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Finding Your Way

Chapter 21: Everything's Normal

A few weeks later the brotherhood had still done nothing to try and show the X-Men who were boss. It was another normal Saturday morning where everyone was practicing their powers; some people were inside the danger room with Mason. Some were inside the forest with John and Sarah and some were practicing with other students just outside the house such as Charlotte, Pip and Logan.

Logan was helping with Charlotte's powers while Pip was pretending to be one of the guards blocking Charlotte from a certain part of the feild.

"AND GO!" Shouted Logan, Charlotte dodged chunks of ice being thrown at her from Logan. One nearly hit her in the head and she had to used her telekinesis to stop it. She looked at Logan

"You nearly hurt me"

"Hey, I'm not me at the moment. Think me as one of the brotherhood guys"

"Alright" Said Charlotte, rolling her eyes.

"I saw that"

"I don't care, lets get on with this" Charlotte did a carwheel and started running towards Pip. Once she reached Pip they started one on one combat. When Pip was getting tired out Charlotte phased through her and ran towards the building and Logan used his ice to carry him to Charlotte who was now laying on the ground.

"That was good" Said Logan

"Thanks" Replied Charlotte "You okay Pip?" She said when Pip finally made her way over to them

"I guess so. That was very tiring"

"Here, have some water" Said Logan, handing her a bottle of water. They sat their and started talking, well that was until Kieran and Josh came outside arguing.

"Oh no, not again" Sighed Charlotte, putting her head into her hands

"WHAT? What is it?" Asked Pip

"Every now and then Kieran and Josh get into this huge argument. Which is mostly about Kieran, Josh and Darren."

"I'm sorry I don't understand" Said Logan

"Kieran and Josh have been together for ages, but before they were together Kieran was with Darren Criss..."

"Darren from the brotherhood?" Asked Logan

"Yes, before Darren was an brotherhood, he was a X-Man, hard to believe I know."

"So what happened?" Asked Pip

"Basically Darren was helping the brotherhood and Josh found out about it told Kieran and they broke up. Josh and Darren never liked each other and never will. I'm pretty sure Kieran still has feelings for Darren but I think he loves Josh more"

"So explain why they are fighting" Said Logan

"I have no idea but I have a feelings it's to do with Josh and Darren fighting over Kieran the whole time. It's kind of like Colin and Justin over me. When he was here"

"I thought you were over that" Said Pip

"IT'S HARD!" Replied Charlotte

"We know Charlotte" Said Logan putting his arm around Charlotte

"So what do we do" Said Pip

"Nothing, we just sit and wait" Replied Charlotte

"Why are you having a go at me, it should be him!" Shouted Kieran

"Because you have feelings for him"

"No I do not"

"Oh yeah, what to prove it"




"I'M NOT!"

"Oh yeah, then why are you still shouting?"

"I'm not"

"Well, not anymore"


"Josh, I have told you about million times that I don't love Darren anymore"

"Then why is he still trying to break us up?"

"I have no idea. It's Darren"

"Good point. BUT STILL!"

"Look Josh, breathe in and out" Josh done that

"I have no feelings for him and I will never do"

"Are you sure about that"

"Yes Josh, I'm sure. You have always had my heart and you always will"

"Okay, oh look its Charlotte, Logan and Pip. Let's go and say hi" Said Josh, who grabbed Kieran's hand and dragged him over to them.

"Are you done?" Asked Emily

"No. I want my homework to be perfect" Answered Rupert

"Rupert, it's fine" Said Laura

"You don't know that. You are not a teacher"

"Rupert, we are all bored" Said Tom as he walked over to them after reading a book

"Training would be more fun that this" Replied Emily

"Then go and train. I'm doing my homework and nothing you can do can stop me"

"Oh you wanna bet?" Asked Emily, Rupert looked over at Emily

"I'm done"

"FINALLY!" Shouted Laura

"Lets go" Said Tom

A few hours later, people were just hanging out after doing their Saturday training. Charlotte was outside with Pip and Josh doing their homework, well that was until everyone came running outside.

"GUYS!" Shouted Josh

"What?" Asked Tom

"We're kind of working here" Answered Pip

"Who cares!" Said Kieran

"And I thought you were changing" Replied Charlotte

"We have bigger problems to deal with" Said Rupert

"Like what?" Asked Josh

"Him" Answered Laura, pointing over to Zack Wood, who was walking up to them. Professor J, Mason, Sarah and John ran out.

"What is going on here?" Asked Mason

"I've come to join the X-Men" Answered Zack

"Lets go inside" Whispered Professor J, everyone went inside

"You think he is...?" Said Logan

"What joining the X-Men?" Asked Jamie, Logan nodded "I have no idea"

"Why are you here?" Asked Logan, staring at Zack

"Because I want to join the X-Men" Answered Zack

"And why is that?" Asked Josh, glaring at Zack

"Because I hate being a brotherhood member, they don't even like me that much. I'm not a bad person at all" Said Zack, Charlotte looked at him

"He's tell the truth" Replied Mason and Kieran reading this mind. Charlotte turned round and looked at Mason and Kieran


"But it's fun" Whined Kieran

"Not for other people" Said Emily, annoyed

"Why are you annoyed?" Asked Tom

"Kieran read my mind the other day" Answered Emily

"KIERAN!" Shouted Charlotte

"I was bored"

"Stop reading people's minds" Said Pip, looking at Kieran, he glared at her and she hid behind Charlotte

"So will you let stay here and become a X-Man?" Asked Zack

"No, Professor J don't let him" Said Rupert

"You know what he did to us" Replied Laura

"Yeah but I've changed"

"Yea well I don't see any improvement" Said Tom

"I have" Replied Emily

"So have I" Agreed Kieran

"KIERAN! EMILY!" Shouted Josh and Tom

"He has through" Said Emily

"I haven't known Zack long but I know that from what you have told me and what I have seen that he has changed." Said Charlotte

"Oh yeah, name something" Replied Josh

"Well you said when me, Laura, Tom and Rupert got kidnapped that he helped try and find me" Said Charlotte

"Yeah so" Muttered Josh

"He also help us try and find Mason, Josh and Kieran" Said Emily, Charlotte nodded

"Yeah, but" Said Laura

"Give him a chance" Replied Charlotte

"That is all I ask. I want to prove and show you that I have changed" Said Zack

"Fine, we will give you a chance" Said Kieran

"Very well" Replied Professor J "Laura show him to one of the spare rooms"

"Why me?"

"Because I said so" And Laura and Zack walked off

"I'm still not happy about him being here" Muttered Rupert

"Give him a chance" Whispered Emily, touching his shoulder and then walking away. Jamie, Charlotte, Logan and Pip walked outside to enjoy the rest of the day in the sun.