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Chapter One

The storm outside pounded on the small house, making the windows rattle and shake. The rain drummed menacingly on the roof before running down in small waterfalls, down onto the rain-soaked ground.

Gakupo Kamui sighed as he leaned over, positioning yet another bucket under the leaking ceiling.

"What a storm, what a storm!" he muttered to himself. "Whew!"

Since there was no one there to hear him, he stopped talking and sat down, reaching for the fruit bowl in the center of his small, square table. It was filled with bulbous purple eggplants.

He paused to stare out at the rain again. It made him feel even smaller, lonlier than before. Gakupo sighed again. He'd started doing that a lot lately.

Not even the naughtiest movies in his collection could cheer him up this time. No, Gakupo Kamui was lonely and he knew it.

Gakupo glanced up at the clock on the bookshelf. It was 11:51 P.M. Slowly, he stood up, long robes brushing past the chair he'd been sitting on.

He padded over to the closet, from which he took a small eggplant cake that he'd made. Then, he took a single candle and twisted it in to the soft, sweet smelling surface.

Gakupo sat down at the table again, putting the cake in front of him.

What a crummy birthday. he thought dejectedly to himself as he lit the candle. Living alone sucks.

He'd lived alone since he left his house at fifteen. And now he was seventeen, about to start 12th grade.

He stared at his cake, eyes boring silent holes into it. Then, he leaned back. "This is stupid." he muttered angrily to himself. "I wish there was someone here to celebrate this with. But nooo, of course not. Because who cares about me?"

He slouched.

"No one." he answered sadly.

Suddenly, he was snapped out of his conversation with himself by the clock as it struck twelve. It let out the sound of twelve staticky, pre-recorded chimes, and so Gakupo bowed his head and thought of a birthday wish.

I wish I wasn't alone. he thought.

The last chime sounded.

Gakupo lifted his head and blew out the candle. He looked away, bored-

All of a sudden, lightning shot through the windows and thunder boomed loudly outside. "Whoa!" he shouted, jumping up.

He chuckled at himself for a second and was about to sit back down, with one hand on top of the chair back-

Thump thump thump

Three knocks pierced the night. Gakupo froze.

Someone... was knocking at the door?

At midnight?

"Who's there?" he called, wondering if it was just the rain-

Thump thump thump thump thump, the knocking went again. It was louder, more insistent.

"Coming, coming..." Gakupo said, inching towards the door. Should I grab a baseball bat, or something? What if this person's dangerous?

He wrapped his hand around the cold steel of the doorknob.

Here goes...

And then he turned it and pulled, flinging the door open. Instantly, he was drenched in the torrentious rain from outside. He squinted through it...

A shape holding an umbrella stood in the doorway. It swayed slightly... and then it stumbled, falling onto him.

"Whoa!" he said, stumbling back with the weight of... him? Her? The person's still-open umbrella fell from her hand, landing lightly on the floor.

Gakupo suddenly realized that it was a woman. He could tell, from the shape of her- but why-? What-?

"Oh..." he heard her moan softly. "Please..."

"What's wrong?" he said anxiously, sensing that something was... off. "Do you need an ambulan-?"

All of a sudden, he felt a hand close around his throat. He didn't even have time to yell as he was slammed into the wall.

Lights burst before his eyes, and a burning pain exploded over his back. He heard a click, and then something circular and cold pressed against his forehead.

Gakupo opened his eyes and realized there was a gun to his head.

And holding that gun with a single, strong arm was a young woman, probably less than twenty years old. She had shiny, long pink hair. It cascaded in subtle waves down her back, except for one small lock that fell over her chest.

Her eyes, of a soft sky-blue color, glowed with triumph and mischievousness.

Those eyes... Gakupo thought, dazed.

She pressed the gun harder into his forehead and his eyes trained on it. He didn't dare move, didn't dare to even breathe. His hands, splayed against the wall, trembled.

And then, she spoke.

"Hey." she said, a smile curling across her lips. "Purple hair. What's your name?"

"G-Gakupo. Gakupo Kamui." he choked out.

"Gakupo, then." she said, turning her head away to inspect the fingernails of her hand. Her other hand was the one curled around his neck, nails already digging red crescent-moons into his skin.

She glanced at him. "Give me food or I'll blow your brains out. Okay?"

She flashed a bright, sarcastic smile at him. There was a silence, dotted only by the sound of falling rain from outside.

"Um?" Gakupo managed to squeak.