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Just A Day In The Life…

Day 5

(Hanging out. Down the Street)

After a few weeks of going to school, the frontier gang realized they could use a break. Not just any break. Perhaps a vacation, but unfortunately, the nearest vacation break they would be getting was in winter.

Back at the boys' dormitory, Takuya, Kouji, Kouichi, and JP were waking up to another morning. And not just any morning. It was the morning that the gang they decided to hangout and take a look around the city. Ever since they transferred to the City of Legacy, they never took the time to familiarize themselves with the region.

"Hurry up Takuya! You're hogging up all the warm water, dammit!" JP pounded his fist on the bathroom door. He was in his white muscle shirt and green plaid pajama pants.

"Yeah-yeah. Don't worry. I'll be out in a minute."

"That's what you said twenty minutes ago! TWENTY I SAY!"

Kouichi and Kouji were also getting ready for the day. Kouichi was meditation while Kouji polished the sheath of his family treasured katana sword.

"Don't you guys care whether or not we get any time to take a shower?" JP pointed his aggression at the twins.

"Actually, no." Kouichi replied as he opened his eyes from his relaxation.

"We already took a shower earlier in the morning when you guys were asleep." Kouji admitted, still polishing the lethal weapon.

JP's facial expression went numb for a second. He then moaned as he continued pounding on the restroom door.

"Alright. Alright! I'm done!" Takuya said as he finished drying his wet brown hair.

"It's about time!" JP groaned as he rushed into the bathroom. His foot caught the slippery floor causing him to slip and fall on his back. Tears welled up in JP's eyes as a cough like moan escaped his mouth. "I swear Takuya if I die before the end of today… I'll kill you!"


Meanwhile, at the girls' dormitory, Zoe and her roommates just woke up from their sleep. Zoe remembered the plans that she and the rest of the guys made as she got ready for the outing.

"So where are you're going, that you didn't invite us too?" Victoria asked.

"Sorry girls, but the guys and I planned this a while back. They thought we could hang out over the weekend since we don't talk to each other as much since we transferred." Zoe explained herself to the rest of the girls.

"Well that's nice." Vanessa said as she slowly woke up from her bed, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes.

"Oh really. You shure you wont be doing anything else?" Naomi replied with an inquisitive tone as she plopped her back on her bed.

"W-what on earth do you mean?" Zoe replied. Her face froze with anxiety.

"Oh you know what I mean."

"Oh come on Naomi. Its nothing like that."

"Sure sure I get it. I was just joking with you. You probably think were to boring to hang out with anyways!"

"Oh stop it. That's not true!" Zoe replied, jokingly. She walked towards the mirror and brushed her hair and subtly applied chap stick.


"Halllrighiiiit!" Takuya grinned as he pumped his fist and performed a pelvic thrust. "Today is gonna be awesome!"

"What's with all the over the top enthusiasm?" Kouji asked.

"Because I have big plans to tear this city up from top to bottom."

"Dude, it's only an outing. You act as if we're going on an adventure to the far seas of Tortuga!" Kouji said with his arms folded.

"Yeah, but this is awesome. We don't get to do this often."

Suddenly JP busted out with a thought provoking sigh. "Let's get going already. I can't wait to see Zoe."

The boys walked out of the dorm room in their outing attire like a group of badasses walking in slow motion.

"Where should we go first?" Takuya asked the guys. Takuya had on a backwards maroon cap complimented by a black shirt with a maroon vest on top of it as well. He wore Khakis along with black shoes with white soles.

"How 'bout your mothers house!" Kouji quipped. The guys laughed at Kouji's remark. Kouji wore a sky blue shirt and a navy collard jacket with black slacks and black shoes.

"Haha, I haven't heard that one in ages!" JP added, snorting like a pig. His attire was pretty simple consisting of a green shirt and blue jeans and brown boots.

"Now now guys. Let's be nice to one another." Kouichi, being the pacifier he was, diffused the situation. He wore a tight purple sweater with a black clingy t shirt on top, khaki pants, and black and white sole sneakers to accompany his attire.

In a few minutes they made it downstairs and met Tommy along the way. He had on a green and white striped shirt, khaki pants, and white sneakers with green soles. He never left his room without his trademark orange mushroom hat.

"Ah sweet. Tommy's here." Takuya said.

"Hey guys. How's it going?" Tommy greeted his older friends. He was a rare sight to see around the rest of the gang due his new location on the campus. Being a junior high student he had to be housed with the under classmen in a separate dorm all together.

Once they got acquainted, they all replied back with their warm greetings. After, they all rushed out the door for the last member of the frontier group, Zoe.


"Buy guys. I'm leaving!" Zoe called out to her roommates as she departed out of her dorm room "224". She wore a cute light-pink tunic with black leggings accentuating her figure, along with white flats on her feet. To top it off she had her white purse clutched underneath her arm and sunglasses upon her radiant face, etched with white frames. She was well dressed over the top and she was ready for anything.

As she stepped on to the front dormitory campus she saw a group of guys hanging around a picnic table meant, for anyone who would like to eat outside on a beautiful day. Sure enough the group of guys was her male friends, waiting for her to make an appearance.

The first one to notice her was none other than JP. His eyes flew from their sockets and his jaw dropped ten feet.

"Wow,Zoe," Kouichi remarked, "You look real nice today."

"Yeah. If I didn't know better I'd say you were going out on a date with one of us." Takuya said, adding to Kouichi's compliment.

"Oh stop it you guys." Zoe blushed as she glanced towards her feet as if that would direct attention away from her face. She tucked a strand of hair behind her ear in the process, unconscious of her actions.

"So who's the lucky guy?" Takuya quipped, making the girl feel even more uncomfortable.

"Stooop it guys. I just wanted to look nice that's all."

"We know. We're just teasing you." Kouichi said.

Meanwhile, JP was having uncontrollable thoughts within himself. "OH MY GOSH! ZOE!" JP jumped from his seat to confront the blond. Her face slightly froze with anxiety.

"I wish I had dress up a little better just for you, heh heh…" JP nervously brushed the back of his neck, showing how ashamed he was of his simple attire in comparison to Zoe's.

"Oh?" Zoe replied, unsure of how to respond.

An awkward pause crept into the atmosphere along with a slight breeze.

"Aaaand leave it to JP to make things awkward. Alright let's go!" Takuya broke the awkward tension as he looked at his imaginary watch on his wrist. He sprung to his feet and adjusted his outfit.

"So where to?" Kouji asked the leader of the group.

"Uuuuh actually I don't know…. I was thinking that maybe you guys had any ideas."

"We could start at the train station. That's where everything begins." Tommy suggested with his eyes closed and his index finger raised in the air like a mathematician coming up with a new theory.


"Next stop, 'Downtown'! " A lethargic voice blared over the train station's intercom. The train station was just like the one from home in Shibuya. The place was boasting with lively people caring on about their business, awaiting their next destination.

The frontier gang stood in front of the railways waiting for the next train to come by.

"This brings back old memories." JP said.

"Yeah like that one time we all got separated at the train station." Tommy reminded.

"Ah, don't remind me. That was as disaster." Kouji replied as she shook his head of the memory. (Dear reader: if you're lost at this comment you should check out my other work: To Grandma's House We Go. That'll explain everything.)

"A disaster indeed." said Kouichi.

As the guys recalled horrendous memories from their past, Zoe caught a glimpse of a sign leading to the underground subway.

"Hey look guys, there's a subway also. Just like the one at home."

"Yeah, but I doubt it could ever take us to the digital world." Kouji replied to Zoe's observation.

The gang suddenly remembered there long missed adventures in the digital world when they were younger. What a joy it was back then.

"Man, its been ages since then. I've pretty much forgotten how that place looked like." JP muttered out loud.

"Yeah." the others said in unison.

Meanwhile, the train came sputtering by with a loud clank against the rails of the road. With its loud hydraulic systems, it came to a soundly stop as one could hear the steam popping from the train.

The metal mechanical doors opened and a flurry passengers left the train while other got on.

"Come on guys." Takuya called out to his friends as he jogged over to one of the trains entrance. He glanced back and noticed Zoe was standing behind him. He gracefully stepped to the side and pointed his hands towards the entrance door like a servant would to his gracious master. "Ladies first."

"Why thank you." Zoe replied as she stepped on board.

After the young lady got on board, Takuya walked right after her, suddenly showing his selfish side. Since the boy skipped in front of Kouji, Kouji shoved him to show his disproval. Of course this was all in fun.


On the train ride towards down town city, the group of young adults stared out the window for the majority of the time, as if they had never seen a city landscape before. The train briskly pasted by a plethora of billboards, grabbing the attention of those that catch a glimpse.

The train finally came to a halt as it stopped in front of Downtown. The gang got off and the journey was about to begin.

All of them walked together in a cluster down the busy sidewalk. They passed by many extravagant buildings.

Tommy noticed a sign outside of a theater titled "It Happened in the Room"! On the sign had a cliché picture of a ghoulish gothic design with an eye lurking from a slit opened door. It was in the dark by the way.

"That looks awesome. I want to see that." Tommy said with excitement.

Takuya and the others glanced at what he was referring to and back at him with disbelief.

"Aren't you a little too young to watch something like that?"

"Nah uh? I watched horror movies all the time with my bigger brother back at home. I can stand the horror. I'm a big boy now."

"I don't know, Tommy…" Takuya trailed off in his sentenced.

"Whats the matter Takuya? You scared?" Kouji quipped, with a snarky smile on the corner of his face.

"Wha-? No! I'm just saying… it looks a little gory for someone as young as Tommy to be watching."

"Oh just admit it. Takuya you scared of a scary movie."

"Wouldn't that be the point?" Takuya shot back, sarcastically.

"Bwaaaaaak bwak bwak bwak bwak bwak bbbbbwak!" JP flung his arms like a chicken, signifying how he felt Takuya was acting.

"Quit that!" Takuya lashed out. He suddenly realized he was defending himself in front of his friends.

"Takuya, it's ok to admit if you get scared easily." Zoe comforted Takuya's shoulder like nurturing mother would to her child.

"That's IT!" Takuya marched off in the direction of the theater's doorway. Behind him, he could hear the laughter of his friends. It was easy to get him to do anything as long as they teased him about it long enough.


(Meanwhile in the theater…)

Sure enough the guys sat down in the same row with their popcorn and drinks, watching the movie, "It Happened in the Room".

JP's loud slurping of his coke, echoed in the half empty theater. Someone in the crowd shunned him.

The twins Kouji and Kouichi watched half interested in the film. To them it wasn't interesting enough.

"You know. Scary movies these days seem to be more about gore and blood instead of actual… you know scaring the pants off the audience."

Meanwhile, Tommy was engrossed with the screen. The display of horror flashing before his eyes did not seem to faze him the slightest.

"How can you sit there and watch this without blinking?" JP asked the little one.

Tommy ignored him and took a handful of popcorn and wolfed it down with a crunching sound.

Takuya on the other hand was squirmy on the inside. He could not put a finger on as to why he was unsettled by the display of grotesque events on the screen while his friends watched without much as a flinch.

As he cringed at every suspenseful scene, Zoe would take some popcorn out of his bucket.

"Hey, I thought you said you didn't want any popcorn." Takuya hissed.

"Yeah…" Zoe whispered back as she crunched on the buttery kernel of deliciousness.

"Then why are you taking some from mine?"

"Because… I still want some." Zoe continued eyeing the screen dodging occasionally due to how captivated she was.

"Then you should have got your own?" Takuya hissed this time with wild eyes.

Suddenly, the entire theater screamed with horror (except Kouji and Kouichi). Takuya screamed the loudest and the longest. It was as if he was possessed by a little school girl that just seen a murder take place. Realizing how embarrassing his predicament was he quickly clamped his hand around his mouth hoping that would trap any escaping noise that had already been heard by his peers.

He looked to his left and right and noticed the peculiar looks. He was not going to escape the harassment after the movie.


After the movie the clique was once again on the sidewalks, roaming the streets to see what they could attend next.

Above them, a flock of birds squawked and screeched above them as they passed by.

"Those birds are annoying…" Kouichi said as he looked above at the sky. He knew better than to look up at a flock of birds for one does not know when a bird may drop its droppings on innocent bystanders below.

"Yeah, if they were any louder they might sound like Takuya screaming like a little girl."

The group instantly burst out laughing at Takuya's expense.

"Dammit, I knew you guys would not let that one go."

"I sorry, Takuya. Did you say something. Maybe if you screamed like a girl I could here you." JP joked, while the other snorted at his remark.

Takuya snarled under his breath. " You guys are just jealous."

"Jealous? Jealous of what?" Kouji wondered.

Takuya took a second to respond. "I don't know…. But you guys just are."

The guys continued laughing, uninterrupted by Takuya's irrational reasoning.

"OK you guys. Leave him alone," Zoe butted in Takuya's behalf. Takuya was relieved by her good deed. It was so comforting to his self-worth.

"I mean so what if he sounds like me when he's screaming." Zoe went on, only to inadvertently ridicule the goggle head. The others went another round of laughter. Her comment tickled them another shade of red.

Meanwhile, Takuya marched off without them. He was above there nonsense.

"Hey, Takuya come back. We were only kidding!"

"Yeah we promise we won't make fun of you anymore."

Takuya knew they were only stalling for the moment he least expected the insults, but he forgave them just for the moment with a bitter sigh.


"Ah, so what do we do now?" Kouichi wondered. The gang had been walking the streets of downtown for an hour admiring the surroundings and window shopping.

"Yeah, we've been roaming the streets for some time now." Takuya added.

Tommy and JP glanced over at an arcade arena across the street. The flashy neon lights caught there attention, like casino lights in a Las Vegas setting. It was massive for an arcade arena.

"How bout over there?" JP and Tommy pointed at the building.

"Hey, that place looks cool. Let's check it out." Takuya said as he adjusted his goggles on his forehead (they just magically appeared I guess).

Zoe disapproved with a sigh, sucking her teeth. She finally took the shades off her eyes and placed them in her cleavage. "I don't want to go in there?"

"Why not it will be fun?" Takuya insisted, but Zoe placed her hands on her hips, defiantly.

"For you guys it will, but I'm going to be bored."

"What? That's crazy talk. How could you be bored in a place like that?"

"Yeah?" Kouichi chimed in.

Zoe pouted as she stared at the short hair twin.

Takuya realized he had to make her happy somehow. "Fine, how 'bout we check this place out and afterwards we go to a place you'll like? Eh?"

Zoe sighed again, but this time it was with a passive attitude. "Fine. I guess. But remember you said that OK?"

"Of course..." Takuya knew he would regret that promise.


Inside the arcade center, there were many adolescents duking it out on the fighting and racing arcade machines.

"This place is paradise!" Tommy shouted as he ran off to the nearest available fighting arcade system.

"You said it!" JP yelled as he followed Tommy to the same gaming station so they could duke it out.

"Look at those two." Kouji said under his breath but to the point the other could hear it, "Especially JP. He's too grown to be playing such childish games."

"Oh yeah?" Kouichi interrupted "Well I challenge you to a game!" He glanced around the area and spotted two virtual racing seats behind him. "Over there we shall race to the finish."

"What? That's crazy. I don't do racing games."
"So do you decline my challenge? Ha! How cowardly of you." Kouichi tossed is bangs to the side in an arrogant fashion as if he was disappointed his brothers choice of actions.

Meanwhile, Zoe and Takuya watched the twins bicker with disbelief and amusement.

"Fine! I accept, but you going to wish you never challenged me in first place." Kouji cracked his knuckles and tugged his coat. He was now pumped up as both the twins marched off to the racing simulator.

This now left Takuya and Zoe alone together. They both avoided eye contact at first before they finally looked at each other. It seemed that they still remembered the events that happened between them not too long ago which made the moment awkward.

"So… what do you want to do?" Takuya asked Zoe, with an unsure tone. She was passively looking the other way when she answered, "Nothing."

"Ah, come on there's got to be something you want to do?"

She faced the goggle head with a stern look. "I want to get out of here. That's what I want to do."

They both chuckled at the remark, due to how witty it was. It became silent between them once again for another minute.

Takuya realized he had to do something quick, or the remainder of the time spent would be them just standing next to each other doing nothing.

The boy spotted an air hockey station they could play till it was time to go.

"Hey, how about we play some air hockey?"

"I don't-" before the girl could decline, she felt a tug on her arm as Takuya pulled her along.

"Come on. It will be fun."

The girl slightly blushed at the suddenness of his action. "O-ok?"

At the station the boy held the puck in front of him displaying it to Zoe. " You know how to play right?"

"Of course I do…" the girl rolled up her sleeves and tied her hair back in a ponytail. For a brief second, Takuya did not know what got a hold of him. Even though he saw Zoe as an attractive girl, there just something about her putting her hair in a ponytail that made his heart skip a beat.

"Come on I'm ready!" the girl said, waiting for Takuya to serve the puck.

He snapped out of his daze and placed the puck on the slick surface of the hockey arena. "Alright. Get ready. Don't think I'll go easy on you because you're a girl."

"Oh please don't…" Zoe said sarcastically.

Takuya smirked back and shot the puck violently. It skid towards Zoe's goal with easy and went through. The boy smirked and nodded his head with affirmation. Zoe however was not so pleased. She took the puck and shot it herself, but Takuya was too quick and snapped it back at her. Before she realized it, it went into her goal once again.

"Aw yeah!" Takuya clenched his fist. Zoe pouted her lips. She disapproved.

"Two and 'O'." Takuya said, emphasizing the fact he was winning."

"OK. Come back down to earth. You haven't won yet. It's the first to seven." Zoe informed the boy as she removed the bangs from her eyes. Perhaps that was what was distracting her. She grabbed the puck once again and served it with passive aggression. Takuya read her move like an open strategy book and knocked it back at an angle into her goal. He made it look so easy.

"I can do this all day ya know?" Takuya was arrogant with his words as he popped a toothy grin.

"Shut up." Zoe replied. She had enough of his nonsense. In all reality, she did not care anything about the game, but the fact Takuya was gloating like a loud sports fanatic made her want to put him in his place. This game just got serious.


The light and friendly nature of the match quickly, vanished as it grew more competitive with each win from Takuya. It was now 6-0. Takuya was winning by a landslide, and Zoe had nothing on her end to show for it.

"You know Zoe. We could call it a match. I don't want to see you like this. After all, you didn't want to play." As concerning as that sounded from Takuya, Zoe knew he was only adding salt to a gaping wound.

"Yeah right. I want to play this to the end." She hunkered down and placed the puck on the hockey surface.

Takuya smirked and got ready to defend. "Alright. Suit yourself."

With all of Zoe's energy she focused on her next and last stand against Takuya's wailing and overwhelming offense. She swung the puck with all her might as she yelled a battle cry like a mighty warrior.

It obliterated Takuya's defenses as it landed in his goal. For a minute the boy was speechless. "Eh? Not bad?"

"Hmph." Zoe sounded with triumph. She finally made a goal and that was not her only one soon to come.

She made two more shots before Takuya began to worry. "OK. OK. You just got lucky that's all."

"Oh really?" Zoe replied as she tossed her blond hair to the side like a model with exaggeration. Now Zoe was the one becoming overconfident.

The match was a gruesome and an intensive one as Zoe continued scoring on Takuya to the point they were tied up. Takuya was astounded by the comeback and a crowd was starting to gather around them. A bunch of kids were intrigued by the match up and wanted to see who would win.

Takuya's eyes darted around. The pressure increased with each eye set on him knowing if he screwed this up he would never live it down for the rest of his days.

He placed the puck on the table ready to serve. As he looked over at Zoe, his mind started playing tricks on him. Suddenly a mysterious wind blew around Zoe, causing her hair to flutter around like supermodel. Takuya shook his head vehemently, shaking the thought out of his head. He glanced at Zoe again and this time she seemed to be striking a pose with one arm hugging herself and the other seductively pointing her finger in her mouth. She was attractive more than EVER before.

"Are you going to serve or not?" Zoe asked.

Takuya snapped out of his trance only to see an irritated Zoe waiting for him.

"Oh…" the boy regained his composure and served the puck. It flew over to Zoe's side but she knocked it back in Takuya's court. This went on and on for an intense minute until one of them would have to win. Takuya decided to use his "Forbidden Move Technique". As the puck sailed towards him, he took a step back and spun around before he served the next puck with a tremendous velocity. There was no way Zoe would guard this. But unfortunately, she surely did by accident and yet she did not know. The crowd around them "Ohed" in unison at such an occurrence. Zoe seeing her chance knocked it back towards Takuya from an angle. Takuya was still recovering from his spin attack and misread the move as the puck sank into his goal. The spectators around them uproared with cheers and jeers. Takuya had been beaten by the now exuberant Zoe.


"So how does it feel to lose… to moi, a girl?" Zoe rubbed it in Takuya face outside the arcade.

"I don't want to talk about. Besides… I let you win."

"Sure… right." Zoe mocked as she placed her shades back on. She patted the boy on the back for good effort.

The rest of the gang was around the two as they heard this news.

"Ahahahahah!" JP outburst in laughter.

"Hoyhoyhoyhoyoooo!" Tommy giggled.

"It just isn't your day is it, Takuya." Kouji said, with a condescending attitude.

After they ridiculed Takuya some more, they realized they had one more place to go. Zoe reminded the boys of her deal with Takuya and decided now was the time to cash in.

"Since we went to a place you guys like, now it's time to go to a place I would enjoy."

"Please don't let it be the mall" all the guys thought in their head.

"I hope it's the cheese cake factory," JP thought in his head, with a grin on his face. How naïve.


All the guys were at the downtown mall behind Zoe as she shouted at the top of her lungs, "The mall!"

"Dammit Takuya. See what you did?" Kouji hissed in earshot of Takuya. The goggle boy did not have a response.

"Don't worry you guys. We're only going to look at some stuff." Zoe smiled as she skipped on the ceramic tiles of the extravagant mall.

"You say that now, but just you wait…" Takuya muttered.


After checking out every outlet in the mall, the gang came across one clothing shop, Forever 22. Zoe liked an outfit in the window and figured she'd go inside to check it out.

"Hey, hey, hey! What are you doing?" Takuya exclaimed. The rest of the guys agreed with his feelings.

"I'm going inside. I saw something I like."

"Ah man. You here that guys. She saw something she likes. Brace yourself she's bringing the whole store with her." Kouji quipped.

"YOU guys are unbelievable." Zoe replied as she continued inside.

"Ah come on you guys. It's not that big a deal, sheesh. Zoe, wait for me." JP jogged right behind the girl. The rest of them followed, reluctantly.

Tommy looked around him and saw nothing but women's clothing.

"Nothing-but-girls-clothing-everywhere." Tommy was hyperventilating, "This is no man's land. I must get air!" Tommy leaped out of the store.

"What's his problem?" everyone wondered.


After waiting for Zoe to try on different outfits, the fellows were aching for something else to do other than sit around. Zoe finished paying for her new clothes and handed them to JP to carry. He of course did not contest with her decision.

The gang scrambled their way outside of the mall, into the city streets. It was the evening as the golden sun set in the distance. It was time to head back to their dorms which their bodies ached so much for. They got on the next train back home, just moments away from ending the day.


"Well that was fun for the most part," said Kouichi. It was the most he said all day.

"It sure was." Tommy added.

"Easy for you guys to say. I'm the one holding all this stuff." JP complained as held layers of bags in each hand. Zoe shot him a quick stern look.

"Ah, but it's not like I don't mind heh-heh." He quickly rephrased his statement so that he did not upset Zoe.

"We should hang out more often." Takuya said as he straightened his cap and goggles.

"Yeah, I highly doubt we may ever get a chance like this again." Kouji replied to Takuya's statement.

At a slow pace they came by the school's park up ahead. It looked different in the evening sunlight, than it did during the day. It was pleasant just as well as welcoming.

The gang glanced at each other before they made their way over to the park, as if they needed reassurance from one another. They figured they might as well have fun on the equipment. It's not like they have much fun every day.

(BGM: Change of Seasons, by Sweet Thing)

Kouichi and Zoe got on the swings while Takuya and Kouji stood and watched. JP sat on the bench while Tommy slid down the slide. It was not long before Takuya saw an opportunity to mess with Zoe for winning their air hockey game earlier. He came up from behind her and grabbed the swing and pushed it further than she intended. It was unexpected as she shrieked, but Takuya continued pulling and pushing Zoe's swing.

"S-stop it Takuya!" the girl pleaded.

"Hey, don't make me come over there and whoop yo ass!" JP threatened Takuya.

The goggle boy eventually stopped, but not because of JP's empty threat. As Zoe came to a stop she slapped Takuya across the arm.

"Ouch." The boy exclaimed. He rubbed his arm, even though it did not heart.

"Oh stop. You know that didn't heart."

Meanwhile, Kouji watched the two bicker. "Do you guys need a room?"

With flustered faces they insisted otherwise.

The rest of the evening they hung out at the park, enjoying each other's presence with laughters and memories. This was going to be one of the only times they could do this since their high school life would dominate their everyday life. But it was in these moments they could still cling onto adolescence as adulthood crept around the corner.

(Ending Song: Change of Seasons, by Sweet Thing)


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