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Excellent Timing

"How the heck did this happen?" Rin asked.

The three other people at the dining table turned to her, looking equally puzzled. One was a dear friend of hers she had called over last night; another was an enigmatic buddy of the jerk's, and the last… that didn't need saying (or wasn't even worth mentioning). Silence spread for a few moments before everyone awkwardly went back to eating their meals. Rin sighed—the tension was driving her up the wall, and it was horribly suffocating. It wouldn't take long for her to suddenly burst out laughing from nervousness.

Wait… she wasn't even going to do that with the asshole in close range.

"Just so you know," her friend spoke up meekly, "it feels weird here 'coz of… that." She glanced at her and Len for a second and set her gaze back on her plate of food.

Rin felt herself go hot from embarrassment. Len coughed from across the table, choking on his meal, while the young man snickered.

She and her enemy had called for help from their closest contact the night before, not knowing that they'd done it at the exact same time and that both friends would come to the villa together the next morning. The chances were one in a billion, but it had happened. How were they supposed know that the two would walk in at the most dreadful moment possible, when they were in the middle of an argument over who would cook breakfast?

What were they supposed to say when their friends walked into the kitchen right after the dickhead had toppled over his two left feet and obstinately held on to the frying pan, shoving her against the table and landing on top of her? How the hell could they even explain that?

…The situation was most compromising nonetheless. Her friend had screamed "Hallelujah! Rinnie finally got a boyfriend!" and snapped a photo with her phone. Len's companion did nothing to help and turned his back to them, probably shaking from laughter. Rin had to yell into the boy's face before he got off and swiped the pan away from her, declaring victory.

(It was snatched from him a beat later and was hit on the head by it. The reason provided by his buddy being, "That's not how you treat a lady.")

"Anyways, I don't think we've done proper introductions yet, who wants to start first?" Rin's friend piped up after a while. No one uttered a word, and she went ahead cheerfully, "My name's Miku Hatsune and I am the daughter of Michihito Hatsune, the founder of the Voca Scent Company for perfumes and cosmetics, I met Rinnie in high school, by the way." She hugged Rin who smiled with amusement.

Len and his friend's jaws dropped at the famous name. "Wow, I never thought Miss Rin would have a celebrity friend." Miku grinned and Rin nodded bashfully.

"It's my turn then. I am Yuuma Miyamoto, a servant under the Kagamine family, Len's personal butler, and the one who cooked the scrumptious brunch we're eating right now." He chuckled. Rin and Miku couldn't help but laugh along.

"We know that already," Len snapped, viciously stabbing his potato.

"Please show more manners, Master," Yuuma scolded, shaking his head. "Miss Lenka would not have liked to see this, especially in the presence of the groom's sibling." Len ignored him and stabbed more holes into his food, as if daring the butler to threaten him. "Miss Lenka also told me that Miss Rin had caught the bouquet, does that not mean something to you?"

Clank! Len's fork had hit the bottom of the plate. He glared at Yuuma intensely from under his bangs. "Shut the hell up or you're fired," he snarled.

Yuuma raised his hands in surrender and sighed.

Rin contemplated her choice of actions. Though she hated to admit it, the aura the jerk was emitting had jolted her a little. It wasn't like the normal 'I'll send you to the middle of next week' aura he usually gave off when clashing with her. Rather, it was more like 'I'll saw your head off if you don't do as I say, and I'm not joking.' She had never really thought about it, but now she could see how menacing he could be.

Nah, I can handle him with a simple kick in the crotch, Rin said to herself calmly.

Besides, there was something—she didn't know what—that assured her that the jerk would never show her that sort of attitude.

Miku could've squealed the entire morning, but that would ruin her voice. And she liked to sing, so she dropped the idea.

The tomboyish blonde girl had grown a gazillion times cuter than before. She only had a phone and social networking site to communicate with Rin since her own graduation from high school two years ago due to her numerous activities as a celebrity. Needless to say, she was over the moon when she finally picked up a call to hear her best friend, and all the more elated to be able to spend summer vacation with her at the secluded, tranquil villa. Normally, her manager would've picked up the phone and slammed it back down on whoever was trying to call for non-business matters, and she hardly had any breaks aside from the one-day 'holidays' her father gave her once in a while.

She was lucky to pick up the call that night, when her manager had long gone home and when she was in her room ready to sleep. She had her things packed in a jiffy and had her driver send her to the nearest train station—under a bribe of a thousand dollars that he wouldn't tell on her, of course. She found Yuuma driving in a little silver car by pure chance after walking down the same street twice and agreed to go together with him. The villa was so much further than she'd expected.

Lifting a hand to cover her too-wide grin, Miku giggled softly. In fact, she was supposed to be at work today, filming the new perfume commercial right now. But she had escaped, and no way was she going to turn back. She wasn't going to give up her new freedom so easily.

It was so much more fun here, after all.

She was especially proud of the skills she had developed after years in the business. She had encountered so many varieties of people for so long; she could with almost no effort, read people as easily as a book. Hot-tempered types, mellow types, energetic types… she could see them all with just a minute or so of observation.

How long had they all been at the dining table, half an hour? Miku found Yuuma a little bit too difficult to decipher. He had a well-built friendly façade like that of any other high class servant, but she didn't know him personally enough to figure him out just yet, like her own servants at home. He was really handsome though. Who else could get that jet black hair without dye? Gosh, he was gorgeous. If he wasn't a butler, she would've… no, she had to focus. She was here for Rinnie, not to meet some hunk.

Rin had changed vastly from two years ago. She was much tougher now after all the training and reckless stunts with her older brother. The harmful gossip and broken boy-girl relationships that hurt her so much then were now just dust on her shoulder. She was sexier too. After all the time at the gym, she had developed curves that couldn't be years ago, and she was now brimming with confidence. Miku wanted to hug her again for improving so much.

The scene they walked into earlier was absolutely hilarious. The blonde teens were on the tabletop, Rin being squashed by the boy as they screamed at each other for the frying pan and the right to cook. According to Rinnie, she had been trying to pry the pan from the 'jerk' (that was the default nickname, Miku guessed) when he tripped over a slipper and landed on her after she hit the table. Truth be told, she was somewhat disappointed when she discovered that the boy wasn't Rinnie's boyfriend; they would've made a good match.

Miku realized she was smiling again at the thought and quickly hid it by playing with her long hair.

So… why weren't they together? It was crystal clear to her eyes that the boy had an attraction to Rinnie, but was trying to cover it up as hate. She actually pitied him—he was so… confused and anxious about his own emotions. Perhaps it was his first time having a crush? The more she looked at him, the less likely that seemed to be the case. From the way he fiddled with his short ponytail and how he held his things, he might have been in a relationship before… but Miku wasn't so sure. She needed more time.

Rinnie on the other hand… she disliked him very much. It was funny but understandable. Which girl would, after all, like a boy who was an asshole to them? Rinnie wasn't the type. There was something else she could see though. It was like she was still trying to give him a second chance. Her best friend was a generous, kind fellow that way; an aspect of her she loved the most. She was so forgiving.

"Stop making those tapping sounds, you dope! It's freaking irritating!"

"Don't tell me what to do, dumb animal!"

…Or not.

Wait, did he just say 'rabbit'?

Miku erupted with laughter.

Rin eyed her skeptically. "You okay, girl?" Len was mirroring the same level of bewilderment. Yuuma had given up snorting was even chuckling with her.

The teal haired girl found herself too tongue-tied to even make a sound. Her stomach hurt and tears streamed from her eyes.

They are a perfect match after all, no doubt about it! All they need is a mutual understanding, and I'm going to fix that!

"Ew, look at these rags! I thought I gave you much better clothes than these, Rinnie! What's going on in that head of yours?" Miku made a face as she pulled out her friend's clothing out of the closet and luggage. "Rags, rags, and more rags…" She mumbled as she counted each article.

Rin was leaning against the door drame, frowing. "I would appreciate if you didn't equate my brother's shirts to trash, thank you."

"But Rinnie, they are trash!" Miku huffed indignantly. "Girls aren't supposed to wear their older brothers' huge gorilla-sized shirts. I mean, they make you look like a sack of air or something! Ugh, gross!" She exclaimed as she pulled out another grey shirt and tossed it over her shoulder.

"Hey, don't just throw them out like that! They're comfortable!"

"No, they're too ugly!"

"Well, what do you expect me to wear then? I've pretty much grown out of all the clothes you've given me."

Miku froze. "You did… all those skirts, dresses and blouses, all of them?" She sprang up and bounced to Rin, patting her head. "Wow, you're taller than me now! And you've got womanly curves! That's so awesome!" She jabbed her in the ribs as she said so. Rin squeaked and stepped back, giggling.

"So what're you going to do now? Lend me more clothes? You've practically thrashed my entire luggage and I've only got two other tank tops plus the shorts I'm wearing now." Rin said.

"Nope, 'coz I only brought a limited supply this time. But…" Rin felt a chill travel up her spine as Miku's eyes sparkled. "We're going shopping!"

"Geez, girls these days," Len grumbled as he slid into the car. "Why can't I sit at the front? I can't stand sitting next to this rabbit." He smirked as Rin scowled.

Miku beamed at him. "Deal with it, Lenny! You'll get used to her eventually. You have to." Her last sentence sounded a bit too strained to pass off as pleasant. Her smile never wavered.

"…Fine." Len growled. This Hatsune girl, to his dismay, acted and bossed around like his sister—except that he didn't like odd, blue (or was it really blue?) haired versions of Lenka. Seriously, what was she, a human coloring book? And that perfume… he almost died gagging on it. She was even freakier than the gay-clip-wearing-orange guy. Her lunch plate had been covered with mostly leeks, and he didn't even like leeks.

The rabbit seemed to be as equally pissed off as he was. What happened? Len knew that she directed most of his resentment at him, but this felt a little different, maybe too different for his liking.

Speaking of which, what was she wearing?

The sleeveless top and khaki shorts he was used to seeing had been replaced by a one-piece dress. The hem of the skirt was just a little above her knee and hell, where did those shiny bracelets come from? The ridiculous bow was missing too, and a flower clip was in its place.

He managed to catch some words in his throat—in a nick of time—and realized he had almost said something about her sudden change in attire.

Len shook his head frantically.

"There's a convenience store right up ahead and a town after that," Yuuma said, revving up the engine. "I hear that Miss Miku is quite famous there. Should I make a detour so no one will see us?"

Miku shrugged. "Just ignore them and all will be well! And drop the 'Miss', please—I'm getting quite tired of it," She said dryly.

Yuuma looked at her for a moment, dumbfounded. After much hesitation and reluctance he finally uttered, "Very well, Miku." The girl blushed.

Rin piped up, "Oh, so only now you notice he's been using formalities? I thought you were better than that, Miku!"

"G-go away!"

The blonde and Yuuma laughed as Miku sulked.

Len fought the urge to join them in the conversation. He rolled his eyes and stared at the scenery outside. Where and who did they inherit their stupidity from? The damn girl was nineteen, for heaven's sake! Why wasn't she acting like one? He pinched his nose in frustration and brooded. His butler wasn't living up to his expectations either. For one, he would never drop formalities. What the hellhad gone wrong with their genetics?

He could see the rabbit move from the corner of his vision. She wasn't wearing a bow anymore, so what should he call her now that the name Rabbit was no longer applicable? No way in hell would he dare use her real name, and Commoner was far too lengthy and bothersome. Geez, the stupid girl had to get rid of her stupid accessory and give him problems. She was trying to make his life more difficult? Fine, then he'd give her a taste of her own medicine.

She looks kinda cute without it though.

God dammit! Len knocked his head with his knuckles and glared at his reflection in the car window. Why don't you just shut the hell up and leave me alone, he snapped at the image.

Why don't you just get along with her and use her name already; it's Rin by the way, it sneered back. Len slammed his head into the thick glass and squeezed his eyes closed. The fact that the… girl was so close to him wasn't making him feel any better.

(Well, technically they were sitting on the opposite sides as much as possible, using their bags as a barrier between them. No, their bags weren't even touching.)

He noticed Miku looking at the two of them and immediately assumed his frown. "What? We're not a show or something." Miku shook her head, her smile dropping by a fraction.

"It's just that… why don't you guys sit a little closer? It's uncomfortable on the sides, you know?"

"No, I'm fine sitting here." Both answered in perfect sync. Len glared at her.

"Stop copying me!"

"Me? You're the one mimicking me, barbaric monkey!"

Huh, that was a new one. "You're so annoying; I almost thought you were a woodpecker."

"Why you—"

"Guys, guys," Miku interrupted. "I-ignore what I said just now and continue being grumpy, okay? Without fighting, if you will."

Still synchronized, both blondes retreated. Rin went back to playing around with Miku's phone and Len faced his reflection once more. This time it was laughing hysterically. He almost wanted to slap the glass to get rid of the image.

I am really going to kill you if you keep that up.

Try me.

Maybe I will.

"Gosh, I'm starving after all that. I'm wanna eat those really long, fresh sandwiches like… oh! They have an outlet there, awesome! Let's go, let's go!"

"Wait! I'm still in the changing room. Darn it, Miku!" Rin yelled, scrambling into her clothes. She lost her footing and tripped over a pile of jeans, crashing face-first into the mirror. "I hate this!" She screamed as she finally got around to fastening her new flower clip. "Miku, get back here right now!"

"I'm afraid she's already digging into the sandwiches." Rin stiffened in alarm, but relaxed as she figured the owner of the voice. "Mi—Rin, are you alright? Do you need help?" So he really decided to drop the formalities as he said. Rin grinned; it would take a while for her to get used to his nasally voice, though.

"I-I'm fine. Thanks a bunch, Yuuma."

She heard a low chuckle and saw his shadow shift slightly. "I'll help with these bags then. I must say, I'm quite impressed how your friend has so much energy even after going through seven shops and almost sixty pieces of clothing for you." He said. "And perhaps I find her to my liking. Just saying," he added quickly.

Rin paused, not fully understanding the second part. "Well, almost every girl is like this. I don't know how they do it, and I don't want to know either. She'll be the death of me."

"So you're part of the minority who hates shopping and likes wrestling?"

"Yeah, pretty much."

Yuuma chortled as she emerged from the changing room. "Relax; if you're already like this, I'm sure Master Len is a hundred times worse." He smiled softly as he guided her out of the shop.

"You have a point."

Miku was too busily munching on her food to notice them as they arrived. The airhead glanced up, his lips in a strict thin line. "What took you idiots so long? This girl almost became obese."

"You two were just too hasty," Yuuma replied calmly. The dolt seemed to grow even more agitated.

"I'm not fat in the first place," Miku mumbled hotly through a mouthful of food. "If anger were a food, you would be a hundred kilos, so there."

"Shut up, blue freak."

"I can't shut up when I'm eating, so how about you shut up for once? You've been asking us to do that a lot lately," Miku challenged.

"Bring it on, bitch."

Strangely, Rin found this highly entertaining. It was hard not to burst into a fit of laughter when a mischievous ever-smiling girl and a supremely furious boy were locked in an almost comical staring contest. Neither of them blinked as she and Yuuma sat down. The butler held the same amused expression as she did.

"Ow." Len blinked.

"I win!" Miku shouted triumphantly, jabbing a finger in his face. "So shut up!"

"I hate you!"

"Love you too." The teal haired star blew a kiss at the extremely infuriated boy.

Rin patted her friend's head. "You're the best! What would I ever do without you, girl?"

Miku snickered, eyes still glinting. "You could still kick him down there." The two girls giggled in unison.

"What!" Len slammed his fist onto the table and turned to Yuuma. "Why don't you ever say anything? These girls are seriously plotting to kill me! Whose side are you on, huh?" His hairs seemed to be standing from electrocution as he yelled. The butler on the other hand, remained unfazed and coolly rebutted each of his master's complaints. From a distance, it appeared to be a father admonishing his spoiled son in the gentlest way possible. The boy finally slumped onto the table, groaning.

Rin rolled her eyes. "Seriously, Lenka's so much more dignified and respectful than you are. You should look up to her and follow her example for once. It might do you some good, if not a little." She sunk her teeth into a ham sandwich and eyed her nemesis cautiously as he ate his food wordlessly. Was it just her, or was there bloody murder in his eyes…?

Yuuma shifted uncomfortably. "Well, at least we haven't been approached by strangers yet, considering how popular Miku is." The girl perked up at the sound of her name and gulped down another piece of sandwich, nodding.

"No worries! We just have one shop left to go, and then we'll skedaddle out of here before anyone notices. To be honest, I don't quite like being outside without my bodyguards either. I feel sort of bare."

"We know," The jerk said.

Miku leaned over the table. "You okay? It's not like you're so insulted that you're all withdrawn now, right?" She spoke too fast this time and her intertwining fingers gave her nervousness away. As she tried to pat the blonde on the head, he shot up off the table.

"Don't touch me."

"Okay, okay. I'm sorry." Miku pulled her hands back and said nothing more. Even Yuuma seemed off balance now, his eyes flitting from Len and the girls.

Rin couldn't find any words to speak with. It was as if the pressure had risen so high it had choked everyone into silence. She could feel a familiar heated gaze drilling holes in her. It seemed as though the more she tried to avoid his glare, the more it seeped into her. When she finally took a second to glance at him, she couldn't bring herself to shy away.

The dork's expression was not one of clear distinct fury, as depicted in the novels she had read. He was almost expressionless, lips still in a line. His body language told a very different tale though; his fists were clenched so tight his fingertips were a bright scarlet and his knuckles ghostly white. Rin shivered.

"Want to know what I think?" His voice was eerily deep, but she could still pick up bits of hatred. "I think my sister should never have married your brother in the first place. I mean, look, we obviously don't get along. If we don't, I think the couple will eventually fall apart too. Then Lenka can find some other nice guy who doesn't treat me like a child, someone who doesn't wear those gay hairclips! Also, you're the biggest, nastiest bitch I've ever met. All I'm trying to do is bring my beloved sister back to her senses before it's too late, and you're there annoying the hell out of me, because you 'hate me'! Well, guess what? You're in for a treat today, because I hate you too! I despise everything; your damn childish ribbon, your slutty clothes, everything! You all are an insult to our name Kagamine, and I hope your stinking family dies in the apocalypse!"

"That's enough!" Yuuma boomed, startling the boy enough to restrain him. "You have no right to decide who your sister marries; neither do you have the right to insult her husband or his family! If Miss Lenka and your own folks were here, they would probably disown you. As your immediate guardian, I demand that this behavior stop at once!"

Miku was trembling from the sudden outburst. They had gathered a fair bit of attention too.

"Then let them disown me, anything to separate me and this bitch!"

"Be quiet!"

"It's okay," Rin said.

Once more, muteness fell upon the four. Miku stared at the table, her lips quivering. Rin's eyes were set firmly on Len, who stared right back with fury, and Yuuma wore a look of pure confoundedness.

"It's okay," Rin repeated.

"Rin, you don't have to—"

"Nah, it's perfectly fine. I was expecting that, actually. With that attitude of his, I doubt if he's even Lenka's brother."

Blam! Len crashed his palms onto the table and got up without argument. Yuuma scrambled to his feet. "You don't have to take it personally, Master! Please, just listen—"

"Fuck off!" Len roared.

"…I'll show you the way back to the car, Sir." Yuuma turned to them and motioned for them to follow, shaking his head sadly. "My apologies, but I'm afraid we have to go back."

Miku opened her mouth to retort, but closed it with a whimper. Grabbing her friend's hand, she trailed after the two, her eyes glued to the front as if too afraid to glance back.

Rin felt herself go completely numb, oblivious to the wavering voice of Miku as she asked if she was alright, oblivious to the sounds of people whispering conspiringly as Miku passed them, oblivious to the sounds of the car engine starting up, as well as the bumps of the road as they sped back to the villa.

I'd just taken an insult directed at me and my family. I'd just taken an insult and done nothing about it.

I'd just insulted Len. I said I doubted his relation to Lenka. I'd just insulted him and he did nothing about it.

I don't know what to do.

The jerk didn't bother to acknowledge her the entire ride back. He didn't do so even till they had dinner and quit it for the night. It was as if she was nonexistent to him.

I should be delighted—floating on cloud nine like I'd received a thousand oranges for free.

But… this feels awful, somehow.

What did I do?

What do I do?

Author's Note 2

Everyone has a breaking point. And believe me, Len has an extremely short temper in this story XD But that'll definitely change, 'coz there's a certain someone who will teach him the art of tolerance. (Well, you guys already know who I'm referring to!)

To those Miku/Mikuo, Miku/Kaito and Miku/XxX fans: I'm sorry if I disappointed you. I didn't want everyone to be paired up with their genderbends, 'coz the story already has a pairing like that (if not including Rin/Len). Miku/Yuuma fics are quite rare, so I decided to give it a try. If anyone's asking about Roro/66, the other VY2, I have one thing to say: expect the unexpected!

Oh, and since I'm sensitive to tiny details... When Rin said that Miku had trashed her entire luggage, she wasn't including underwear and other stuff like toothbrushes, first aid kit (yes, Rin carries one), etc. Just the clothes. But Miku probably went ahead and bought her sexy, lacy lingerie XD It's up to you readers how you want to see it.

I'm not dead. Just... really slow when updating. My apologies ._.

Till next time!