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The September Before the Last


I can still hear their screams of terror, none of them knowing what to do. All their chances of escape are basically lost. Heh…sucks to be them. Since their little 'tantrum', they've come back inside. They should be safe for a while…I think? I have no idea where they've gone too. I guess it's time I paid a better visit too tonight's game…

I've located their hiding place in Dr. Ryan's room. Defiantly NOT the best place to be hiding. Its way too fucking easy! I walked up slowly to the door, the icy floor sending chills up my bare feet. I made a couple of rapping sounds at the door. First thing I hear is a shrill girls voice yell " STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM US!" Enough to make me stand back. The door knob is locked, so I used my voice instead. "Help…me…" No way could they ignore the sound of someone suffering. If they do then… their just heartless assholes.