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The rain started hammering down the moment Dean dragged his brother outside. He kept one hand around his waist, the other tightly clenched into his throat to keep in some of the blood that was now pouring from him.

The semi-conscious Sam looked up at the grey sky, before he legs fell from under him and he lurched sideways into Dean, pain flourishing in his throat. He tried to call Dean's name, but all he could manage was a guttural snarl. The rainwater poured into his eyes, into his open mouth as he desperately kept trying to breathe.

Dean looked down, his eyes wide and scared as he saw Sam's blood run down his own hands and onto the street. 'C'mon Sammy, keep walking….' He whispered, heaving Sam up so he could get a better grip before continuing to the Impala. An ambulance would take too long- his brother needed help. Now.

He had to drop Sam onto the sidewalk for a few seconds as he fished his keys out, where Sam slumped to the ground, shaking. His blood ran in rivets down the street, washing away with the rain water, staining it pink.

As he opened the passenger door Dean took Sam under his arms and heaved, growling out a breath as Sam put his whole weight onto his chest- he couldn't even stand up.

'Come on Buddy, I got ya…. Try and keep some pressure on your neck please man…..' he muttered, moving Sam's legs so he could lie down.

Sam moaned as he put a hand on his neck; the blood flow was lessening, but that only made Dean feel worse.

He had to do something now, or Sammy wouldn't make it to any hospital.

He quickly dashed to the back of the car and opened the trunk, riffling around for something, anything that might help him. His heart leapt when he spotted the small black case stuffed down by a gun- the sewing kit.

He grabbed it and ran back to the passenger side, climbing in by his brother's legs and stooping over an innate Sam. Sam was now breathing quickly, his breaths coming in short sharp bursts; Dean knew he had to act quickly.

'It's okay Sammy, you're okay bro….I'm gonna fix you…' he whispered, gently moving the hair that was plastered to Sam's forehead. His little brother looked up at him with wide, suddenly young eyes.

'Just relax-this will hurt.' He warned, before carefully taking Sam's hand off his wound. Congealed, dark blood suddenly mixed with scarlet, bubbling blood as it ran down Sam's neck, creeping into his already saturated shirt.

Acting quickly, Dean used his palm to gently rub off the blood around the actual incision, before easing a needle out of the pack- good job they had a rule of already having needles fitted with thread, for emergencies like this.

He sucked in a long breath as he took the needle expertly to Sam's neck. Sam hissed and groaned in pain as the needle sunk in, the thread going in after.

'This won't take long, then you'll be okay….. I promise….' Dean said, getting to work.

Minutes passed, and with each passing one, the blood flow lessened, until the blood had stopped, and Sam's neck had a neat line of black stitching embedded in his skin.

As the last of the blood drops fell, Dean sat back, his heart in his mouth, as he surveyed the damage.

He looked down at his brother, who had his eyes closed. The blood was starting to cake on his face and lower body, and Dean's hands were a mess. They needed to get to a motel.

'Sammy?' Dean muttered, gently leaning forwards and shaking his brother's shoulder. 'Sam…you okay?'

Sam opened bleary, red eyes, and looked across at his brother. Trust and love filled those brown eyes; he didn't even have to say anything. Dean let out a high, nervous laugh, swallowed, and lurched from the car. He fell onto his knees, trying to supress the sobs- he had almost lost Sam. Again.

He felt the rain hit his head and bounce off his jacket, and was suddenly thankful to a God he had never believed in. He grinned to himself, proud in a weird way-but mostly thankful. He pushed himself up and moved back toward Sam, who hadn't moved.

'It's okay bro- you wanna go to a hospital, or a motel?' he asked, waiting for a response.

Sam let out a moan.

'Hospital?' No sound.

'Motel then?' Another deep moan.

Dean smiled and rubbed one of Sam's legs. 'You got it bro…' he muttered, before closing the door and climbing into the driver's side.

'Try not to sleep, okay? I wanna make sure you wake up, and I can't do that while I'm driving.' He said, before moving the Impala into gear and speeding off, into the next town.

Seven hours later, and Sam was fast asleep, in fresh clothes, in a new bed. Safe. Warm. Protected. He opened his eyes, feeling more awake now, more moveable. He looked up at a shadow next to him…..Dean was lying beside him, asleep.

He smiled to himself and relaxed a little more. Dean was here. He was safe.

'Ean….D-eaannn….' He muttered, feeling an intense burning in his throat. So he couldn't speak properly yet. But Dean seemed to have understood.

His eyes shot open and a hand instinctively moved to hold his shoulder. 'You okay?' Dean's urgent voice sounded in his ear.

Sam nodded, relieved that he didn't need to speak.

He felt Dean relax back into the bed. There was a long, pregnant pause between them.

'…You scared me today, Sammy.' Dean whispered, his dark eyes looking to the ceiling, the pupils shining.

Sam nodded again. He felt Dean squeeze his shoulder.

'But I'm okay now, now you're fine.' He assured him, pulling him gently into a tight hug, but he let him go quickly, so as not to cause more pain.

'We better get some sleep, I only booked the room for two nights, we better hit the road after- that is if you want to? I can book more days?'

Sam looked at his brother. He didn't really want to spend any more time at Stanford, in this state, for one moment more. He had had enough. He was tired.

He shook his head, and Dean smiled.

'Alright then.' He whispered, before turning over, his back to Sam.

Sam even found this oddly comforting, so he relaxed back into his side of the bed, and allowed his eyes to flutter shut. He was safe. He was with Dean.

And that was all he needed.

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