I awoke to a bight sun filled room with Virgo staring straight at me. "Good morning princess", "Oh, good morning Virgo". I rose up from my comfy bed, rubbing my eyes that where still covered in sleepiness. "Princess, I have prepared your clothes this morning and your brother Master Loki has requested your presences at the breakfast table." "okay, okay thank you Virgo you can go now" "Do you want me to dress you prin-" "NO! GO AWAY!".

I started to put on the clothes that Virgo had laid out for me when I began to wonder "We eat breakfast together every day, why is he 'requesting my presences'?" I shook the thought out of my head finding no importance in it, and proceeded to my bathroom to brush my teeth.

I walked into the dinning room to see my older bother sitting at the huge table with a serious look on his face. "Loki?" I asked. The serious look he had completely dissolved into a large smile "Lu-chan!" he squealed jumping out of his chair running up to me and giving me a big hug. "Why is he always like this?" I wondered inwardly. "Um, Loki, Virgo said that you needed to talk to me or something?" "Ah, why do never call me 'Oni-chan', huh! Well yeah I do need to talk to you about something." "Okay what is it?". He told me that form the next day on I would be attending the same school as him & my cousin Juvia "Fairy Tail Academy".

I had recently gotten into some problems at my old school and I needed to transfer anyway, so going to a school with some people I already knew didn't sound so bad, but he seemed really nervous about it. His nervousness was making me nervous as well, so I timidly asked "Uh, you seem a little nervous, is there a reason for that?" "No none", he said "I just.. don't… WANT YOU TO GET HIT ON BY GUYS OTHER THAN ME!". There was a long pause. "THAT'S THE REASON!" I yelled angrily at him. "Loki, how many times do I have to tell you, I am not going to marry you. You're my BROTHER for goodness sake!" "Oh Lu-chan, your so cruel" he said with a pout on his face. There was another long pause. Until I started to laugh and then so did he "lets just eat breakfast okay?" I said playfully. "I hope my food didn't get cold" I thought to myself.

The rest of the day went pretty normally. I read a few books from our library before lunch, went swimming in our indoor pool, and read a few more books before dinner. At dinner my brother and I sat at opposite ends of the huge table discussing the uneventful events of our day. We were being severed dessert by our personal servants, Virgo & Aries, when Loki said "Lucy," "He never calls me Lucy" I thought to myself. "Yes?" I asked. "Please eat lunch with me tomorrow at school". There was that long pause again. "hahaha!" I let out and he gave me a unsure look, "Of course I'll eat with you dummy! Who else did you think I'd want to hang out with? haha" he smiled the biggest smile I'd ever seen "Alright!" he yelled "I thought maybe you would want hang out with Juvia instead" "Loki, Juvia is nice but we don't have all that much in common" "Well then I can't wait for tomorrow" he said.

After dinner I told Virgo to prepare a bath for me and headed to my room. While I was laying on my bed I started to feel a little uneasy "what if I get into problems at this new school too?" but my thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the door opening "Princess, your bath is ready" "Oh, thank you Virgo" I was getting up and heading to my bathroom when Virgo said "Princess, you shouldn't worry about things like that, I am quite sure that you will like your new school" I don't know she dose it, but she can always tell what I'm thinking. I smiled and said "Thank you Virgo". "Should I bathe you prin-" "NO THANK YOU VIRGO! YOU CAN GO NOW!".

Laying in the bath tub I started thinking about what my servant said "Yeah I'm sure it'll be fun, I mean Loki and Juvia are going to be there" I thought out loud. "Huh" I sighed sinking to the bottom of the large marble tub questioning the words I had just said. I was so sleepy by the time I finished my bath, so when I finally got to bed I completely crashed.

Light filled the room and Virgo was yet again staring straight at me "Good morning princess" she stated. "Good morning Virgo" I said rising out of my bed ."Princess, I have laid out your uniform and Aries made lunch for you and Master Loki" "Okay, thank you" "Do you wish to punish me?" "NO! GET OUT OF HERE!". "Huh" I sighed "what is wrong with her" I thought out loud and headed to my bathroom to brush my teeth and do my hair. As I finished putting on my new uniform when there was a knock on the door.

"Lu-chan, can I come in?" asked the familiar voice of my brother. "Uh, sure, come on in" I called while tying my shoe. "Are you ready to go, Lu-chan?" "Almost Loki! I just need to find my bag. Ah! There it is!" I said grabbing my blue backpack out of my extremely large closet. "Well then lets go!" he said with his trademark grin that could melt any girls heart. He always told me that he loved me with all his heart and that I was his number one, but he was still a huge player. I didn't really care that he was a player, but it really embarrassed me some times, especially when he tried to flirt with my friends. In most cases he was very successful but it still made me a bit ashamed.

Sitting in Loki's car I tried to relax and mentally prepare myself for what would happen next. We pulled up to the schools parking lot and Loki got out of the car and opened the door for me. Holding my brothers hand I stepped out of the shiny red convertible and took a deep breath. "This is it" I said inwardly as Loki put his arm around me. "HEY LOKI!" cried a feminine but angry voice. We turned around to see a very pretty but very angry looking read head. "Erza-san!" yelped my brother, the pretty red head was now directly in front of us letting out the scariest aura I had ever felt. She started to speak "Loki. What are you doing to this poor girl! This is our new transfer student so DON'T leave a bad impression about our school." her words where calm but they where so frightening. "Uh, Erza-san?" my brother said weakly "I know she's the new transfer student, Lucy is my younger sister" "Ah, I see" she said with the slightest of smiles, her scary aura had completely disappeared.

"Now that I look closer I can see you two have the same brown eyes." "haha Yeah", Loki sighed in relief. "Hello my name is Erza and I'm the school president, nice to meet you." said Erza with a cheery smile "This Erza seems like a totally different person, so 'kind' compared to the other girl I just met" I thought to myself. "It's very nice to meet you as well Erza-san" I said with a bow. "Please there is no need for the 'san' part. We're friends right?" she said so sweetly. "Yes!" I said with excitement "she maybe kind of scary but she seems like a good person and really pretty too!". We were both smiling and making conversation when she said in a very firm voice "Loki" ."Huh?" my brother said looking up as he had been texting. "Loki," she said again "please leave you sister in my care now. I promise I will protect her." ending with a bow amid at my brother. "Yes please take good care of her" her gave me a hug and went on his way waving behind him "Bai-bai Lu-chan! See you at lunch!"

Erza showed me around campuses and introduced me to some girls that were sitting under a tree in the courtyard. there were three of them, a girl with blue hair named Levy, a girl with white hair named Mira, and a girl with brown hair named Cana. They were all very nice and Levy & I even had most of the same classes. The first bell rang and Erza said "Lucy, Levy, allow me to walk you to your homeroom" we nodded and started to follow behind Erza. We stopped outside of a white door marked "FTA:3b". Levy excused herself and went in. "Lucy," said Erza "come to me if you have any problems at all. I will handle them for you.". I didn't know if I should have been afraid or happy so I just nodded and said "Kay". with that Erza smiled and left to her own class.

I walked into the classroom to find a bunch of commotion going on. People where yelling at each other, fighting, laughing, throwing things, it was pandemonium. "Lu-chan!" I heard a voice call. It was Levy waving at me, "Come sit next to me!" she called pointing to the empty seat next to her. I sat down and in front of us was a very pretty girl with short white hair and a boy with pink hair talking and laughing as if they where very close friends. Then the boy moaned "Aw shit! I forgot my lunch money again!" banging his head on his desk. "You should really be more careful Natsu-kun" said the white haired girl. "You should be less stupid!" yelled a boy with black hair and no shirt on. "Shut up you stripper!" yelled the pink haired boy.

"Gray, your cloths" said the white haired girl. "Oh crap! How did that happen!" cried the black haired boy barely realizing that his shirt was missing. "Maybe YOU should stop being such a pervert and stop taking your clothes off all the dam time!" said the boy who was presumably Natsu. "What did you say fire freak!", cried the boy who was presumably Gray. "You heard me ice loser!" yelled Natsu. As they where screaming at each other I noticed someone at the door, she looked familiar, with blue hair. "Juvia-chan!" I called, she waved at me and ran up to my seat. "You know Juvia, Lucy?" asked Levy. "Oh yes, Juvia-chan is my cousin." I replied. "Lucy-chan!" exclaimed Juvia as she reached my desk "Juvia has missed you" "I missed you too Juvia-chan" I said now hugging my cousin. "Were do you sit?" I asked her. "Juvia sits next to Gray-sama over there" she said pointing at the empty seat next to a now fully clothed Gray.

The third bell rang which meant homeroom was over and first period was about to start but there was still no sign of the teacher anywhere. It wasn't until the class almost was about to end that the teacher came in he was tall and kind of mean looking. He just looked around and started calling attendance. The class had quite down since he came in but when he finished attendance they started to get loud again. This did not make him happy because he threw a giant book at Natsu who was "chatting" with Gray. "Ow! What the fuck Laxus!" he cried rubbing his head. The teacher began to speak "You little shit sit back in your chair! Now all of you little jerk offs listen, I'm not going to be hear tomorrow, Ms. Evergreen will be subbing got that? And remember there is no fucking cursing in my class you little bastards!"

"Hypocrite" I mumbled under my breath. "What was that blondie!" yelled Laxus. "he heard me?" I thought to myself. "Why do you always have to pick on the new kids huh Laxus!" yelled Natsu standing up, "Come on fight me Laxus!" "You little dick sit back down!" said Laxus throwing another large book at Natsu, this time much harder. The bell rang and everyone started to leave for there next class but the pink haired Natsu was still on the ground. I held out my hand to him as he looked up "Hi, I'm Lucy. Thanks for helping me out back there" "It wasn't a problem, I already hated Laxus in the fist place." he said grabbing my hand to help him stand up. "Well thanks anyway" I said with a smile, "Um, I overheard you say that you don't have any lunch money, so would you maybe want to share my lunch? You know as thanks." "Yeah! That sound awesome!" he said very excitedly. "Okay then meet me on the roof at lunch, kay?" "Okay!" he looked so happy it made me laugh. "Bye then Natsu!" I waved "Yeah, bye Luce!"

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