Some people are normal. Some people are special and get noticed, like celebrities. Or you could be like me. And trust me, I am not normal.

I grew up as your average kid does, apart from being adopted when I was 4, but I have no memory of what happened of my life before, but things changed when I was 16. I was going to my school disco, like every ordinary kid did and my life has never been the same since.

My best friend, James, had finally persuaded me to go, I had never gone before since I didn't like the thought of a disco, with loud music and girls wearing as little as possible, the thought made me feel ill. To add to my misery, Miriam, the most popular and, in my opinion, the nastiest girl in school would no doubt be there. I don't know how James persuaded me to go. Most people could never say no to James, he was always the top of his class and the most handsome (and fittest) boy in school, with his dark brown hair, ice blue eyes and strong jaw line. Miriam always tried to get him to go out with her, but he wasn't interested in her or any other girl. My parents always said I'd eventually get married to him and we'd always make 'yuck' faces at them. People often thought we were going out, but we weren't, I could never go out with James, he was too much like a brother to me and he felt the same way.

I hadn't done anything special to get ready for that night, like most girls did. I had just put on my red Doc Martens, a dress and dragged a brush through my ash brown hair. James was waiting for me by the school gates, "Amelia Rose Knightley. I have been waiting here half an hour, where have you been? I know you haven't been getting ready all that time." he said gesturing to my normal, everyday clothes, I rolled my eyes, "It isn't like you've been out shopping for a special outfit all day!" He grinned and then grabbed my hand and pulled me into the disco.

It was dark, loud, busy and oppressive. All the things I hated. All the reasons why I hadn't gone before. Halfway through the night, I went to get a drink, it was starting to get really stuffy and all the people were beginning to crush me. As I walked to the drinks table I knocked into someone, "You IDIOT!" I closed my eyes at the familiar shriek of Miriam and waited for the slap that would no doubt follow. It did and it still stung, even though I had felt the pain countless times before. When I opened my eyes, I saw Miriam standing in front of me, fury personified, her two cronies, Chloe and Amy, were scowling along with her. Their dresses, if you could call them dresses, had extremely little material and I wondered how they got into them as they were so very tight. Miriam looked at me loathingly with her black pebble eyes that most boys found attractive, but I found disconcerting and then, surprisingly, she walked away to a group of boys who were standing in group by the drinks table, where my destination was. I saw her flick her hair and the boys sighed as they breathed the scent of her shampoo and then she got to work. She turned round and pointed at, all the time talking animatedly about something that the boys evidently found hilarious. I scowled, no doubt she was making up some story that made me into a fool. Suddenly, James was beside me, "Are you alright?" He said, bending my head gently to see if she had hurt me, "Yeah, I am, thanks James." But I wasn't, I was fed up of Miriam ruling my life and slapping me for existing. I felt a surge of anger hit me with a force not unlike what I would imagine being hit with a tidal wave was like. The next thing I did, I couldn't help, I stretched out my hand and willed the bowl of punch to spill over Miriam's not-quite dress.

And it did.

The people around her yelped and jumped away from her as she gave an ear-piercing scream and I gave a little gasp. James immediately pulled me outside, "What on earth was that!" He said in a worried whisper, he looked freaked. I was feeling freaked. "I don't know! I just got angry and stretched out my hand and viola!" I snapped my fingers, "It was all over her!" James looked like he wanted to be anywhere rather than here, "You expect me to believe you threw the punch all over her with nothing but sheer force!" He exploded, "Amelia! I am NOT an idiot! Things like that don't happen!" He took me by the arms and started shaking me, "You did not do that. You didn't pour that punch all over Miriam with nothing but force." He sounded like he was trying to convince himself, I tried to squirm out of his hold, "James! Let GO!" I said with a shove. He let go of me and he looked like he had an idea, "Amelia. Do you believe that you did that?" I nodded my head firmly, "I don't BELIEVE I did, I KNOW I did." His expression turned smug, "Ok then. Prove it." I felt crest-fallen that he was treating me this way. I knew I couldn't do it again, I was feeling drained after all the emotion and wanted to go home and crawl underneath my cover and never come out again.

"James. I know I did it. I can't do it again though, I'm feeling so tired and I just want to go home!" I said, starting to cry. Why wouldn't he understand me? I had a sudden, horrible, thought, "James? I'm not crazy? Am I?" I asked, horror stricken.

James gave me a look that told me that that was exactly what he thought, "James! Take me home right now! Please!" I said desperately, clutching at his broad chest. I felt faint, like I was going to be sick and I needed my parents. He took my hands and disentangled them from his sweater, "Mia. If you think that I am going to take you home then you've got another thing coming. If you're crazy, then how do I know you're not going to pull me down some dark alleyway and murder me!"

I wondered how the argument had gone from pouring a jug of punch down Miriam to murdering James in a dark alleyway, "Jamie!" I cried, using my nickname for him that I only used when we got into a fight, "I'm not going to MURDER you! How could you even THINK that! THAT is crazy!"

James shook his head, beginning to walk back to the school building, "Later, Mia."

I felt angry tears streaming down my face. How could he do this to me? Or more importantly, what was happening to me? Oddly, I didn't feel too shocked or disturbed about what I had done. I mean, of course I felt shocked and freaked, but not terrified. I wiped the tears from my eyes and started to walk wearily home.