanced at each other fearfully, Bella had spent hours editing Angel's diary entries. She had pulled out any embarrassing bits of information and left in the mundane day to day stuff. If Angel was going to recite the events of the last week from memory there was no telling what she might say. Bella held on tight to Jacob's hand as she heard a collective groan come from all the family.

"Seriously mom, you can't let Angel speak, you know what she is like." Charlie Junior begged. Billy Junior echoed his twin.

"She might not remember much, give the girl some credit." Renee intervened, wondering what all the fuss was about. Nothing much had happened in the last week that she knew about.

The two grandfathers exchanged worried looks. "Do you think Angel saw us drinking that beer and eating them burgers the other day?" Billy asked his friend anxiously.

"I hope not, Ren is going to kill me if she finds out I have been throwing all the muesli crap in the bin." Charlie replied mournfully.

Billy crossed his arms and sighed. "This is a car crash waiting to happen."

Charlie nodded in agreement, already expecting the worst.


Angel was the last but one to come to the front of the stage. Jacob whooped loudly when he saw her gazing over at her gathered family in delight. Bella shot him a glare as the parents turned around and stared at him in surprise. Miss O'Neill drew her lips into a thin line as she tutted at Angel's father's unseemly display. Her brothers slumped in their seats, trying to sink into the floor, while the two grandfathers whispered worriedly to each other.

Angel stood demurely gazing around; her hands behind her back and a big smile on her lips. "This is what happened in my house last week..."She began.

"Here we go..." Bella whispered to Jacob. "Let's hope she has forgotten certain details..."

"No chance, our daughter has a photographic memory." Jacob replied softly.

Bella sighed, knowing what he said was true.

"Monday," Angel babbled. "I went out to the garage to tell my brother Charlie Junior to come in for his dinner. I caught him sucking face with a girl; I think that's what he called it. He bribed me with five dollars not to tell my mom. So I didn't."

All eyes turned onto Charlie Junior, underneath his tanned skin, a faint red blush could be seen. His twin was trying to hold back his laughter but making a poor job of it. Bella glared at her son and mouthed. "I will be talking to you later."

Jacob just winked at Charlie Junior when Bella turned back to face the front of the hall.

Angel beamed at everyone; they were all riveted by her story. All the parents gave Jacob and Bella sly looks and they both held their heads high and ignored them.

"Tuesday," Angel continued. "I was getting ready for bed when I saw Grandfather Billy and Grandfather Charlie having a sneaky beer out in the back yard. They bribed me with ten dollars not to tell Nanny Renee, so I didn't."

A shocked gasp escaped Renee's lips as she shook her head in irritation at the two men. "You are in so much trouble..." she whispered fiercely to Charlie.

Charlie slumped in his seat and sighed, so much for secrecy.

"Wednesday, I saw mommy writing out a card for daddy. It is their anniversary and she told me she has bought him a new leather jacket because his old one is falling to bits. She begged me not to tell him, so I didn't."

Bella looked at Jacob out of the corner of her eye; he was trying to keep a straight face but failing miserably.

"Thursday," Angel scrunched up her nose as she tried to remember. "Oh yeah on Thursday daddy picked me up from school and we drove to Port Angeles to pick up a new ring for mommy. Daddy said he would buy me an ice cream if I didn't tell mommy about her present, so I didn't."

Jacob rolled his eyes as Bella began to giggle, no longer able to keep her laughter in check. "So much for the surprise." he muttered.

"The last day was Friday. I got home from school and gave mommy my diary so that she could take out the bad bits because she didn't want all the old busybodies hearing about her private life. She told me not to repeat that and I didn't the end." Angel finished in a rush.

Bella's pale face was crimson as all the other parents shot her dirty looks. She hid behind her husband as Charlie and Billy began to clap loudly to turn all the attention back onto Angel. She gave a little bow and skipped back to her seat.


Billy and Charlie clinked cans, after they returned from the school Renee had dumped all her healthy living books in the bin. She declared that she was sick of trying to change their habits and if they wanted to have high cholesterol that was their business. Charlie thought she looked amazingly sexy with her flushed face and wild hair. He kissed her soundly on the lips and a flustered Renee had rolled her eyes at him and left to check on her daughter.

"Well, all in all it wasn't as bad as it could have been." Charlie said a happy grin on his face, as he took a long draught of the refreshing liquid.

"True old man," Billy nodded in agreement as he finished off his beer quickly and reached for another. "At least our sweet little Angel got Renee to ditch the healthy eating plan."

Charlie nodded like a chicken; the beer was already taking effect. "She sure did. I raise a toast to Angel Black..."

"Angel Black..." Billy echoed. They raised their cans and burst out laughing as they toasted their only granddaughter.

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