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Lavi: This is great!

Allen: …

Chapter One: Meeting Mom and Dad!

"Lavi, I don't think we should do this, I mean what if they find out I am underage. I shouldn't be here." A pale boy with white hair whispered nervously as he frantically looked around the strip with his silver eyes; woman with bunny suits and show girls were advertising the Casino's around.

"Relax Allen! No one wills know." said boy chimed, he had red hair and one of his eyes was covered by a bandana like an eye patch and his other eye was a beautiful green that shone with mischief. He was older and taller than the boy beside him. He brought the younger boy because he was always good for a laugh especially if he could get him to change to his 'dark side.'

He grinned at the remembrance of his little friend cheating at poker to earn money for them to eat and have a place to sleep-at least he thought he cheated, never could tell...

"But Lavi, we could get into a lot of trouble." the younger boy insisted.

"Come on 'Sprout, we haven't been here in ages, live a little!" Lavi said as he wrapped his arm around Allen's neck.

"I think you had too much to drink already, and there is a reason I avoid this place..." Allen shuddered as he remembered his childhood with Master Cross; one should wonder how he got out with his mind intact... most of it anyway...

"Fine, one last stop; I promise!" Lavi insisted while dragging a struggling Allen towards a Casino shaped like a pyramid.

"That's what you said last time!" Allen tried to break from the grip.

Neither of them noticed that a cop was coming their way until he stopped right in front of them.

"Nonsense, come- whoops!" Lavi said with a less cheery voice, dropping Allen onto the concrete.

"OW! What the hell Lavi? That hu-" Allen said as he clutched his throbbing head, his eyes caught polished shoes and he trailed them up a black uniform, as he reached the chest he saw a police badge on the left breast pocket before continuing to the man's face, "Hello officer." he said meekly as the setting sun obstructed his view of the man's face.

"Hello, I would like you to show me your ID's." the policeman said as he helped Allen up.

"Thank you," Allen said and went back to Lavi's side and hissed to him, "I told you, if he finds out that we are underage and that you are drunk... Master will be mad."

Lavi chuckled, "Um... well ya see..." Lavi tried to say with an intoxicated mind.


"Ya see... him and me..." Lavi tried but nothing came to mind, "He and I are-"

"We got separated from our parents!" Allen blurted out, 'Way to go idiot!' he bit his tongue, 'He won't believe it.'

"Would you like me to help you find them?" the cop questioned.

Allen panicked, "Ah, No, Uh... Thank you, I... I... I think I see them... over there." He said as a middle aged man and woman with black hair and navy-blue eyes waked towards them, 'Crap!'

Allen threw himself at the woman desperately, "Mom I was so scared! Brother and I got separated from you and papa!" Allen continued, "Good bye free world, hello prison.'

"Ma'am are these really your children?" the cop asked the unknown woman.

"Yes, I thought they would be following behind me but they were gone when I turned around." the woman said as she wrapped her free hand around Allen's back.

The man beside her looked sternly at the red head who was trying to keep from bursting out in laughter.

'She's playing along, she's helping me... she smells so nice... like flowers' Allen's eyes widen at the thought as the woman ran her hand over his back.

"They don't look anything like you. Are they really your children or are you just pretending so they don't get in trouble?" the cop asked.

"They were adopted for my boy to have friends his own age; I didn't want him to grow up alone. My husband and I are rarely home so I worry for him." the woman said as she kept her arm wrapped around Allen, her husband was keeping Lavi from falling over his own feet.

"I see, please make sure you keep them at your side while you are at the Strip, and enjoy your stay." the cop said as he turned and walked away.

Allen waited until the man was out of sight before letting go of the woman's arm, "Thank you so much!" Allen bowed gratefully only to have his face be pulled up by the woman, "Beautiful." he said out loud by accident and blushed.

The woman was beautiful, her long black hair was pulled into a low pony tail and she wore a long royal blue dress that showed her curves and paleness beautifully, the dress had white lily's designs on the bottom, to complete it. The woman's shoes were also blue and her purse matched them perfectly, her eyes were soft and kind with amusement their depths before she full out laughed. Her laugh was like chiming bells and it made him blush more.

Her husband was handsome, his angled jaw was firm and his eyes calculating showing no emotion aside from a hint of amusement, He had short raven hair combed back only a few stubborn strands falling and framing his face, he wore a white blazer with a white collared shirt, black slacks and dress shoes, "The both of you should be careful... Especially you red head." his voice was husky and clipped. His cologne was spicy but calming. He started to chuckle as he noticed the younger boys face.

Both adults were laughing as he stuttered, "I-I- I mean- you smell nice. No wait... I mean... Shut up Lavi! You didn't do anything to help!" Allen saw his friend rolling on the ground laughing, "Oh... Never mind..." Allen pouted making Lavi laugh harder, which only succeeded in making him mad and he stomped away.

"Your face is hilarious Moyashi-... Moyashi? Allen? Buddy? Buddy~? Wait up Allen!" Lavi said as he noticed his friend leaving him, he scrambled to his feet and ran after him.

"Those boys will make great friends for our Yuu, no dear?" the woman said as she watched the boys run.

"Yes... hopefully nothing more."

"Aw come on dear... the younger boy would make a cute wife for Yuu."


"ALLEN, DON'T LEAVE ME HERE!" Lavi shouted as he tried to catch up.

"GO DIE IN THE GUTTER!" replied Allen over his shoulder, not slowing in the slightest.

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