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Dean wasn't screwing around this time.

Sure, both he and Sam had had their fair share of injuries over the years - never mind the ones that actually killed them – but the situation currently left them both up a creek without a paddle and heading towards a 100 foot drop at break neck speed.

He kept trying to rouse Sam, even during his phone call to Emergency services without any success. Dean knew Sam had got hit hard and the fact that he didn't respond to Dean's calls or jostling wasn't good. Neither was the blood slowly trickling out of one ear.

Dean snapped his phone shut when he'd given all the information he needed and got the same in return.

Now, he had another dilemma to deal with. A dead Leviathan not twelve feet away crushed under a car, black blood pooling in the pale moonlight. People tended to see what they wanted to see when it came to the supernatural, but the paramedics would be hard pressed to ignore the very human-like hand sticking out from underneath the car.

"Dammit." He cursed under his breath and glanced around. There was nothing nearby that would either cover up the car and subsequently the Leviathan, nor anything that would help him move himself or Sam.

His only option would be for he himself to move them away from the Leviathan and closer towards the front gates – away from the Leviathan. Dispatch had said they'd be there in about fifteen minutes, so Dean knew he had to shag ass and fast.

"Oh, this is going to hurt." He mumbled to himself before attempting one last time to reach his brother.

Shaking the nearest shoulder gently, Dean called out to his brother. "Sam? Quit sleeping on the job dude, I need your help." Getting no answer, he swallowed hard. He tried again. "Come on man, front and center! Get up! Sam!" Sam's head rocked to the side with each shake of his body, but refused to wake.

Dean gnawed on his lip, judging the distance. Thirty-five to forty feet, and they'd pull far enough away to not have the crushed Leviathan discovered. It would have to do.

"You so owe me for this." Dean whispered to his unconscious sibling. He sucked in a pain filled breath as he rolled Sam to his side and slipped his arms under his brother's.

Keeping his broken leg extended, Dean pulled Sam against his chest, catching the lolling head in the crook of his neck. Breathing deeply, Dean pushed with his good leg on the asphalt, dragging himself and his brother away from the crushed Leviathan.

Agony ripped through Dean's leg like hell fire, with Dean barely able to contain the scream. Sam's weight was putting more pressure on his leg, even with the broken limb extended.

Dean pushed them further away, each movement agony. With each shuffle and movement he made, the pain tore at Dean's self-control, until he couldn't contain the small whimpers that slipped past his lips with each pull and drag of his body and Sam's.

Dean dragged them inch by gut wrenching inch until he had reached the main path between the cars and turned left towards the gate, putting distance between them and the monster they had left behind. He already had his work cut out for him with coming up with a cover story without adding a flattened monster to the mix.

After a few more feet, the elder Winchester finally slumped on the ground, exhausted and weak, breathing heavily.

He wiggled himself out from underneath Sam and focused on his ragged breathing, trying to slow his pounding heart. He had to check on Sam, but he needed to regroup and control the pain first.

After a few moments, Dean felt his breathing deepen and his heart rate slow and reached a hand toward his brother. "Sam?" He grabbed a hold of Sam's jacket and gently shook him, hoping for some kind of a reaction.

Sam felt boneless, his body rocking with each gentle shake. It scared Dean that the blood was still trickling out of his brother's ear and he knew Sam very likely had a severe head injury, but as Dean got a good look at the other side of Sam's face, he could see he was starting to bleed from his nose as well. A block of ice sat like a rock in Dean's stomach. This was very bad.

Distantly, Dean could hear siren's approaching. "Hold on, Sam." Dean whispered, one hand wrapped around Sam's wrist in a crushing grip, hoping the ambulance could help in a way Dean obviously could not.

Dean could hear voices in the distance and he yelled for them, his grip on his brother never waning. Only when the medics knelt down next to them did Dean reluctantly let Sam go.

The medic, a plain 30's looking guy with a receding hairline, tried to distract Dean from his partner's ministrations on Sam with questions of his own. Dean's leg was throbbing in pain; he was scared for his brother who had yet to stir after getting whacked in the head with a crowbar, and this guy was asking about allergies? Dean's patience was probably pretty thin to begin with, but was this guy for real?

A soft groan pulled his attention away from his own pain and the quiet, yet grating voice of his own medic. He could see Sam's brow crinkle in what looked like pain. His hand twitched as the medic laid a gentle hand on Sam's to still him. "Easy, easy. I'm just setting up an IV."

Dean, ignoring his own medic's protest to keep still, shifted a few inches and grasped Sam's nearest arm, his fingers coming to rest against the pulse point on his brother's wrist. "Sam."

Sam's head bobbed, slumping towards his brother, his brow furrowed. Blood dribbled from his ear down his neck and Dean swallowed hard at the sight. They may have lost Bobby – he couldn't lose Sam after he just got him back. "Sammy, wake up."

The arm under his twitched, the groan almost sub vocal, but Dean heard it nonetheless. The breathless, "D'n," loosened the clenched muscles in Dean's back and neck like a rubber band. Sam was still there, still fighting.

Someone coughed. Dean looked up at the medic's grim face. "Alright, we're going to load you guys up and get going. Sit tight – we'll do all the work." The paramedic strapped his legs and hips to the stretcher and with the help of the other medic, Dean found himself in the back of the ambulance with Sam.

The doors slammed shut and few moments later Dean jolted with the lurch of the vehicle going down the gravel road before turning off onto the main street, sirens blaring.

Everything was going to Hell in a hand basket – literally.

Sam had barely been this side of conscious for more than a few seconds before he seized, head thrown back and body thrashing, arm twitching out of Dean's grip as Dean tried helplessly to hold on.

To make matters worse, the damn paramedic tells him that they're going to Monster General, all the while calmly injecting medication into Sam's IV line, not even reacting to the gurgle and choked gasps coming from the body in spasm beside him.

"Would you freaking do something?" Dean yelled, half out of the gurney, trying to find his hold on Sam again and glaring at the medic in front of him.

Unfazed, the guy checked his brother's vitals and said something into his radio of which Dean ignored, his eyes assessing the shudders and whiplash like movements of Sam's limbs which had finally started to settle.

Sam's eyes eerily found his, reflecting pain in the glazed, half open eyes, even as his body trembled from trauma.

He felt the vehicle slow down and Dean ground his teeth together, knowing that they had run out of time.

Sam's eyes slowly slipped shut, his breaths ragged.

Dean wanted to scream in frustration.

Sam was in no condition to protect himself, or even aware of the danger that they were in. In all likelihood, they would be separated at the ER entrance and they'd both be at their most vulnerable, particularly Sam.

The back doors opened and Dean braced himself as his stretcher was pulled out from the ambulance, the jarring motion pulling a groan from him as his leg was jostled. Dean stubbornly kept his eyes on Sam, straining his neck in order to do so.

As Dean was pulled around the ambulance and through the sliding glass doors, he silently promised himself that he would find a way to get himself and his brother out of here and come hell or high water, he was going to figure out a way to get back at those son of a bitch Leviathans for what they had done to his family.

No one screwed with his family and lived to tell the tale. No one.

And Dean Winchester always keeps his promises.

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