I don't know if this has been done before but this is a story of a dog trying to survive the zombie apocalypse. It will be a week in her life and she will meet up with the main characters from the show. I hope you like it. Please feel free to offer feedback. Thanks!


I am so hungry. It's been too long since my last meal, and that certainly wasn't anything to be excited about. Stale Doritos with flies all over them. Yuck! I did find some clean water at a brook today, but I only got a few sips in before one of the monsters came and tried to bite me. That's been happening a lot lately. Where have all the nice people gone? All that I see anymore are the feral ones. They smell like decay and they hiss and yank my fur. I suppose it could be worse. I could be dead. Although some might say that death would be a relief from all of this.

Let me introduce myself. My name is…well, my name WAS Kylie, but I haven't had anyone around to call me by my name in a good long while. Can you lose your name? Oh well, no matter. I am a two-year-old German Shepherd dog, and from what my family used to tell me, quite a good looking dog at that. But my family is gone now. They all got really sick one day a while ago and turned into monsters.

Jacob, the boy, was my favorite. I moved in with him and his family as a puppy so that I could someday be Jacob's service dog. His eyes didn't work so well, so it would be my job to help him to get around. When one of the monsters hurt Jacob, I laid next to his body all night. I was so afraid to leave him. I kept thinking if only I barked louder or if I had just fought harder, I could have saved him from the creature. I thought about how Jacob used to scratch right under my collar (it gets terribly itchy under there) and how he'd sing a song just for me called "Kylie Girl". I loved him more than anything in this world.

When Jacob woke up next to me I was thrilled! He wasn't dead after all! But I was so wrong. The thing that Jacob had become was not my boy anymore. Suddenly his eyes worked but they didn't look like Jacob's eyes. They looked scary and bloodshot. He grabbed at my fur and pulled so hard. I cried out but he wouldn't stop. He chased me until I ran through our front door. I thought that I had made a clean escape but some of the other monsters heard me cry and had already started to swarm our house. I had to dodge so many of them! One got my hind leg and I thought he might pull it right off. I snarled at him but he did not respond. I fought hard and finally got free. It was terrifying.

I was able to move to an area where there were less monsters to deal with. I looked desperately for real humans but I couldn't find any. Since then, I've been traveling every day, hoping to find a new family. I've been on my own for many days. I'm starting to forget what being loved feels like.


Today it rained quite a bit, so I rested under the porch of an old house. I'd hoped to get lucky and find a wayward animal under there like a possum or a rat. Either would have made a nice meal. However, I had no luck. Things got worse when I crept too close to what I thought was a rolled up hose. When it started rattling a warning at me, I quickly backed off and left the porch just as the sky began to clear.

I traveled a dirt road for a time and came upon an old car. The doors were wide open and there was a dead human inside. It did not move when I sniffed around the back seat. That's where the Doritos were found. Unfortunately there was not much else for me to eat, so I continued on. I could see light reflecting off some water and decided to go take a peek. I was excited to find a brook, but like I said before, a monster came after only a few sips. Thick, dark liquid oozed from its jaw and it screeched as it came closer to me. I snapped my teeth at it, but it was of no use. The creatures do not seem to respond to any shows of aggression. I had to admit defeat and leave the area.

So tonight I'm resting in a large tree where the base is hollowed out. It's actually quite a nice shelter. However, my belly is empty and the cold air is hurting my bones. The warm sun will feel good on my body tomorrow, as long as it doesn't rain again. I heard the sounds of cars and a motorcycle earlier, but they suddenly stopped. I think tomorrow I'll go investigate around the area where I heard them. Perhaps I will finally find some people. I hope. As for tonight, I'll just fall asleep to the sounds of the crickets. Maybe tomorrow I'll wake up and find out that this has all just been a bad dream.