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Third Time's A Charm

Chapter 14

Wizard and Royal Babies

"Ginny? Honey, can you hear me?" I hear my name being called. I want to say yes, but I can't. There is something in my throat. I want to open my eyes but they are too heavy. Oh no, the darkness is coming back, no! Must keep to the sound of the beautiful voice!

"Oh, Ginny, I'm so sorry. I didn't see them coming. They came out of nowhere. Please wake up." I recognize the voice. I want to respond! I do! But my body won't let me.

"Sweetie, I love you so much, please come back to me. Please…Please" I know this voice; it's the agonized voice of the man I love more than anything. Its sweet serenity and my home, calling me back. I fight the darkness, ripping against the chains of the unknown, trying to return to him, just to ease the wondering and worries…

"Any Change?" It's Ron's voice.

There is silence as I wait for the response to the person of whom he is talking to.

I hear a sniff, this person has been crying. "No." It's Harry. I suddenly feel my hand being squeezed, and I try to squeeze back! Why can't I?!

"If her vitals are coming in stronger, why isn't she waking?" Harry is speaking sternly to someone.

"Because Mr. Potter, she's been in a major car wreck. She had a sever concussion, fractured skull, and broke almost every bone on the left side of her body. Magic can only do so far, then comes God. She's luck to be alive." I am shocked to hear this news. A car wreck?!

"Look, Mr. Potter, she is improving every day. She will wake up on her own time."

"She's going to be okay?" his voice has slight lighter tone.

"Yes she is, but in her own time. Just be patient…"


"Hey Mom! Wake up! I got a new train I want you to see! Daddy, why is she still sleeping?"

"Hey now, boys. Mommy is getting better from her accident. She's really tired, that's all. So the Healers are letting her sleep to get better" Harry's voice is soft and soothing. I want to cry, if my body would allow it.

"I love you Mommy." James whispered.

"Harry, you need to go home and get some sleep." It's my mother's voice. She is here now.

"No, I can't. What if she wakes up, and I'm not here? I will never forgive myself."

"You haven't changed your clothes, and you look very tired. I can sit here with her, while you do."

"I appreciate it Molly, but I want to be here with my wife."

"Alright. Any change?"

"No, but apparently she's getting better." Silence. "Why won't she wake?" I hear tears again, and I break inside.

"Where's Harry?" It's Luna!

"He's getting something to eat from the cafeteria." I hear Hermione's voice.

"Hermione, don't look so down, it wasn't your fault. They guy ran a red light."

"How can you say that? Look at her!"

"Yes and look at you! All bruised up and broken ribs! It's not your fault!"

"But it is, Luna."

"No it's not."

There was silence.

"You are amazing, you know that? You saved us both." Hermione whispered.

"No I didn't. I was just the only one not incredibly injured."

"It's not just that, you-"

My consciousness left me.

"I sweetie, Its Mummy, can you hear me?"

"Still no change Molly." I hear my father's voice.

"Alright, well we have to go. Please let us know if anything changes." My mother responds.

"Will do." I hear Harry's voice next to my ear.

"I love you so much." I feel a cheek on my kiss. "You promised that you would come back to me, now please do."

I hear more clearly, and I am feeling more pain in my head, and scratches in my throat. I notice now the tube is removed.

I try to speak. "Oh…kay…"

"What!? What did you say!?" Harry jumps, but still has ahold of my hand.

I find my tongue and lick my lips, which are very dry. "Oh…kay" I and I use all my energy to open my eyes.

I wait for everything to focus, then I see Harry, sweet wonderful Harry, next to me, emerald eyes shining at me like a blind man seeing for the first time.

"Oh honey, you're awake. Then he started to cry and kiss my hands. "You came back."

I smiled at him. My throat is still dry. "Water…"

"Yes, yes of course!" HE got up. "Healer! My wife! She's awake!" He shouted into the hall.

Harry waved his wand and the cup beside my bed filled. He helped me take a sip of water. It was nice feeling it go down my throat.

"What happened?" I asked, trying to remember. I all I remember was being in the car heading to the spa. That's it.

"Later sweetie. When you are feeling better."

"No, I want to know what happened now." I say back.

"Hello, Mrs. Potter, nice to see you again." The healer came back in, and I don't recognize her.

They spent five minutes checking me out, and I am so medicated, that it took me a moment to realize that my ginormous stomach was gone.

"Ah!" I screamed, the healer and Harry jumped, and looked at me.

"What's wrong?" Harry looked alarmed.

"Where is the baby?" I spoke with the loudest tone I could muster.

Harry's face relaxed. "Oh sweetie, the baby is fine."

"You should have started with that!" I start to cry, as I realize what's happening.

"I am sorry honey. I just wanted to make sure you were better" I see that he is truly sorry.

"I just want to see my baby."

I see Harry look at the healer and he nodded. "I'll just get a wheel chair for you."

"We have a baby." I say

"Yes we do." He says, smiling ear to ear.

I glance down and see the date on my file. "May, 21, 2008, Harry how long was I out!?" I started to panic.

"Five days…" He said, and then the healer came in with the chair. Together, they carefully got me into it.

I am in a lot of pain, but won't say anything until I see my baby.

"So, Mrs. Potter, would you like to me your daughter?" Harry whispers in my ear.

"Daughter? As in girl? We have a girl!?" I felt my heart explode.

Harry laughed. "Yes, we have a beautiful daughter. She is alright, thanks to Luna."

"A daughter…Lily's here…" I swallow a large lump in my throat.

Harry turned the corner, taking me to the nursery. "If you want to still name her Lily."

"Of course I do, that's the name we picked out! Hey, where are we going?" I ask as we pass the nursery.

"To the private nursery, where they keep the sick babies."

"What why? I thought you said she was alright?! She's sick?" I started to panic again. I had a less than perfect start to my pregnancy, especially since I went almost 8 weeks not knowing was pregnant. Then she came after a car accident.

"Because it's private, and you need a pass to get in. The press has been trying to get in to see you and our daughter for days now." Harry took me around many corners and then we arrived at the nursery.

Harry smiled to the Healers in there and they opened the doors. "Hello, Mrs. Potter, nice to see that you are awake. Would you like to meet you baby?"

I watched as the bubbly healer picked up my daughter. On her tub read,

Baby Girl Potter

Born: May 16, 2008

Time: 7:07 pm

Weight: 6 lbs. 3 oz.

Height: 18 ½ inches long

Mother: Ginevra Molly Weasley-Potter

Father: Harry James Potter

And they placed her in my arms. She is sleeping, and she didn't wake. She is so tiny, her hands are small. I count ten fingers and ten toes. She has my nose, and Harry's cheeks.

"Hi, Lily, I'm you mother." I say to her.

She yawns and opens her eyes. They are a beautiful brown just like mine, and James.

"She looks just like you." Harry is in a chair next to me, leaned over, hands folded.

And it's true. She has a head full of red hair, and someone has clipped a green bow in it.

"So, we want to keep the name Lily, then yes?" Harry asks.

"Yes, Lily. But not Lillian. Just Lily."

"Lily Ginevra Potter?" Harry says again.

"No, Ginevra isn't her middle name." I say stroking her cheek softly

"It's not?"

"No, it doesn't fit."

"Then what is?" He asked, amused.

"Haven't decided yet."

"Well that's quite alright for now, Mrs. Potter, But it's nice to call her something. Lily." The healer waved her wand and changed the name on her tub. It now says 'Lily _ Potter'

"Lily" I whisper and kiss her forehead.

My mother was, not surprisingly, the first one in my waiting room when I returned from seeing Lily. They promised that in a couple of days, when I am feeling better that they would let her come stay in here. I tried to get it shorter, but their response was "We'll see".

My Mum also brought my sons. They were excited to see me, and I them. James talked on and on about how I need to get better so I can come home and see his new train. Albus just wanted to cuddle.

We visited for an hour, and then there was a knock on my door. Harry checked the peep-hole and opened it.

Hermione and Luna walked in with flowers. Although I am not sure where we are going to put them as, my hospital room is covered in them.

"Well, I am going to take the boys back home. Harry, why don't you come and sleep too?" My mother asked.

"I'm fine."

"Harry, no you're not. You still wearing the clothes I brought you two days ago. You have slept in the chairs. Please, come and at least get a good meal." My mother picked up Albus.

"Honey, I am fine. I have Hermione and Luna here now. If anything happens we will let you know. Just please go sleep or nap or something." I take ahold of his hand.

"Are you sure?"


He kissed my lips. "I'll be back in an hour."

"Don't show up for at least three, Mister." Was my response. He shook his head and left the room. My mother and sons followed suit.

"Bye bye" called Albus. I waved as the door shut.

"Ginny I am so so-"

"I don't want to hear it Hermione, it's not your fault."

She went quiet and didn't say anything.

"How are you feeling?"

"Like I got hit by a car" I joked.

Luna laughed, Hermione did not.

"I sorry!" Hermione said again, almost in tears.

"Mione I'm okay, just ache."

"Do you remember anything that happened?" Luna interrupted.

I sat for a moment trying to remember… "We went through McDonalds drive through, and I was handing you're your kid's meal, and then I turned around to see what you were looking at….Then it goes black…Wait! I remember something about an ambulance!"

"Yes, I attempted to dial 999 on Hermione's phone like previously told, but couldn't find that button. She was unconscious too so I couldn't ask her…"

May 16, 2008: Right after the crash: Luna's Point of View:

"Oh no, no, no." I could believe what had just happened. Glass is everywhere. Air bags are deflated, the entire left passenger's side is smashed in and Ginny head is under the steering wheel, in Hermione's lap, and Hermione's head is against the steering wheel. My eyes keep blinking. I see red and realize that it's coming from my head, where it hit the window.

I see the other driver getting out the car; it's a teen, phone in his hand. He is freaking out, saying something about how his dad is going to kill him.

He informs me that the ambulance is on its way.

"Come here! Help me out! I am pregnant and so is the redhead woman. I need to have you check to be sure they are alive for me!" I try to open Ginny's door, but it's no use. It's to smash in. I go ahead to the other side, hands shaking and try to open it. I have luck.

"Hermione! Can you hear me?"

She moans. "I can't move…" she gasps.

"Stay there, the ambulance is coming. Ginny!" I scream. No response."

I start to lose it and cry. As shock starts to settle in, so do bystanders. People come out from businesses, bringing water and chairs. I sit down and hold Hermione's hand, just praying that Ginny was alive.

The minute the ambulances arrive, I realize how much I lack experience with muggles. The started to cut open the car to get out Ginny, and it was taking forever than just using magic. I could've obliviate them later, and did it myself if I didn't leave my wand at home.

They got Hermione out and put her on a stretcher and into the ambulance.

"Miss, I need to check you out, you have gash on your forehead and arm." The EMT said.

"No, I'm fine. I need you to check on my other friend. She's still in the car." I say.

"They are getting her; I need you to come with me. They take me to another empty ambulance, as I watch the one with Hermione drive away. I sit there as the clean me up. I watched as they opened the door, and took out Ginny.

"Please be careful, she's about to have a baby…" I whisper.

"We are doing all we can."

They put her on a stretcher and started to take her the ambulance.

"Is she alive!" I start to sob

"She has a pulse. Are you family? If not, you can't ride in this car with us."

I need to stay with her, "Yes, She is my sister" I lied.

They put her on oxygen, and set up a heart monitor.

They close the close the ambulance doors and we are followed by police.

I start to see movement coming from underneath Ginny's shirt, and it's not by her own accord. It's the baby, in distress. I read once that babies can use their magic at any point, and it's clear that is what's happening to her. The EMTS take notice and grab their hearing devices.

"Wh-Whats going on?" Ginny opened her eyes, and I have never been so happy to see her.

EMT put the hearing devices to her stomach, and moved it around. "I don't hear anything."

The other EMT put on their hearing device and started to move it around too. He then pushed a button on the black thing to his chest. "We can't find a heartbeat…"

At this, Ginny tries to sit up. "What do you mean you can't find a heartbeat? I'm pregnant you prick!" Her eyes kept rolling around.

"Miss, I need you to lie back down please." The EMT advised. "Someone sedate this woman." He said picking up his phone. The other EMT gave Ginny a shot. I heard the first EMT explaining the movement in her stomach, and asking what to do.

I then realized that the muggle way will kill Ginny. "Accio Wand" I close my eyes and think really, really hard.

I felt the ambulance turn and heard something hit the back of the vehicle. I opened the latch, and the door swung open.

"What are you doing? Are you crazy?" They helped at me as my wand flew into my hand.

"No, just saving my friend – sister! Stupefy!" I cried and the first EMT went ridged. I closed the door, and stunned the other one.

I then silenced the cab, and checked Ginny's pulse.

It's slow. That's not good. I lifted up her shirt, and saw yellow flashes coming from under her skin. The poor baby.

I did the only think I could think of. I took the scalpel, made and incision, and used my wand to keep the blood from going everywhere.

I made the incision a little wider so I could get my hand in to feel around.

I lucked out again, and realized that I cut right were the placenta was, and could feel the baby's head. I carefully cut it open. We went over another bump and the baby sent out another spark.

I then quickly reached in and carefully pulled out the baby. It's a girl. I placed her on top of Ginny's stomach, and used a nearby towel to the baby off. I cleared her path ways, and she started to scream. I sighed and cried in relief. I cut the cord, and wrapped her up. I checked Ginny's heart rate on the monitor, it's still low, but at least the baby is still alive. I grabbed my wand, and took the stuns off the EMTs, and they looked at me all confused.

I am really glad that my 'obliviate' charm worked.

Seconds later we were stopped and other people in the hospital opened the doors. I told the hospital people that the EMTs passed out and that I did a C-section by myself. They became more alarmed and rushed to get Ginny.

"This is her daughter!"

"I'll take her. What is the baby's name?"

"I-I don't know. I just know the last name is Potter. Her first name is Ginny." I pointed to Ginny as the rushed her inside.

They took the baby from me and followed her inside.

"I am looking for my other friend! Her name is Hermione Weasley!"

"We will find her. I need you to lie down please." Another muggle said in yellow clothes.

"No I'm fine, I need to check on her-" and then I pass out as they gave me a shot.

When I awoke again, I was alone in a hospital room. I had bandage on my hand, and my head hurt. I was hooked up to a heart monitor, on wheels, and I was in a hospital ground.

I got up and wheeled my heart monitor outside.

"Can I help you?" A female muggle asked.

"Yes, I am looking for my friends."


"My name is Luna Lovegood, and I am looking for Hermione Weasley, and Ginny Potter."

She makes a weird clicking sound and she pounded her fingers on something. "It looks like Hermione is in the room next door, and Ginny is getting out of surgery."

"Surgery? Is she alright?"

"I have a doctor come see you when she's out. She is your sister, right?"

Pumpernickels, I forgot I lied. "Yes." I didn't make eye contact.

I walked next door and saw Hermione staring out the window.

"Hermione!" I walked over, and held her hand.

"Are you okay?"

She shook her hand.

"The muggle doctors say that I injured my spine, and that I can't walk."

She was crying.

"Well, we will get you to St. Mungo's, and they can get you fixed up." I comforted her.

"I need to get ahold of Ron and Harry." She wiped a tear away.

"I don't have a phone."

"Find one." She looks at me.

"Okay." I nodded.

So I walked out, and found young couples about our age. I asked them if they that a mobile phone, and they let me borrow it. I am still really grateful.

I brought it back, and gave it to Hermione.

She was on the phone for about 2 minutes. And 7 minutes later, Harry and Ron were in the room. I am so glad they can still aparate.

Harry was a mess. After he heard that Ginny was in surgery, he explained that he was her husband, and demanded to see his child. Ron stroked Hermione's hand.

The muggle doctors refused to release Hermione and Ginny, so he used a confundus charm to get them to say yes, and sign the release papers.

As we were trying to leave, we were stopped by police and Hermione and I were interrogated. They asked if we wanted to press charges, because the other driver admitted to being on his mobile at the time of the accident. I just wanted out of this muggle town and said no.

Not sure what Hermione and Harry are going to do.

We were then all placed on a muggle flying device and transported to St. Mungo's.

Harry held the baby the entire ride here, and held Ginny's hand.

When we got to St. Mungo's we came in from the top and avoided the crowd of people. Apparently word leaked out that we were in car crash hours earlier.

The Healers were able to fix Hermione, and fix Ginny. But because of her injuries, she was in a coma for two days. When they stopped giving her the potion, and waited for it to ware off, it took three more days to do so.

Back to Ginny: May 21, 2008

"It was the longest 3 days of my life." Harry interrupted Luna.

I just sat there propped up in my bed, marveling at what this woman had done for me. It took her almost two hours to tell her story, and it was the most memorizing two hours I've had in a long time.

"You delivered by baby, and saved her life." I whispered.

She nodded. "I just wanted her out, and you two to be okay." She looked at Hermione.

I started to cry, and I just let the tears flow down from my face. I didn't bother to try wiping them away. I opened my arms and motioned for her to come to me. I see the scar on her forehead from where the magic healed her wounds.

I hugged Luna, with everything I had. I didn't care about the pulling in my side. I kissed both of her cheeks twice, and pulled her in for another hug.

"Thank you Luna, so, so much." I sobbed.


I finally got Hermione to calm down and believe that it wasn't her fault. Harry brought me some chicken and mushrooms from my mother's house, and we ate a great meal, by ourselves.

"I'm so happy you are okay." Harry said taking my empty plate from me.

"I am so happy that Lily's okay. Speaking of which, I want to see her again."

"Okay." He kissed my lips.

Harry and the healer came back in, and put me in the chair. I hope to be able to do this by myself tomorrow.

We got into the nursery, and the healer was feeding her from a bottle.

I explained that I wanted to breastfeed her, and asked if I could try. The nurse nodded, and got me settled. Lily latched on right away, and I cried again.

"She is so beautiful." I held her close.

"Exactly like her mother." He kissed my nose.

"I can't believe she's here, and how much it took us to get here…"



"Yes?" He chided.

"I have her middle name."

"You do?"

"Yes, Luna. Lily Luna Potter."

"I think that is the best name we can give her. I don't think I will ever be able to thank or repay Luna for saving both of my girl's lives." Harry choked up a bit.

"We can start with her middle name."

The healer smiled, and brought over her birth certificate. We took the binding quill, and signed her name, and our names, forever marking this beautiful baby in my arms, Lily Luna Potter, after two of the most selfless women we have ever known.

Five Years Later: July 23, 2013

"Oh, Darling, in the Breaking News Column, the Duke and Duchess just had their baby, and you were wrong. Its a boy." Harry smiled at me, glancing up from The Daily Prophet.

"Well, most of the world thought it was going to be a girl. Silly me." I laughed, focusing on my quidditch article again.

"I'll make a note to send them pointers on how to shield their children from the press." Harry winked.

"Yes, because 2 billion Wizards that know our name, in comparison to the rest of the 7 billion muggles and wizards that now theirs? We are not that famous, Harry." He laughed and shook his head.

"MOMMY! JAMES IS GOING TO THOW MR. WUGGLES DOWN THE STAIRS!" I am in the living room working on my latest story.


"Guys, maybe we should turn off the music, and lock the door…"Albus, my smart child tried to reason with his siblings. It did no good.


I sighed and looked at Harry. "You wanted number 3." He laughed using our 'secret' code name for our children when we want to discretely talk about them without them knowing.

"I'll handle this." I shook my head and go the stairs, where sure enough, James, had his hand over the banister, clutching Lily's stuffed bear. Al was in his doorway, and lily stood there, long red curls in a mess, red faced.

"James Sirius Potter, you drop that bear, I will let Lily choose your punishment.

"HA!" She stuck her tongue out at him.

"As for you, young lady, why are you going into your brother's room, and changing his music?"

"Because he won't listen to me! I just want to play with him!"

She batted her big brown eyes at me. That trick might work on Harry, but I invented this move.

"I am sorry James, doesn't want to play with you honey, but you don't go into his room without knocking."

Her lip quivered. I sighed, and picked her up. "Oh, Lil's you are getting big. Why don't you come with me to the office to turn in my article, and on the way back, we will meet Aunt Luna and her boys for ice-cream." I smiled to her.

"Yes, Please!"

"Hey, I want to go!" Albus said.

"It's just a girl's day." I said to Lily.

"Yea, you are smelly boys, and not pretty girls like me and mommy. Right Mommy?" She smiled at me.

"Well, us smelly boys will go side and fly our brooms!" Harry countered, coming up the stairs, kissing her cheek.

"Yes! I'll go get my broom!" Albus said.

"I'll turn off my game!" and the shut their doors.

"Lily, go get your shoes on." I said and put her down.

"Okay!" and she ran to her room.

I sighed, and Harry wrapped his hands around me.

"I love them so much"

"They are amazing aren't they?" He nuzzled my neck.

"All so different, yet alike? How is it that Lily didn't get your hair?"

"Because she needed it for her personality." He joked. I smacked his harm playfully.


"Who knew these kids would be the biggest adventure of our lives?"

"Coming from the man who defeated Voldemort? That's some big talk."

Harry laughed. "It's never a boring day in the Potter house."

"No sir."

"You miss playing quidditch?"

"Very much."

"If you could go back with the time turner to when James was conceived, would you do anything different?"

"And change all this? Harry, I wouldn't trade a second of our lives now for all the quidditch fame in the world."


"We will see how you feel when Lily brings home her first boyfriend, or when James tells us he's knocked up some poor girl." I joked, secretly praying that it's never true.

"You are so mean." He laughed.

"I love you, Harry"

"I love you to Ginny" And then he turned me around and kissed me.

"Ahem!" We broke apart to see all three of our children staring at us.

"Ew" Al said.

"I second that" Replied James.

"If you keep kissing, does that mean I get to be a big sister?" Lily asked.

I watched as Harry's face paled, and eyes go wide. "Where on earth did you hear that?"

"Teddy. He said that you kiss and then Mommy, will get a baby in her belly." She laughed and smiled really big.

"Yea, never a boring day" Harry leaned over and said to me.

P.S. Congratulations To the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on the birth of their first born son! He is the first Prince of Cambridge in 200 years! Also, Happy Birthday to Daniel Radcliffe! (July 23)