Link let out a sigh, another adventure where he had to saved the land from darkness. Termina, though not as bad as Hyrule, was taxing in its own right. Having to relive those same three days to gather the power needed to stop Majora. Making sure the best possible outcome happened for Romani Ranch. Tired did not begin to describe Link. He was mentally exhausted, and it showed. He was slumped forward, head buried in Epona's main as she continued forward down the road away from Termina.

Epona proved she was a smart horse, and a dear friend. She did not whine, nor shift her neck, she simply maintained a steady pace allowing her master to rest. For this, Link was grateful, his mind hazy as it tried to process the events. He nuzzled her mane, he began to mumble to the filly, "Why did I have to get drawn into this? I thought after Ganon I could relax, but now…" Link trailed off as he began to fall asleep. Epona let off a soft nicker, acknowledging his statement, but did not stop. Her trot slowed to a walk so Link would not fall off, and they continued down the path slowly.

Thus taking in their current state, it could be forgiven that their guard was not up. It could be forgiven that Link was not able to prevent what happened next. A green portal opened beneath Epona, and with no time to react both she and her rider were drawn in. Link, it seems, would not be allowed to rest anytime soon.

And so, our story begins.

In the grounds outside the Tristain Magic Academy, many of the students were gathered around for the year's most important event, the Spring Time Familiar Summoning. There had been many summons along with few rare ones. Such as large fire salamander summoned by a red haired, dark skinned beauty known as Kirche. Tabitha, a quiet girl with a staff, had summoned a dragon, which spoke volumes about her strength.

"Okay, has everyone had a chance to summon a familiar?" The professor, a balding man named Colbert, questioned the assembled students.

"Not everyone Sir," Kirche said, a sly smile playing across he lips, "Louise has yet to have a turn." At this chuckle broke out among the students, for they all knew given her record, the girl had Zero chance at summoning a familiar.

"Ah right, Miss Louise would you please step forward." Professor Colbert asked, and a Pink mane began making its way through the throng. Louise Françoise le Blanc de la Vallière, third daughter of the Duke and Duchess Vallière, second year student at Tristain Academy of Magic, and sixteen years old. Too bad her physique makes you think of a child just reaching their teens instead of young woman.

Though Louise walk forward with Confidence in her step it was nothing more than a mask her mother drilled her hold. Inside was a very different story, as insecurities and dark emotions raged. "I have to do this, it needs to succeed. If I can't summon a familiar…" her thoughts trailed off descending into a spiral of depression, before she ruthlessly shoved such thought to the side. If she was going to succeed then she needed to focus. Drawing upon her magic she focused on the ritual at hand. She had studied for this, combing through the library in pursuit of any hint to guarantee a spectacular summon. Then she found it, words from the older wizards telling the hidden truth of the ritual. The familiar reflects the mage is what they are taught in class, but no one really understood that. It is not a matter of power but of will, a measure of your dedication to your magic. With this knowledge in hand Louise began her chant.

"I, Louise Françoise le Blanc de la Vallière,

Call upon the pentagram of five elements.

Oh servant bound to me by fate,

From my Soul I call to thee,

From my Heart I ask of thee,

From my Magic I reach for thee,

Come forth my Familiar!"

An explosion claimed the clearing, the smoke hiding everything from view, there were many discontented mutters from students expecting that very result. The students all began to recover bit by bit. Professor Colbert saw shadow fly past him, running away from the clearing. It resolved itself into a rather lovely young horse, but frightened as it was by the blast the creature showed no signs of stopping. He let out a sigh, and muttered a quick spell from soldier days, a simple incantation that calmed horses. The horse slowed to a trot before settling several meters away.

"Are you okay Mon-Mon?" Questioned Guiche, a thin blond boy with a rose wand, as he extended a hand to assist the girl he spoke to.

"Thank you Guiche." Replied Montmorency, a girl with great curls adorning her hair.

They turned back to the source of the blast, the smoke had cleared enough for them to see Louise, but what of the familiar, if any.

In vast starry void Link was doing his best to calm down Epona, though he honestly wasn't much better off. He didn't understand how this could happen, he just let his guard down for a moment and he was here, given that he was still on Epona she was obviously caught by surprise as well. He managed to calm the filly enough that he could try to grasp the situation at hand. There was nothing around him, just blackness and stars. In spite of this Epona was able to walk forward as if still on solid ground. It was almost like the sacred realm.

Words began to drift through the void, his ears twitched as they picked up on them.

"I, Louise… Vallière,

Call upon… penta… ive elements.

Oh servant bound to me by fate"

Link's eyes widened, he was being summoned. A groan escaped his lips. Why… Why did he have to be called now, couldn't the Goddesses give him a break. The words began to flow more clearly now.

"From my Soul I call to thee,

From my Heart I ask of thee,

From my Magic I reach for thee,

Come forth my Familiar!"

Link saw a flash of light, then suddenly he and was in a explosion. He did not hear Epona's neigh but he felt he buck, tossing him from her back as she sped off through the smoke. Great, he was dizzy, coughing out smoke, and Epona had run away, again! Link had only one response…

"Who in the name of Din blast's the person they summon!" A voice fumed from within the lingering smoke. This had the effect of freezing everyone in the clearing, not because the voice was intimidating, no most could tell the voice belonged to a child. It froze everyone because familiars don't speak, and if they do it isn't until after the binding. The rest of the smoke cleared revealing a rather young boy, at least five years younger than even the youngest person there. He could easily be describe as cute, dressed in a green tunic, lovely blue eyes, golden blond hair and green hood. Oh did we mention the pointed ears, those seemed to have the greatest effect.

Kirche was the first to break the silence, "Louise, you summoned an, elf… child." For the student's this brought a great deal of fear, elves were powerful and held no love for humans. While this boy would not be as strong as an adult it didn't matter, if his parents found him they were all doomed. Well, Louise was doomed, the rest were ready to run and not stop.

Louise didn't feel here peers fear, though she understood the situation, she was far to exhilarated. An Elf, it was more unique than dragons, or griffons, or manticores, no one could call her a failure at magic now. Now she just needed to diffuse the current situation so she could live to brag about it.

Link meanwhile wasn't going to remain idle, rolling back onto his feet he quickly drew his sword and shield while fluidly shifty to a combat stance. He was decidedly less cute now, his eye sharp and focused.

"Now, now. How bout we all calm down here." Professor Colbert spoke in a calm voice even though he too had shifted to a slightly more offence stance. But Link read the underlying message, "attack and I'll destroy you."

Link kept his focus on Colbert as the primary threat, "Where am I?"

"You are at Tristain Academy of Magic." Colbert stated. Seeing the boy gain a look of confusion he elaborated, "In the country of Tristania." The elf-child looked decided lost at this point, his sword hanging limply in his hand. His eye's lost their intensity, trading it away for bewilderment. Colbert mentally sighed, yes it seemed that the boy really was still a child, despite his skill with a blade. Link knew, he Knew, he was no longer anywhere close to Hyrule. First was that they kept calling him an elf, and there was no place called Tristania on any map he had seen. Nor had he heard of it in any of his travels.

"Why am I here." Link asked in quite tones.

"You were summoned, this is the 'Spring Time Familiar Summoning' a ritual for mages to call fourth a… partner of sorts." Colbert explained slowly. He always had respect for the creatures that were summoned, even if the children did not share his opinion. A sentient being such as a human or an elf could not be expected to fall in the same category. Not to mention he had never heard of such a thing happening in the first place.

"Familiar, you mean like a guardian?" Link questioned, immediately thinking of Navi and how she had guided him through his travels. Playing the role of scout and companion, and often the only thing holding him together throughout his trials.

Colbert nodded, "Yes there have been many that have served that role, it always depends on what is summoned to determine the creatures role… Though I will admit this situation is a first." Colbert said though, by now he had gathered enough information to come to his own conclusion. This boy did not display any discomfort around humans, nor had he readied any spells. He obviously did not recognize the country. This boy… he couldn't be… "Tell me… have you ever heard of the continent of Helkeginia, or the country of Romalia?"

Link gave the man a curious look, which all but confirmed it for the professor. No elf, would be unfamiliar with the name of their enemy. This boy brought forth a new mystery about Miss Louise's powers. She certainly had magic even if she couldn't control it, she proved that every time she blew up a classroom. He would need to research this heavily, but till then… "Miss Louise would you finish the ceremony?"

Link was wondering if he should deny it, but considered that if Goddesses allowed him to come here then there must be a reason… he hoped. So, for the moment, Link would go along with them. He sheathed his sword and returned the Hero's shield to his back and waited for his summoner to come forward. He was surprised when it was a girl who looked to only be a year or two older than him.

As for Louise herself, she managed to grow a little nervous when Colbert kept asking questions of her familiar. The professor seemed to see something he wasn't willing to share. This wasn't the first time either, each time she messed up a spell he gained an odd look, like trying to solve some great puzzle. Nodding to his she walked forward to child, "Pentagram of the five elemental powers," she began, touching her wand to the boy's forehead, "Grant your blessing upon this creature, and bind it as my familiar." She finished and then began to lean forward to complete the ritual, ignoring the boy's indignant squawk at being called an 'it'. Her lips met his for moment and she pulled back, this part of the ritual complete. She did not notice Link's widening eyes, or that he seemed to grow a little pale.

Now there were many things Link wanted to say to this girl, one was 'Why did you summon me?' another might be 'I am not an IT!' but those lines did not win. No, after a certain fiasco in Termina the words that came out of the elf boy's mouth after the kiss was, "Your just like those perverted Pirate women aren't you! Get away, I am not going to let you do those weird things to me!" Link accused her with a look of horror on his face. He back peddled quickly and was holding onto his tunic afraid that the strange girl in front him would try to remove it.

A fierce blush broke out on the young nobles face, "I-idiot, don't accuse such things!" Louise shriek, and suddenly the tension that had built since the discovery of the elf boy was broken. Most of the students were laughing at the accusation. This seemed to vilify a few students that it was still Louise the Zero.

Link would have continued his accusation, had it not suddenly felt like someone had taking hot iron to his hand. He hissed at the sensation, clutching his hand, he watched as Runes began to inscribe themselves upon the back of his left hand, the pain left once it was done, but now he was worried. How would the magic react to the Triforce of Courage? As if in response to his will he saw the golden symbol appear briefly before leaving only the runes.

"Well Louise, you managed to successfully contract a familiar on your first try. My I see your hand?" Colbert asked the child, Link obliged the man after making sure the Triforce was not visible. "Hmm, this is a rather specific contract but other than that everything seems fine. Though I don't recognize these runes and…" He trailed off when he noticed a faint outline of a triangle, three triangle, very faint but visible thanks to his close inspection. Before he could say anything link caught his eye, his face conveyed his thoughts on the matter quite clearly. 'Don't speak a word.' "Sorry I thought I had something for a moment." Colbert passed back to Louise without the slightest sign of a lie. "Now everyone, if no one else has to summon a familiar than I declare this ceremony over. Let head back in."

The students descended into an ordered chaos, though a few made to poke fun at Louise by levitating away, Link ignored these as they reminded him of Mido, that and levitation turned you into such an easy target. He saw Epona off to the side and made his way toward his friend. She backed away from him though, still frightened by the explosion. Letting out a sigh, Link pulled his ocarina and brought it to his lips. He played the calming melody that Malon taught him, what seemed like ages ago. Epona's ears perked, after a few moments she walked over to her master, much less skittish than before, but Link didn't stop playing.

Louise stared, She was about to call out to the boy when he started playing. She was silenced by the melody, but noticed he seemed to ignore the filly next to him. His song continued and seemed to take on a hint of sadness. It was no longer the pleasant melody but something deeper, that managed to convey the boys feelings better than words would ever manage. She continue to stand there and watch the boy, and he continued to play the little instrument until the sun turned red in the sky. When he finally stopped, a heavy sigh escaped his lips. "… That was a nice song." Louise said, breaking the silence that had lingered in the air. "I realized through all this I never got your name."

"Link. My name is Link, and I guess I am now your guardian fairy." Link said with a small chuckle. Link waved her off, "Where I first grew up, a forest where those who reside there, The Kokiri, stay children all their live. To keep them out of trouble they were each given a fairy. The fairy would watch over the child, alert them to danger, and mainly be a companion…" Link trailed off as he remembered his friend Navi. "Louise right?" Louise gave a nod. "So, what now?"

"Now, now we go back to the academy." Louise said, motioning for him to follow. They walked into the academy grounds and Link was slightly impressed. It was a rather large castle, not when compared to Hyrule Castle but still this was an academy. Link let out a low whistle as he looked around. "Impressive, this place is fit for nobles, hard to believe that they use it for a school."

"That is because all who attend here are nobles." Louise told him

Link looked at her in shock for a moment before muttering under his breath, "Right, different world, different rules."

"What was that?" Louise questioned.

"Ah, nothing important." Link waved it off hurriedly, there were a few secrets he wanted to keep to himself for now. "Um, is there a stable I can place Epona?" He asked deciding a change in topic would be better.

"Epona?" Louise asked, looking at the boy, then noticing the filly that had been following them through the grounds of the academy. "Oh… so her names Epona, she's very lovely." Louise said looking over the young horse. She was a chestnut brown, but her mane and tail were stark white.

Epona nickered softly while rubbing her muzzle against Link. Link smiled in response and gave the filly a rub along her neck. "Yeah, she has been my friend for most of my travels. I want her well cared for, though she is wild enough to survive the field on her own I know someone will try to take her." Link told her.

Louise nodded, "Follow me."

"Now then, a familiar reflects the mage, your action will all reflect back on me good or bad." Louise explained while she stripped out of her cloths for bed. "So don't go causing trouble, I will have to pay for all the damages… Are you listening!" Louise spun around to find that no, Link was not listening. He was asleep on the hay in the corner of the room. Louise sighed, the boy was going to be troublesome, she just knew it. With a huff the little noble went to bed and was soon dead too the world. Had she stayed awake a little longer she would have seen the first twitch. A sign that something was wrong with the boy's sleep. Had she been up a little longer, she may have heard the whimpered apologies.

Link awoke and bolted into a sitting position. He brought his knees to his chest, his small form rocked with tremors. It was the same dream, one he had a hundred times before. Ever since coming back from the future after Ganondorf was defeated, no… sealed. Sealed with the promise of returning. But that wasn't what scared Link, no for he would face the evil bastard again if need be. No what caused his nightmares was the blasted sword. Seven years… SEVEN DAMNED YEARS! Seven years he could do nothing while Ganondorf raped Hyrule and killed his friends. It didn't matter that everyone was back after the bastard was sealed. It didn't matter that the land was whole again. Because he still remembered the damage, the hopelessness, the pain. Never being fast enough, never being good enough, his friends who became sages. A gift they only received after death, when the power was worthless to them.

He needed air. With that Link rose swiftly, not bothering to take any of his equipment he left the room. Slipping down the tower stairs he moved without being seen for the most part. Soon he was out in the cool night air of the courtyard. Link took several deep breaths, though this did nothing to reduce the tremors. The memories were still fresh in his mind, and why shouldn't they be, everything with Ganondorf happened no less than six months ago. "I just finished beating Majora before being called here." Tears were threatened to spill down his face, as he slowly sank to the ground. "Damn it, this is just so… so…" His internal rant was cut short as a pair of arms wrapped around him.

Link stiffened in surprise, "I dropped my guard, goddesses I must be really be pathetic right now." Before he could continue to tear into his already low mood a voice cut the silence. "Well, well little one, you seem awfully distressed." A surprisingly gentle voice said, surprising because this was one of the one mocking Louise. He looked up into the face of a dark skinned redhead.

"You wouldn't understand." Link mumbled out, while looking down at the ground.

Kirche clicked her tongue, "Perhaps not, but you remind me of another, and if your anything like her then I can't leave you alone right now." She explained to the boy, "So speak your mind, or just cry silently, either way I am not going anywhere." Link looked up at her again for a brief moment, before taking her up on her second offer.