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Third Time's the Charm

Chapter 1

"Marriage isn't as easy as it looks"

"We can't find a heart beat…"

"What do you mean you can't find a heart beat! I'm pregnant you prick!"

"Miss, you need to lie back down please." The muggle healer advised. "Someone sedate this woman…"

39.5 Weeks earlier…

"Here are the charts for your last patient today, Healer Abbott." I said as I saw Hannah walk by my desk. After Albus turned a year old, I started to apply for work part time at different Healer offices, and ended up with a part time Healer Assistant Job a St. Mungo's. I work every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 9 in the morning to 4:30 in the afternoon on hourly wage, and I love it until crazy witches realize who I am and freak out and make a big deal as 'Harry Potter's wife is my healer!'. Then I have to be reassigned, and I just get frustrated.

With James turning three this past April, and Albus' first birthday last week, I decided that I, for my sanity, could start another job to get myself out of the house now since almost all of my family is working. My mother and Andromeda watch my boys while I am away. I worked to hard for this job just to let it go to my training go to waste.

"You really want to go back to work?" Harry asked as I took the bib off a sleeping Albus from his highchair.

"Mummy look! I drew another seeker! Can we put this on the fridge too?" James came running towards me.

"Let me see! Oh James, Its wonderfull! Go show daddy!" I smiled to my son. James talking skills have grown rapidly over the past year. He is very intiligent.

"That's great! We should give this one to Mammie, since we have so many already on the fridge. I think she would like it." Harry replied.

"Okay!" and James ran back into the sitting room to continue is coloring.

Harry looked at me again, and sipped form his cup. "Well?"

"Yes I want to be back at work doing something..."

"But you don't want to be back with the Holly's?"

"I would love to be back on the team, but I've been too out of shape to join back. I've been out of practice for almost four years now…I will when the boys get older." Plus I can't seem to loose the last of the baby weight I put on with Albus, but Harry doesn't need to know that.

"But sweetie, Healer Assistant? Wouldn't you be happy doing something with quidditch?" Harry sat forward more in his chair, and I folded my arms and leand against the counter.

"I spent all that time going through training while pregnant with Albus, I'm not going to let it go to waste."

"But we don't need the money." This is true. Neither Harry and I ever need to work again…ever. When Harry turned twenty, he inherited the last of the Previl estate and money, since it was left to his father. We sold that house. He also has all the Black family money because Sirius left it all to him. Plus through all the attention, we get free meals half the time we walk out the door, even through we insist to pay, Harry and I both are sponsord for quidditch, Harry has two books out, and used to teach a few classes before we were married. Money is never an issue for and of the "Golden Trio", but All of them work anyways. Why?

Busy work, and it shows the public that we are not big mooches. Also it gives us an outlet, and yes indeed I need an outlet. With Teddy, Albus, and James all day, its starting to make me frustrated often. Simply because I don't get out of the house.

"I know. I just need to be with audults more…"

Harry sighed and looked at me. Then at Albus, then back to me. He stood up and wrapped me in his arms.

"As you wish."

"I wasn't asking for your permission Mr. Potter, simply for your thoughts…." I smiled back at him.

"I love you Mrs. Potter."

And then he kissed me.

"So it wouldn't bother you if I start to look for work?" I asked as I broke the kiss.

"Of course not, it wouldn't be full time would it?"

"No, there isnt' a chance I can be away from my family all the time like you do!" I said playfully.

"Ouch Gin. That was low." I winked at my husband, and unwond myself from his arms. Because if we both stayed this was, I feared that we would end up making love here on our kitchen table with both of our sons present.

I looked up to see that Albus let his head hit the tray of the highchair, putting potato and tiny pieces of roast in his hair; still asleep.

o.O six weeks later…

"Well its official." Harry said to me about a week later.

"What?" I was coloring with James while trying to get Al to at least eat something…I fear that people will think I am mistreating my son for how skinny he is compared to when James was little.

"Hermione is going to kill Ron." He sat down at the table next to me.

I laughed. "what did that git do now?"

Harry sighed. "well, yesterday while at work, Ron and I went to visit Hermione in her department, and she had this really awesome security globe in her office. Well Ron spilled his tea all over her open planner trying to look at this bulb." I gasped. "And when Ron tried to fix it as I watched the door for Hermione, he ended up catching her entire desk on fire."

"Oh My Merlin. What did Mione do?" I put down the crayon. "She looked at me then at her desk, then to Ron, and then back to the desk, then walked out."

"Oh, that's not good at all."

"I owled Ron this morning to see if we were still going to play quidditch today, and he said that Mione wouldn't talk to him all night, just tended to Rose. And that he wasn't aloud to leave the house today."

"I'm going to miss my brother…" I giggled a little. That explains why Hermione didn't talk to me at all last night.

"Poor bloke. I knew we should've waited for Hermione and ask her what it did…"


So, Harry and I spent our Saturday entertaining our kids. It was quite warm, so Harry brought Teddy, Victoire, Dom, Fred, and the twins, Molly and Lucy, over for some summer fun. We set up some sprinklers and water toys for them to play under. Bill and Harry also made sure to put up a UV ray spell to protect the children's skin.

I tried to owl Mione to see what's going on, but I got no response. I find that rude of her, but also I can understand. Harry and Ron shouldn't have been playing in her office in the first place.

As I sat and watched my nieces and nephews, I looked to Albus. He was a boy. James was too. But Bill had two girls, Percy has twin girls, George and Angela are expected to have their daughter any day now, Ron and Mione have a girl, but all I have a boys. A minor sting of jealousy hits a little as a look at my sons. Now do not go judge me, I love my boys with all of my heart, they are my life and reason for living, but I kind of wish I had a girl…


After finally getting Albus to sleep in his room up stairs, I checked to see if James was still sleeping in his big wizard bed. He was. I still did an escape proof charm so he couldn't get out, just incase.

I walked down the stairs to our master bedroom, which is on the main floor next to the door. Harry and I built it this was to protect our family, or know if one of our children try to sneak out. Harry was in bed, watching the muggle television. I have been waiting all day to tell him my what I've decided.

I stripped out of my clothes, and decided to put on a pair of his boxers, and put on a tank top to sleep in. This is normal for us, but I still caught him checking me out. Yep. 5 years of marriage, and I still got it. I smirked and crawled into bed. But instead of getting under the covers with Harry, I sat on top of them and wrapped my arms around his neck, and started to kiss his ear.

"Yes?" he chuckled to me and turned off the TV. I smiled back and crawled on him, so I was straddling his lap. I continued my kisses down his jaw before I made it to his mouth. He eagerly accepted, and pulled me closer deepening the kiss. He ran his hands up and down the inside of my shirt, clinging to me even more. "Mmm." He mumbled as he bit and nipped his way down my neck. I moaned as well.. I closed my eyes and threw my head back so he had better access.

"I want a girl." I moaned to him as he feasted on the sensitive spot on my neck.

Harry stopped kissing on me, and didn't move. I opened my eyes and moved my head to meet his.

He just stared at me. "As in, another child?" He asked sitting up more, taking me with him. I re adjusted my self on top of him, and nodded.

"Yes." I said simply.

"So I am getting sex tonight in hopes to impregnate you…"


"Well, thanks for telling me." He stared to smile and kiss me again.

"Harry I'm serious." I said brining his head back to mine.

"Really Gin? You want another child?" He now seemed upset.

"A girl."

"You want a girl, not a child."

"I want a girl."

"So if you do become pregnant with a boy, you would what, abort it?"

I got furious, and climbed off him. "I can not believe you just said that! How dare you even think about me aborting a child! OUR child!"

"Ginny look I didn't mean it like that-"

"Then why would you even say it!" I snapped and got under the covers on my side and rolled away from him.

"I don't know, I was just thinking….Ginny look at me….Ginny….fine don't. Well what if we do reach to our perfect number of three and it's another boy? Would you love the child less because he's a boy? Would you resent our child? Ginny, if you are trying to get pregnant solely for the purpose of a girl and not another child, then I believe that is not a smart idea!" He shouted at me. I still had my back towards him.

Harry did have a point. We did only want three children, and now two out of the three are boys. What if I am cursed and can only bring in little baby boy Potters into the world? Would I want to do what my mother did and keep having children until I reached the girl my heart desired? Yes.

"I wouldn't resent that child Harry, because I do want another baby. I just really am wanting a girl… and I want to keep trying until we have a girl…" I said this last part in sort of a whisper. I rolled over to face him, propping my head up on one arm.

"Ginny. I though be both talked about and agreed to three children, max."

"Then lets make a third child!" I said my voice a little louder, but not shouting.

"I cant' in good conscience make a baby with you for the sole purpose of trying for a girl! And also Ginny if that isn't enough to convince you, Al just turned a year old, we are trying to potty train James, you just went back to work, and I'm about two years from being head Aruor. Do we have time for our third child now?"

I didn't have an answer for him right away. I just turned off the light and closed my eyes. I did think about it through. Do I want a girl, or do I want to be pregnant again for nine months, with the mood swings, and the contractions, and the belly and weight gain for any child? No. I defiantly don't want to be pregnant again. But I would love to go back to quidditch sometime soon while I still can. If we wait to have another baby, I may be too 'old' to keep flying, and raise a family.

I do want my three children though. So yes, I want to get pregnant now.

It was about three hours later when I woke Harry up. I shook his shoulder.

"Hmm? What?" He mumbled, not opening his eyes.

"I don't' want another baby just for a girl. We want three, and three is what we will have"

"Okay Ginny, and what if this third baby is not a girl but a strapping young man?" He opened one eye to look at me.

"Then that strapping son of ours was meant to be our baby, and will love him as much as we love our other boys."

"I'm skeptical Gin."


"Ginny, I'm so close to the top of my career."

"And if we don't have child soon, I'll never reach mine."

"You just wanted to be a Healer assistant"

"Harry, I was talking about the Holly Heads." I now flipped on the light.


"Harry I think we are ready for a third child."

"I don't…" I sighed and turned off the light. "Ginny…I love you, so very much."

I just nodded my head fighting back these stupid tears that were forming in my eyes.

"Awe, Gin please don't cry…"

I sniffed.

"Ginny I'm sorry. It's just how I feel. How about we talk about it in the morning again, after we've eaten, and have our sons up?" He kissed my shoulder.

I nodded again. It was Harry's turn to sigh this time. He kissed my hair and turned off his light. I went to sleep in his arms.

I awoke thee hours late to Al screaming in his crib, and James calling for Harry, over and over again from his room.

"Your son is calling for you." I whispered as listened to James yell for Harry.

"Before seven a.m. he's your son." He replied back. I smacked his but, and got out of bed.

"See Ginny? We don't need another kid, right now." Harry sat up and stretched in bed as I walked up stairs.

I didn't speak to Harry much this Sunday. I just focused on caring for the boys, and looking at the calendar to see when I am ovulating. If I cant' get Harry to give me another baby, I'll torment him until he gives me what I want.

I tried to make love with him in the shower this morning, and he only allowed foreplay.

I even tried to fold laundry in the privacy of our bedroom naked, and nothing. He just looked me up and down, bit his lip and walked out.

After these failed attempts, I was just going to have to do what he asked, 'talk about it later'.

When it was finally time to go to my mother's for dinner, Harry stopped me.

"Are you going to keep ignoring me while were at you Mum's?" He asked.

"humph." I replied back and walked away.


Charlie didn't make it to dinner, neither did George and Angela. So it was just Bill, Percy, Ron and our family for dinner tonight. While we sat at the table, Rose and Al were giving each other their food off their high chairs, and James felt the need to tell me that he was a big wizard and didn't need to be at the kid table with Teddy and Bill's kids.

I stared at Ron and Hermione. I tried to make eye contact with her. The think with me and Hermione is that all we have to do is look at each other and understand exactly what the other means. But she just looked at me blankly. What a bitch.

As, Mum was putting the desert on the table, Hermione spoke. "Molly?"

"Yes dear?" She looked up.

"Do you have any whip cream with this pie? I'm pregnant again, and have been craving it non stop."

I choked on my food. Harry dropped his fork, Mum, stood completely still and Ron jumped up.

"Whew! You know how hard it was to keep that in?"

Then the noise started. As usual when someone announced that they were knocked up, they were crowded with congrats and questions. I just sat there, staring at Harry, who just stared at me back. Then out of fits and jealousy, and the child in me, I kicked his shin and walked out side.

"Ouch! Ginny!" Harry got up and followed me. It suddenly got very quiet in my mother's house.

"What the hell was that for?" He looked angry.

"Hermione is pregnant!" I yelled at him.

"Yes she is! That's great for her! But that doesn't explain why you kicked me!'

"Well it should! All I want is to have another baby, and maybe a girl, but you don't think we can handle it! I feel like your treating me like a child!"

"Ginny you just kicked me, like a child! We are trying to teach James not to, but how well of an example are you setting?"

"Gah Damn it Harry! Why wont' you see how this makes me feel!" I screamed and sat on the grass.

Harry did too. "Ginny. What's really wrong?" He wrapped me in his arms.

"I don't know." I balled. "It's just; all of them have girls…but not me. I just want a baby. I feel like my maternal instincts are in over drive, and I hate not having our family complete." I sniffed into his shirt.

Harry just stroked my hair for a while.

"I'm sorry I kicked you."

"I'm sorry I haven't given you a girl."

"I'm sorry that you think you need to be sorry for not giving me a girl."

"I'm sorry…wait what?" He laughed

"I don't' know. I wouldn't trade Al or James for anything…I love you."

"I love you too Gin." He kissed me. "We can make a baby if you want. I promise."

"Thank you."

We walked back to the house, to realize that every one left besides Hermione and Ron.

"Ginny, what happened? You just stormed out!" Hermione asked.

"It's nothing. I just needed some fresh air. Congratulations Mione" I kissed her cheek.

"Thanks. I'm sorry for not telling you earlier, I wanted Ron to know first this time, and wanted you to be surprised as well."

"That's great. I am so happy for you." I told her, and I was really. I looked over to Harry who was sharing something with Ron. "Besides you want to know a secret?"

Hermione gasped. "Always."

"Harry and I are trying."

Hermione squealed.

My mother came back into the kitchen carrying a crying Al. "Ginevra Molly Weasley if you ever storm out of my house like that again, I'm going make sure you are very sorry!"

I smiled to my mother, knowing something that would make her very happy…

Author's Note: There you have it. After all the requests for Lily's story and it's here. I hope that this story will be different then all the other's I've read. I also like to portray Harry and Ginny as a great couple, but their marriage is like every other, and not always perfect. So, review and enjoy… Love from Louise