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Weddings were joyous and celebratory occasions. People often got very fussy over them as everything had to be 'perfect' and 'spectacular' to get the dream wedding they desired. It was reasonable, because they only occurred once in every person's lifetime. It signified the permanent linking between the husband and wife, signifying that they were one, never to be parted.

Well, let's just forget about the part where it only happens once. It can happen multiple times, if the person himself is not part of the couple. The persons in the audience may have also been to more than one wedding, perhaps their own as well.

In short, these occasions were meant to be filled with a happy aura, simple as that.

If this is so, why was Rin Kagamine the only sour person at her older brother's wedding?

The rowdiness at the Kagamine mansion that particular morning could not be compared to a jam-packed sports stadium. Numerous maids and butlers could be seen rushing all over the grounds, carrying vases, foldable tables, glass swans, and regal chairs to the family's unbelievably large backyard. It was about three football fields wide. This could barely hold the masses of the invited people.

Now, this mansion did not belong to Rin and her family. In fact, her folks were just the ordinary sort, a type where news reporters would not dare interview. They were so plain that if not for the fact that the groom was related to them, they could've blended in with the guests that would be coming much later in the evening.

The place belonged to a rich family by the same surname as Kagamine. Their daughter Lenka was a model, an actress, and had recently started a fashion designing business. The twenty six year old was known as one of the rare 'non-bitchy' actresses and was a kind soul to everyone. She was undeniably very attractive too. Her features were the pure envy of other young women, and her shining golden hair was often kept up in a simple unflattering ponytail. Anyone who saw her on the street and was not aware of her identity would've thought that she was a fallen angel.

She would today be marrying Rinto Kagamine, Rin's older brother. At a ripe age of twenty seven, he was the most eligible and popular bachelor in town. Like Lenka, he was better-looking than most men, carrying a tough, well toned, physique and a mop of golden hair that seemed to stick out in all directions but was at the same time absolutely perfect. However, his personality was a stark contrast from Lenka's; he enjoyed flirting with women, instead of being discreet. This habit stopped as soon as he set his eyes on the model.

Rinto was randomly chosen to work as Lenka's bodyguard-of-the-day as soon as strange rumors of a stalker surfaced, and when the servants found him working out at the gym. Against his will, Rinto was dragged to the mansion to guard her for the entire day. He immediately calmed down, though, when he was paid millions.

Things were fine, and Rinto did as he was told. Lenka couldn't resist starting a conversation and her parents were aghast upon reaching home to check on her. Both blondes were found passionately kissing, with Rinto pressing her onto the wall. Both parents fainted on the spot and had to be revived with a butler's sweaty socks.

Things weren't easy to sort out, but Lenka's mother saved Rinto and let them get married. Gramps wasn't too happy, though, but accepted the situation when he found that both parties truly loved each other. It sounded ridiculous, marrying his daughter off to a 'peasant', but it couldn't be helped. They were already inseparable.

Rin, like Lenka's father, was not all ears when she heard that her brother was marrying a "world-famous whore". Things were straightened out when the girls met in person. Rin saw Lenka as an older sister, and Lenka adored her fiancé's cute sibling, admiring how the seventeen year old used a big bow as a staple accessory.

…Well, that's quite enough background. Let's skip to the fated meeting, shall we?

"Rin, I'd like you to meet someone," Lenka said, tugging the girl gently by the arm. She was wearing her wedding gown, and her hair swayed as she tried to get Rin away from the desserts section of the buffet. Rin resisted, and eyed the bride suspiciously from head to toe.

The girl's stern gaze softened upon seeing that the bride gave off a purely innocent aura. It helped too, that she was wearing a creamy white dress with gold laces and ribbons. The dress was custom-made, designed by Lenka herself, and it cost a bomb to make it.

Rin sighed. "Don't introduce me to some terrorist or anything." She was the overly-cautious type.

Lenka simply giggled and led her to a private garden in the mansion. The area was closed off to guests, and it had a tranquil feel with all the flowers and water fountains around. Leaning on a pillar was a teen boy with sandy blonde hair tied into a small ponytail and unruly spiky bangs, similar to Lenka. He wore a white suit, and was probably a guest on the forbidden grounds. His eyes were closed, and he appeared to be taking a nap.

"Len, look at who I've brought!" Lenka shouted, waving excitedly to the boy. Immediately, Len's eyes snapped open and he turned to them and scanned Rin for a few moments before an unmoving scowl on formed his face. Someone's grouchy, Rin thought.

Wordlessly, Len came up to them nonchalantly and folded his arms once he was close enough. On closer observation, Rin saw that he had a striking resemblance to her, having pure azure eyes and short golden hair. What made the difference was that happy Rin's eyes were shining; moody Len's eyes were much darker, hinting malicious thoughts.

Both teens remained silent and continued to stare inquisitively at each other until Lenka found it too quiet for her liking, and did the introductions herself.

"Len, meet Rin. She's the little sister of my darling," Lenka offered, giving Len a brief pleading glance. She turned to Rin with a smile. "Meet Lenny, my sulky little brother." She playfully ruffled Len's hair and laughed as he brushed her off irritably, proving her point.

Rin sorted out her thoughts as the two rich kids jokingly bickered. She couldn't deny it; Len was handsome, and he seemed to be intelligent enough to know what she was thinking. What she was concerned about was his opinions of her. He didn't really seem to take her to his liking, the exact opposite happened, but she couldn't really judge at this point of time, right?

"N-nice to meet you, Len," Rin interrupted softly, holding out her hand. Lenka eyed her brother carefully as he too, stretched out his hand for a shake.

Before they could even touch, however, Len pulled his hand away, snickering at the girl's shocked expression in complete mockery. Staring her down, he sneered, "I'd be nice to meet you too, but I don't like commoners who try to look like rabbits." He shot the bride a glare before walking away.

Something popped inside of Rin, and it took almost every bit of her energy to restrain herself to not smile sadistically and shoot back the insult with her forked tongue. No need for long winded theories, the guy was a complete jackass!

Lenka fumed. "Len, wait! That's not how you treat the sister of the groom! Len, you're such a jerk!" She yelled after him. She dared not glance at Rin and bowed apologetically. "I'm really sorry; he isn't exactly at his best with strangers. He's not usually like this, really…" Her voice trailed off, and her shoulders lowered.

The girl decided to let it slide. No matter how much she wanted to get back at Len, she couldn't forget that this was his sister and her brother's precious day. Surely Lenka's impression of her was more important than vengeance? Not that she liked it, but she knew that the rest of her day had just been ruined.

Rin slapped her playfully on the back. "It's no big deal. Have you planned your honeymoon with my brother yet?" She grinned and dodged the punch aimed at her, laughing. "No? Should I rephrase that? Have you made plans on baby-making?"

"Stop talking like that already, you dirty-minded…!" Lenka hollered, swatting Rin with one of her gloved hands while holding her scarlet cheek in the other. She had a point—Rin had often joked about the two of them making love, and it was strenuous enough not to give in to the temptation. "Ugh, thanks a lot!"

Seconds later, after the atmosphere had cleared up, Rin was dragged along with Lenka as she sought out her soon-to-be husband, ignoring the stares at her glittery dress and slim body as she pushed past the crowd surrounding the handsome groom. He was dressed neatly in a white suit like Len's, only with more gold embroidery and a single red rose tucked in his breast pocket.

It amazed Rin to see her brother in fancy clothing like this. Most of the time, he would either be in a plain singlet with sweatpants or be topless altogether, coming home dripping in perspiration after a long workout. He had been doing this for the last five years, so she was used to it.

The female guests around him gushed and cooed as he coolly answered their many irrelevant questions, such as "What time do you get off work?" and "Care to sign my bust?" One had even asked if he was really marrying Lenka and if it was a mistake or not. Rinto was probably the best-looking man among those present. Rin smiled wryly and wished the single men all the luck they could get.

Lenka shoved past the lovesick ladies and gave Rinto a quick peck on the cheek, much to the envy of the crowd. Rinto smirked and whispered, "Did you call the press? It's a star's wedding, after all." He placed his hand on her perfect waist and held her close.

The bride gazed lovingly at him and answered, "Darling, screw the press; I don't like all those cameras taking our kiss."

"You may now kiss the bride." The words of the priest repeated endlessly in Len's ears like a broken record as the two blondes leaned in. He was sure that he was the only one present who wanted to object. It was too late now; his sister was now officially married to a poor, orange-loving, clip wearing playboy. He would never forget those six words for as long as he lived.

Well, what do you know? It would seem like Rin was not the only moody one at the celebrations.

He was in his seat, cursing the groom with every foul word he could think of as the guests cheered on and the women cried simultaneously. Why was all this fuss needed for a stupid wedding? And it was at his house, nonetheless. If he could, he would chase all the people out and beat the blonde freak to a pulp for choosing his beloved older sister.

Then again, the fact that there were plenty of banana flavored desserts available kept him on his leash. At least there was something he could actually enjoy and not mope and cuss about.

Lenka had to introduce him to that stupid girl with the ridiculous bow on her head. She was his age of seventeen, for goodness sake! And her name… what was it? Ron, Rang, Rin? That's it. Geez, her name even sounded so stupid and childish, to the point where he couldn't even stand to have it rolling off his tongue. He called her 'rabbit' and 'commoner' instead. There, problem fixed.

Much earlier, Lenka had told him about Rinto's younger sister. He had heard that she was a spunky, friendly girl, was responsible for herself, and had the face of an angel. It seemed like she was exaggerating too much. Did the rabbit infect her eyes or something?

Truth be told, he had actually liked the description his sister had given him. Because of that, he agreed to wait for Lenka to bring her to meet him in person, something he had never done before with the blind dates and the 'meet someone' sessions she had tried to get him into. He was expecting someone who had a beautiful physique and was like his sister: caring and kind. But what did he get?

He, instead of seeing his ideal person, saw a timid flat-chest rabbit who wore nothing but a plain one-piece orange dress. What made it worse was her bow—she looked so damn immature in that thing! Hadn't anyone told her how plain-Jane she looked, or told her to at least glance at herself in a freaking mirror? Heck, even Rinto looked better than her in a dress!

His disappointment and frustration worsened the rest of his day. He had been in a good mood too, if not for that… rabbit. He didn't care if Lenka decided to spank or whip him later—it was that entire girl's fault. Stupid wedding, stupid girl, stupid… everything!

As the buffet dinner commenced, he got in the dessert line. He was allowed to eat hours before to let the guests "have some space", and now craved for the banana puddings he had seen. The family had chef done his job well, extraordinarily, to be exact.

Life hated him, and made something to prove it.

Stupid rabbit, he cursed mentally as he queued behind her. She wasn't much shorter than him, and her curves seemed to be more prominent now that his frustration was kept away by his appetite. Whoa, she really had a nice body. Had she been working out with Rinto or something? Her sleeveless dress revealed her soft, fair skin, in its entire unblemished, scar-less glory.

Damn it.

"Move already, idiot!" He hissed, shoving her to one side. He placed some pudding cups on his plate and eyed her cautiously. As expected, she was glaring daggers at him, but took no action and collected some orange fruit tarts from a nearby platter.

Observation: Like her brother, rabbit also likes oranges. Rabbit doesn't get pissed off so easily.

Everything proceeded smoothly from there on, save for their rude 'unintended' shoving on the way to the table. Lenka was chatting tirelessly to her husband's parents while Rinto sat beside her, politely discussing matters with his wife's parents. On both sides, the mothers were cheerfully trading jokes with one another while the fathers seemed agitated and restless, being sarcastic every now and then.

Throughout his meal, Len couldn't help but glance at Rin occasionally whenever he looked up from his plate to chat with the other adults. She would catch him and return his stares with a rather forced smile, and he would look away, pretending to scoff at her dopey face, just to annoy her even more.

It made him uncomfortable, that each time he looked in her direction; something would flutter in his chest, and his tongue would twist itself into knots, rendering him incapable of even mocking her or replying to her inquisitive parents. Whatever it was, it made him sick. He despised that feeling, and he wanted so badly to be able to just squash it between his fingers like a helpless bug.

Still, it persisted, now reddening his face by a fraction when their identical sapphire eyes met. He would try to cover up any emotion he had on his face, while she would dive and search into his orbs curiously, as if wanting explanations and answers for their awkward interactions.

In the end, he could only conclude that the feeling he had was pure hatred. That was the only logical thing to say, after all. There were butterflies in his stomach because he was uncomfortable and wanted to get away from her as soon as possible. He couldn't speak because his hatred was so strong he couldn't even put into words, and the reddening on his face was how furious he got whenever he looked at her.

That was it. It was a simple, accurate explanation. Denial is the first step? Whatever would that mean, when he wasn't even interested? Now he wouldn't have to worry, period.

How foolish he was to think so.

He noticed, that as she got up from the white table and made her way to see the wedding carriage the couple had bought, the men present would glance in her direction and occasionally mutter and point among themselves. It caused a different emotion to bubble in his chest.

He felt that he wanted to go there and hold her hand and shoot down the rest. The lustful eyes they gave… he wanted to just rip them out and send them flying in the air with his power-packed fist. His heart would beat twice as fast with adrenaline whenever a young man approached her, and it would sink terribly when he made her laugh so very delicately with his jokes.

Was he… jealous?

Damn it.

Finally, when Rinto and Lenka were in the carriage, crowds rapidly formed around them, yelling and cheering, wishing them a safe departure and return as they set off to their honeymoon. The women seemed more excited than the rest, though. They jumped and waved their hands, shouting for Lenka to "throw it".

Len stood a fair distance from the mass of people. It then occurred to him what his mother had told Lenka and him about the bouquets the bride threw at weddings.

"Whoever catches the bride's bouquet will be the next one to get married..."

As if it were a reflex, his eyes searched for Rin. He found her at the desserts row, looking uninterested as she placed more fruit tarts onto her plate. He deflated instantly and sighed, before gasping and sticking his tongue out in disgust. Why did he have his hopes up? A rabbit like her wouldn't even be able to marry anyway.

The bouquet Lenka held was a mixed bunch of expensive snow-white carnations and blood-red roses, all neatly held together with a gold satin cloth and ribbon. As he examined the crowd, it shocked him to see that many of the young girls around had their hungry, lustful gazes on him. Despite the fear of being passionately mauled, Len stood his ground and put on his best 'I-don't-give-a-damn' face.

Suddenly, Lenka stood up in the carriage, firmly clutching the flowers. Her face was contorted in anxiety and uncertainty as her blue eyes scanned the rabid crowd. The women and girls were now literally leaping like kangaroos, screaming in hopes of catching it. It seemed like the stupid flowers were like a thirteen inch diamond or something.

To everyone's surprise, Rinto stood up very carefully and supported his wife's arm as she did some practice swings to excite the mob even more. The shrieks grew louder, and Rin was now looking on from where she was at the table with great interest.

As if time had stopped, the bouquet suddenly ripped through the air above Len's head. Almost immediately, the rabble stampeded past him, leaving him dizzy. He heard a shriek of astonishment and the moans of discontentment that followed as his eyes returned to the couple. Lenka was giggling while her husband had an ashen complexion, not comprehending the craze.

Time stopped a second more as the results were more evident. Rin was now standing, her face pale as her fingers closed in on the bouquet. Her dress and hair, and the flowers themselves were smeared in cream. It had apparently crash-landed on her food and into her trembling hands.

"Whoever catches the bride's bouquet will be the next one to get married…"

Once again, Len had an inexplicable feeling washing over him. It was a mix of joy, excitement, and… relief?

"Hey, Len, look over here!" He heard his sister call his name, and he whipped his head toward the carriage. Rinto was smirking and gave him a thumbs-up, while Lenka was covering her mouth and giggling even more hysterically than before. She winked at him playfully, mouthing, "Go get her, little tiger!"

His jaw dropped and hung open as his head quickly worked out what they meant.

Damn it.

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