Chosen Sword

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Chapter 8

The flight back to the academy was silent. Tabitha guiding Slephid was gazing impassively at the horizon. Siesta would normally be a combination of fascinated and terrified that she was riding a dragon. Yet such an achievement could not take her attention from the small form curled up against her stomach. Link was sleeping peacefully as he held onto the maid. She gently brushed a few stray strands of hair from his face.

"Why did you leave?" Oh how those words tore at her. Link looked at her the same as her siblings did when she first left to find work. Those innocent eyes, how they wanted to selfishly latch onto the ones they loved and never let go.

"Why are you attached to me so?" Siesta whispered.

"Friend." A monotone voice reached her ears.

"Huh?" Siesta asked, startled to receive an answer.

"Friend." Tabitha stated again, as if that one little word explained everything.

After she thought about it, Siesta realized that it did. She pulled Link a little closer as they flew through the night.

Louise said nothing to Link when he arrived the next morning. She said nothing as they went to her class. Link sensing her mood, wisely kept quiet. She did not speak a word as the ate in the dinning hall, nor when Siesta was the one to deliver her food. Oh she knew what he had done. Kirche made certain of that. That didn't change how upset she was with him. So many things could have gone horribly wrong. Yet he went off and did it anyway. Truly she summoned a troublesome familiar.

When they arrived back at her quarters was when she decided to break her silence.

"Link, while I am happy that everything has worked out, do you know how many ways that stunt you pulled could have gone wrong!" Louise shouted at the boy.

"You could have brought the wrath of Count Mott down on the academy if he had not decided to deal instead. An army sent here to hunt you down and those associated with you. What would you have done then? No, don't answer that." Louise let out a large breath before allowing herself to fall back onto her bed. After a moment she sat up and looked at the elf boy. His eyes locked with hers and she knew exactly what his answer would have been.

"You need to consider the consequences of your actions Link. You can't always win by charging in with your sword held high." Link was looking away from her now. The implications of what could have happened settling in. Louise gazed upon her familiar for a moment before letting out a small sigh.

"I'm tired, let's turn in early." She told him. They were soon dressed in their respective sleep wear. Link had barely laid his head on the covers before a pair of arms encircled him. Louise pulled him close letting their bodies press together. For the longest time there was silence, as they felt each other's warmth and the beating of their hearts. Silence that was broken by soft breaths, telling Louise that Link had fallen to sleep. Louise pressed her face into his hair, taking in the scent of forest that still clung to it. She remained awake as she her mind focused on the child she was holding, how he made her worry with his brash action.

"… Foolish familiar." Louise was then claimed by sleep as well.

Link blearily made his way down the halls of the academy. He rubbed the remaining bits of sand from his eyes as he looked around. Instead of students heading off to the class they were out in the courtyards with their familiars. Many were having their familiars perform tricks or show off. Link stared at them briefly wondering what was going before continuing his trek to the kitchens.

"Ah, Link!" An excited Siesta called out. The maid servant smiled at the elf child who was more than happy to beam back at here.

"Morning Siesta." Link replied happily. He winced slightly when a large hand landed on his scalp and began ruffling his hair. Looking up he saw the grinning face of Marteau.

"Well if it isn't our little hero!" He proclaimed. "Siesta told us all about what you did for her boy."

Link felt his cheeks heating up at the praise. He was never very good at handling the attention. His eyes shifted down as he went quiet.

"Ah, and a modest one it seems. Well you came here for food right? Sit over here then I will give you a meal fit for a king." Marteau boasted while guiding Link to seat on top of some storage containers. Soon Link was treated to a fine stew along with some fresh bread and a glass of milk to wash it all down.

A few minutes later Link let out a contented sigh. "That was great!" He chirped, and was treated to laughter from the staff.

Link went out to the yard of the school to relax. Again he noticed how all the students seemed to be focused on something other than their lessons. It was odd how all of them seemed focused on teaching their familiars some trick or another.

"There you are." Louise's voice came from behind him. Turning around he saw that his partner was quickly advancing towards him.

"Link, this is no time for playing around. We need to come up with a plan." Louise stated as she grabbed hold of Links arm and began dragging him down the halls.

"Plan for what?" Link asked her, confused as to what was so important.

"We need to practice for the Familiar Exhibition."

"The what!?" Link stared at her. He knew what an exhibition was, but still. "Are you sure that is a god idea? Most of the nobles I have met so far are terrified of me."

Louise slowed to a stop as she considered this information. Link was right, an elf seen anywhere out in the open was regarded with hostility and fear. Most of the students at the academy still avoided her when she was with Link. Louise let out a sigh, but perked up after a moment.

"That is no problem, we just need you to where one of your masks." She said excitedly. She began pulling him alongside her with renewed determination.

Link sighed, for some reason he felt that this event was not going to end well. Well, if he was going to do this then he might as try to enjoy it. With that decided he grabbed hold of Louise's hand and started tugging her towards the gates of the castle. "Let's go to the woods then. I would rather practice there."

It didn't take them long to enter the shadow of the forest surrounding the academy. While the trees where nowhere near as big as those in the lost woods, the forest itself still brought comfort to the little boy.

"Well, since you brought me out here I believe you have some idea of what you want to do?" Louise asked him.

Link remained silent, drawing in a deep breath of the surrounding wood. He let the air and the sound of the forest draw him in. He performed an action so familiar to him at this point it might as well be a reflex.

Louise was getting ready to start complaining until she saw Link pull something free of his tunic. It was a simple but elegant flute. It was shaped like a potato, but painted a soft blue. Gold and silver inlay around the neck revealed this to be more than the average instrument. She was struck silent with the first few notes. She stood there as the music seemed to make the forest come to life.

The melody was simple but engaging, it was only due to her surprise that she found herself standing still. The notes seemed to tug at her, encouraging her to move, to dance. Instead of giving in Louise sat down on the forest floor and listened. She listened and watched, watched the emotions that played across Links face as he played the song. She watched as the animals seemed to gather around in a sort of festival to the music. She listened to the melody carry on with no real end, something that was made to be played endlessly.

Louise decided to just let him play for as long as he'd like. She knew, somehow, that link needed this.

It was approaching dusk when Familiar and Master returned to the academyLouise was guiding Link by his hand, as the elf child had managed to wear himself out. She decided to act on his earlier comment, and tugged his hood over his ears. They were expecting people to arrive in the next few days and did not need to arouse suspicion.

"Ah, Miss Valliére." A voice called. Louise turned to see the maid Siesta walking towards them.

"I had wondered where you and Mister Link were. Oh my," she said taking note of Link's state, "what happened?"

"Link managed to tire himself out while practicing for the exhibition." Louise said calmly. A small lie, but she doubted Link wanted his state in the forest spread around.

"Well, we'll just have to fix that. Come along, I will get you both some supper." Siesta told them.

Louise decided to take the offer, she was rather hungry.

That night the gates to the academy swung open as a well guarded carriage made its way up the road. The soldiers were easy to recognize as the palace guard, and members of the Musketeer corps. The Princess had arrived at the academy. It was during the time when they retainers were unpacking that a cloaked figure manage to steal away from the group.

This lithe thing quickly made her way through the castle corridors. She did not pause once in her stride, navigating her way through the tower, each step sure of her destination. Soon the figure stood outside of a door. She gave a polite, but firm rap. There was no answer.

Well that was not going to stop her. Gently she opened the door, slipping inside with nary a rustle from her cloak. She spied her target, curled beneath the blankets of the canopy bed. Closing the entrance behind her she made her way forward.

"Louise." She called softly, not wanting to make alert anyone else of her presence but the pink haired mage.

"Louise, my beloved friend would you wake." The figure said again, while pulling back her hood. Dark hair, managed with a simple circlet of noble metal. The Princess Henrietta of Tristain looked down at the bed with clear blue eyes. The covers shifted slightly and a small moan escaped, protesting the thought of being woken.

"Oh Louise," The Princess bemoaned while reaching for the covers, "I have come all this way the least you could do is… speak… with me."

The Princess trailed off as she caught sight of what previously lay beneath the shielding fabric. She looked down at her friend who had her arms wrapped around a child smaller than her, a child with blond hair and pointed ears.

Louise's eyes opened slowly, though they were still clouded with the fog of sleep.

"Link. Stop kicking away the blanket." She mumbled while reaching out a hand, grasping blindly for the aforementioned item.

"Louise…" Henrietta began again.

The sleep addled girl turned to face the one who called her name. It took a few moments but the fog soon lifted from her eyes and she began stuttering.

"P-P-Princess! W-what are you doing here?"

"Can't I visit my dearest, most faithful friend?" Henrietta asked, then after a short pause she added, "And her new special friend?"

Louise looked down at link for a moment before gasping and sputtering denials of anything like that taking place. "He my familiar!" She shouted, not wanting such a mix up taking place.

"Louise… Go back to sleep. You can argue with Kirche later." Link muttered while moving to a comfortable position now that Louise had released him. This comment only seemed to cause the poor girl to blush. The Princess looked on a small smile forming on her face, surly this would be an interesting tale.

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