"Enough!" Max shouted.

Tanya and Abi turned, Lauren stood cowering in a corner nervously biting at her nails.

A short plump figure came to Max's side, short black hair, big black eyes, wearing a long baige coat and suit.

Tanya swallowed and left the room in a hurry with Max following not far behind, Abi smiled at the plump man.

"Uncle Derek" She said, gretting the man with a hug.

Once Derek had made his presence known, he made a departure saying he had to say hello to a few people.

The argument between Lauren and Abi once re-ignighted.

"Stop standing there and man up!" Abi screamed.

But Lauren said nothing.

"You didnt even say anything!" Abi screamed again, straining against her throat.

Again the elder Branning sister didnt say a word.

"You're a heartless cow!" Abi screeched.

"It's only takes one to know one!" Lauren retalliated.

"I've heard enough!" A lound silenceing voice hit the room.

Abi looked fearful, Lauren's eyes glinted.

Abi swallowed before making a swift exit, with Rainie following behind.

Lauren turned out of her corner.

A tall man, no more than 18, short blonde hair, green eyes. Dressed in a suit jacket, black shirt and black thick coat.

"I'll make my exit then?" Cora said, after a long pause letting her granddaughter and her "friend" alone.

Lauren smiled once the door was shut, but she burst into tears.

He walked over to her slowly, taking her into his arms, crushing her to his chest, his gentle hands caressing her, his voice soothing her. She knew that he was hers, her his and that he was finally...