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This little story wormed itself into my head and Khan-like made me write it.

If it gives you a couple of minutes of enjoyment it will have been worthwhile. :-)






In the kingdom of Lawrencia, life went on as usual.

The inhabitants smiled as they went about their daily business.

The people were not rich but they had all that they needed for their daily lives, and as they

passed under the Castle walls they thanked God that they were blessed with a King and

Queen who had always shown concern for their subjects, making sure that every-one was

happy and well-treated.



The Rulers of Lawrencia were unique, for the other kingdoms that bordered on

theirs were badly ruled, and the unfortunate peasants who lived there, miserably treated

and wretched.



In the Great Hall of the Castle, the Royal Family was gathered around the enormous oak

table that dominated the tapestry-bedecked chamber.

King John and Queen Mary sat at the table-heads while their two sons, the Princes Dean

and Samuel at each side.


The Queen was renowned throughout the land for her great beauty and graciousness and

the King for his wisdom and fairness.

The two Princes were fiercely loved by all the populace who had watched them grow from

two beautiful children to the two most handsome and courageous young men in the


Prince Dean was the elder, 22 years old, tall and strong, with beautiful green eyes

that had made many a maiden's heart flutter, while the younger, Samuel, 18 years of

age had overtaken his older brother in height, a fact that he never forgot to teasingly

remind his brother of.

Samuel was known throughout the land for his gentle and courtly ways, and for his love of

books and science, and he eagerly welcomed to Court all those who could expand that

knowledge with new ideas and inventions.

Both Princes were well-versed in all the arts of weaponry and both excelled in swordsmanship.

Dean was also a crack-shot with the cross-bow while Samuel preferred the knife, his favourite

being an oriental dagger with a wickedly serrated blade, brought as a gift from a far-off land

to one of his ancestors.


The young men trained every morning with their weapons-master and instructor Sir Robert

Singer who had coached them in the use of arms and in horsemanship since they were


He loved the Princes with a devotion as strong as that of the King and Queen.

His wife, the Lady Ellen, who superintended the smooth running of the Castle, doted

on them, spoiling them with tit-bits whenever she could, although by the other members of

the household she was feared for her awesome wrath.

One would imagine that the two young Princes would have grown arrogant and haughty

but they were the kindest and most humble of men.



"Dean," spoke the Queen to her elder son, "I know you don't want me to bring this up,

but it's time for you to seriously think about choosing a wife and providing heirs for

the family."

"Oh, Mother, no more please! You have paraded so many young women before me, but I

couldn't imagine myself spending the rest of my life with any of them!"


He looked over to his brother who was grinning from ear to ear, enjoying his sibling's

discomfort at their mother's words.


"Don't laugh too much Sammy, before long you'll be the one getting this

treatment," snarked Dean.

"No, no, no, Dean, you're the eldest and heir to the throne, you have to marry and beget

sons. I can marry at leisure and pick whoever I want, or not marry at all," grinned back Sam.


"Boys," the gruff voice of their father broke in. "Dean, it's your duty to take a wife and

continue our line, and you Sam, stop teasing your brother for your time will come soon



His father's words wiped the smile from Sam's face as he remembered what Dean had

had to endure with the endless parading of simpering young princesses brought in for his

appraisal, and he exchanged looks with his brother. "This marrying thing sucks, Dean"

"Yeah," was the silent answer.



Having taken leave of their parents, the two boys made their way to the stables where

the head Huntsman Caleb had their horses ready for the afternoon ride.

"Good Day, m'boys, your mounts are champing at the bit ready for the open road."

There was no disrespect in Caleb's tone, the Princes had long ago insisted that all at the

Castle treat them no differently from all the other young men, and so it had been.


The only one who still insisted on their royal title was their Tutor and Language teacher,

Master James Murphy, who still followed their education in the Sciences and Arts, and

who was now approaching at top speed, a thick tome under his arm and his black cloak



"Come on, Sam, before he drags us to that extra Latin lesson he's been talking about!"

"Dean, I like Latin and just because you don't...!"

"Come on," Dean repeated, earning himself a right royal bitchface from Sam, but he

mounted his horse along with Dean and both were out and across the drawbridge before

Master James entered the stables.

"Too late," grinned Caleb " perhaps you'll manage

that Latin lesson tomorrow!, Ser James!"


The townsfolk smiled fondly as they caught sight of the young Princes riding along the old

castle road at break-neck speed.

They knew that when Dean became King, nothing would change, for he loved his subjects

as much , if not more, than his father King John.



The boys rode to their favourite spot, a wooded glade which had the added bonus of a

small lake, a lake in which they had been taught to swim by Sir Robert.

He believed the Princes should become proficient in everything that they could, and up till now

they had absorbed all that they had been taught like two sponges.


It was a beautiful summer's day.

They stripped down and threw themselves into the lake, silently enjoying the warm

embrace of the water and each other's company.

They swam its length to the other bank and lay down side by side on the soft grass,

falling asleep while the sun caressed their strong young bodies with her friendly rays.

The two slept on, unaware that when they awoke, the world they had known would be

no more.