Prompt: reindeer
character: fredii
extra prompt: lost

Sometimes, he wishes he knew his namesake. He wishes he knew who he was, instead of just the old stories he gets to rarely hear because his dad doesn't like talking about those days. It hurts too much, he say.

Fred knows his father feels lost without his twin, and he doesn't blame him – he'd feel the same way if Roxy died.

But, it's Christmas time and he just wants to be happy. So he walks around with a muggle headband with reindeer antlers on it and sings random Christmas songs, and his dad smiles.

"Let me tell you a story about when I was in Hogwarts," he says with a ghost of a smile, and Fred grins too, because he's done his job.

And okay, sometimes, he hates his family. Sometimes, he wishes he could run far, far away from them. He wishes he could be anywhere but here, sometimes.

But other times, like this time, he just feels plain lucky to have a family. Especially the one he has.

And he wouldn't trade them for the world.