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The Trickster Mage

Chapter 1

Lucas strolled into the village of Lothering while carrying a couple of empty sacks that his mother hoped would be filled with food by the time he arrived home. He nodded at some of the more elderly of the village's residents, but rolled his vibrant green eyes at a couple of the more not so subtle girls. He had already made it clear to those chits that he was not interested in them one way or another.

"Oh come on, Lucas Hawke," one really pushy girl said as she pressed her lithe form against his. "I'm sure your mother won't mind you being late. I would love to show you my father's barn…"

Lucas glared disdainfully at the young woman and not so politely pushed her away. "I see," he began, a devilish smirk forming on his lips. "Do you say that to all the single men in town? I thought you only went for the married types and the new Templar recruits."

"Blight take you…you…thing!" the girl cried out as she angrily stomped away, leaving the tall man to laugh loudly at her frustration.

"Make sure to see the healer, Peaches! Who knows what diseases you have!" Lucas said loudly, dodging a rock that was thrown by the girl. He laughed even harder when he noticed her direction changed and was now headed to the local healer.

His chuckling over the situation stopped as he approached the cage that a strange man was in. He was told that this was a Qunari, but one that was hornless. He thought that they were fascinating creatures, but misguided. That belief of theirs made them all zealots. Zealots are boring, Lucas believed, and not too much fun when pranked.

His first stop was Elder Miriam and got a few healing herbs from the elderly woman. She was nice enough, he supposed, but not really the type of person he would associate himself with. And with that, he wondered what sort of person he would be able to socialize with. It had been five years since Malcolm Hawke and his young son, Garret, had found him all beaten and broken. And also with no memory of who he truly was or even his name. His heart clenched when he remembered Garrett dying of some unknown malady. The boy was the first one to become his friend in this strange place.

By that time, everyone in the Hawke household had named him Lucas and declared that he was a Hawke. More than once, Lucas would compare himself to Malcolm and had asked the older man why he was calling Lucas his son. The only answer he would get from the patriarch was a showing of a long scar on the older man's right forearm. Lucas would then get a speech on how he should watch over the family if something ever happened to the patriarch. The last time he heard that speech was the last time he saw his father figure alive…

Apparently, he was so lost in his thoughts that he ran into someone. He narrowed his green gaze at the one who dared to be in his way and stopped short. It was an elf, a rather pretty specimen, dressed in heavy armor with a shield and a broadsword strapped to her back. Before the apostate mage could say something witty, the elf shoved him away violently.

"Out of my way, shem!" the she-dragon-elf growled as she stalked off and headed towards the tavern. She was followed by an excellent example of a fine mabari hound, a dopey looking man-Knight in splintmail armor, and a woman who looked like she got her clothing from a rag bin.

Dopey Knight gave Lucas an apologizing gaze before he hurried after the mabari and the She-Dragon. The Rag Woman stopped in her tracked and looked at him in the way a person gazed at a prize-winning stallion. This unsettled him for a moment before crossing his arms and giving her an arrogant stare.

Rag Woman laughed in a low, sultry tone. She sauntered her way up to Lucas and delicately ran her finger down his chest. "'Tis interesting, I see. The last time I was here in this pathetic little town, you weren't here. If I had the time, I would see what you would be able to do, Trickster. But alas, I am bound by my mother to follow those two fools."

He followed the woman's gaze to see the She-Dragon and Dopey Knight arguing about something. That was when he realized that the Rag Woman called him Trickster. For some reason, it tickled the edges of long forgotten memories.

"Do you know me?" Lucas asked, genuinely curious. There was something oddly familiar about the Rag Woman's bright yellow eyes, but he just couldn't place where he might have seen them before.

The Rag Woman laughed, the sound both amusing and slightly terrifying some of the people nearby. "I know of you, yes. If you happen to meet my mother, ask her. Fare thee well, Trickster, and try not to take over the world too soon."

Lucas just stared in confusion as the apostate, he had felt the woman's magic, laughed again and headed towards the two bickering Wardens. He sighed and shook his head. For some reason, he seemed to be having a really strange day. Maybe the Rag Woman knew of his penchant for playing pranks and tricks on the people of Lothering.

He shrugged as he made his way to a merchant in front of the Chantry. He picked out a few items for dinner and scowled at the man. The merchant was charging nearly three times what the foodstuffs were worth. He said as much to the merchant and the other just laughed and smirked.

"With all them refugees fleeing the darkspawn, I have to make some coin before they all buy me out."

Lucas sent the merchant a dark look. He glanced around to make sure that there weren't any Templars around and then gave the merchant a sinister smile. "You will sell me what I want at the price I think is fair."

"Now look here, boy…" Suddenly, the merchant's eyes went blank and handed what Lucas wanted. "Here you go, ser, with my compliments."

The apostate chuckled darkly as he took the items and stuff them in the two bags he was carrying. As long as his family was fed and safe, he would do anything for them. He checked the items and made sure that the sweetbread Carver favored was inside. The twit was exhausted after what happened in Ostagar as he fled the Blighted creatures.

When Lucas was walking across the bridge to head back home, he noticed that the Rag Woman was arguing with the Dopey Knight while the She-Dragon threatened the merchant with her broadsword into selling things at a fair price. He chuckled to himself as he fiddled his fingers, feeling the small cut he had made, the blood dripping slowly.

Blood magic was just another tool for him to use in order to keep his adopted family safe. He owed them that much. He owed Malcolm Hawke even more. Leandra, Bethany and Carver don't need to know…

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