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Dean hissed as the needle pierced his skin, the thin thread scratching under his skin as the cold metal started its work. The hunter looked up reproachfully at the person inflicting this pain; Sam smiled nervously back, his blood stained and shaking hands moving the needle nonetheless expertly on his brother's shoulder.

'Told you...we should have let that heist alone...' Dean groaned, grimacing as Sam splashed some alcohol over the wound, weeping blood trickling from this shoulder.

'Well, I'm not the one with a new orifice in his body.' Sam chuckled, before leaning forward to bite off the excess stitching.

'Yeah...hey, what's an orifice?' Dean asked, before winking at his little brother and standing up, gently wiping away some more blood.

Sam shook his head and wiped his hands on his jeans, before he zipped up the duffel and walked over to his laptop, where he had already brought up information on their next hunt.

Dean flopped onto the bed with a groan, looking over at a bottle of whiskey that he had left by his shoes.

'Uh huh-you can't have any alcohol with the painkillers I gave you-you wanna end up in the emergency room?' Sam asked, before rolling his eyes as Dean picked up the bottle, undid it and gulped most of it down.




Sam smiled at his screen as he heard Dean relax into the bed. They had definitely not wanted this so near to Christmas. A hurt Dean made for a majorly pissed Dean-what a fun festive period he was in for.

He yawned as he heard Dean begin to snore; that noise always made him feel drowsy, he had no idea why.

He scrolled through newspaper articles and eyewitness reports for hours, searching for any more local haunts or goings on that could be a hunt. Apart from the one he had first found, nothing else seemed to be jumping out at him.

He sighed and turned off his laptop. A suspected spirit in Idaho. This was an easy, cut and paste hunt, shouldn't take more than a few days, then they could have some time off. Perfect.

As soon as he stood up though, Dean's phone rang. The young Winchester's heart sank. Dean's phone ringing always meant one thing-another hunt. A bigger one, no doubt.

He crossed the motel room and prodded his brother awake. Dean groaned and accepted the phone as he sat up, rubbing his face, the stubble scratching his palm.

Sam knew something was up by the way Dean's face changed. It was a knack they had with each other. As soon as Dean answered the phone and listened for a few seconds, his face started to fall-that meant a big hunt.

Then his face lit up slightly- a hunt that he liked the sound of. Then a look that Sam couldn't quite fathom-it was mainly the way Dean ducked his shoulders ever so slightly, and his eyes shifted to Sam more and more.

Sam frowned and sat on his own bed, patiently waiting for Dean to sign off. Once he did, he looked questioningly at his older brother. 'So what was that all about?' he asked.

'Well, that was Bobby, guy says he has another hunt for us-a few kids...students...are going missing and turning up dead in the campus, and he wants us to go take a look.' Dean said, avoiding Sam's gaze as he took another swig of Whisky.

'Cool, sounds interesting.' Sam nodded, looking sideways at his brother.

'Yeah...' Dean said, coughing slightly as the alcohol burned his throat.

'Dean, what's the matter? You sounded all weird on the phone to Bobby-what's up?'


'Come on dude, what's happened?' Sam asked, standing up and walking to stand next to his brother.

'It's not what the case is-it's where the case is.' Dean said, now looking Sam full in the face.

'Why?' Sam said, now chuckling at how his brother was acting. 'Where is it?'

Dean sighed and sat down on Sam's vacated chair. 'It's in Stanford University Sammy.' He said quietly.

Sam blinked, opening and closing his mouth like a fish. He walked back to his bed and sat down heavily. Visions of Jess and the campus flashed through his mind...It had only been three months.

'Sam, we don't have to take this one.' Dean's voice sounded like it was coming from far away.

He shook his head slightly and turned to look at Dean. He jumped when he saw his brother was standing right in front of him, smiling comfortingly at him.

Dean put a hand on his shoulder. 'I said we don't have to take this case, I can call someone else.'

'Is there anyone else to take it?' Sam said slowly, already knowing the answer. Bobby wouldn't have called Dean if there was someone else for him to call.

'...No' Dean answered truthfully.

Sam sighed and ran a hand down his face, before giving his brother a small smile.

'Then I guess we have to do this, don't we?'

Dean smiled and shrugged, kneeling on his haunches and putting his hands on Sam's knees. 'We'll take it slow, okay? At your pace.' He promised, standing up with a groan. He massaged his shoulder as he walked back to his bed.

'You sure you want to do this?' he asked as he lay down, peering up at Sam.

'Yeah, I can do this-just...just bear with me, okay?' Sam replied quietly.

'You go it bro.' Dean said, before settling back and closing his eyes.

Sam gave his brother a small smile before getting into his own bed, and as he pulled the covers over his face a dark feeling spread from his stomach to his chest. He didn't know whether he could do this, but- and he felt a little childish admitting it- as long as he had Dean, he knew he could do anything.

Smiling at the cheesy thought, and with a soundtrack of deep Dean-snores, he settled back into his pillow, not quite knowing what to expect from the coming days...

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