Storm Master

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In the center of a small forest clearing a golden haired figure could be seen sitting cross legged with both eyes closed. The ground all around the figure was torn up, the hard ground reduced to soft dirt, several trees lay strewn about blackened and smoking yet dripping wet at the same time. Within all this destruction the figure sat calmly, many seconds passed by before the man in the clearing stirred. He slowly opened his eyes to reveal a pair of light gray orbs, his eyes seemed to float about like a cloud and every few seconds bolts of yellow lightning would crackle across them.

This was Uzumaki Naruto, possessor of the Zokei (Molding) Kekkai Genkai (Bloodline Limit). Naruto, like many other members of the illustrious Uzumaki Clan had been born with the Uzumaki clan Kekkai Genkai, the Zokei. His bloodline limit allowed him to easily mix any of his elemental chakra natures together in order to form an advanced chakra nature, having been born with three chakra affinities, wind, water and lightning this allowed him to use both the Ice and Storm elements.

At merely 12 years old Naruto was essentially a master of his many elements, how was this possible? The Kyuubi no Yoko (Nine-tailed Demon Fox), a Biju (Tailed Beast) of immense power that had attacked Naruto's village the day of the boys birth.

In order to save the village from the Kyuubi, the Yondaime Hokage (Fourth Generation Fire Shadow) was forced to seal it away into a child. An adult would have died from having the demon sealed within them but a child with undeveloped chakra pathways would be able to handle the strain.

That child was Naruto

Naruto had learned much from the demon ever since they met on his fifth birthday. That day Naruto had been kicked out of the orphanage he had lived in for 5 years and was left all alone in the streets, a mob had found him and had proceeded to give him the worst beating imaginable, he had taken so much damage that he had retreated deep into his mind in order to escape the pain.

It was deep within his very mind that Naruto had come upon the seal that held the Kyuubi, the most powerful of the Biju. After years of watching the child and healing him the demon had taken quite an interest in its young vessel and had decided to strike a deal with Naruto, it would assist him in his training in exchange for more freedom within its prison. Naruto had readily agreed to the deal with no reservations, he would have even freed the demon had it asked; after all he held no love for Konoha.

In order to share the blond's senses Kyuubi was forced to introduce more yoki (Demonic Energy) into Naruto's system, this had the side effect of increasing Naruto's limited senses as well as his already advanced healing factor. In exchange for sharing his senses with the Kyuubi, Naruto had been taught a jutsu with nearly limitless potential, the Kage Bunshin (Shadow Clone, and yeah I know 'how cliche' but there's is a reason its so cliche. That Jutsu kicks ass!). The downside to the agreement was that the blond would be in pain for days until his body adjusted to the increase in demonic chakra.

When the pain faded and he could return to his day to day activities, Naruto had put his new jutsu to the test. He had always loved reading and since none of the other children would ever play with him, he always had plenty of time to read. With the Kage Bunshin and Henge (Transformation) Naruto was able to fully absorb all information in the academy library in a short two months, it was within this library that he had learned all about elemental affinities.

A quick check with some chakra paper and he had discovered his own affinity, he had been mildly shocked to discover that he had not one or even two but three elemental natures. According to the Kyuubi he had gained both his wind and lightning affinity from his father, the Yondaime Hokage -the bastard that has cursed him to a life of pain and suffering-. His water affinity however had been gained from his mother, an Uzumaki from the long destroyed Hidden Whirlpool village. Kyuubi had also chosen to inform him of the Kekkai Genkai of the Uzumaki clan.

Unlike the other Uzumaki's however Naruto was the vessel of a chakra construct with power over all the elements, with the Kyuubi within him he gained an unprecedented affinity with his three elements. His affinity for water jutsu surpassed even that of the Nidaime (Second Generation) Hokage who could summon water from thin air to form powerful jutsu, the only beings that surpassed Naruto in elemental affinity were the nine Biju themselves.

Using the Kage Bunshin, Naruto had set about to completely mastering his elemental natures and bloodline, at first he could only make a few dozen clones but thanks to the chakra control exercises he had read about and his large reserves he was able to increase his limit to a few hundred after the first few months.

The first elemental exercises like cutting a leave with wind chakra, separating the water from a container of mud and lighting a light bulb had all been easy for him to master. The advanced ones however, like cutting a boulder with wind chakra, drawing water from the air and using lightning chakra to power a generator, had taken him a few months even with the clones.

By the time he was ten years old Naruto was a master of using the wind, water and lightning elements, with his high affinity he could bend those very elements to his whim with a single thought.

After mastering his elemental chakra natures Naruto had moved onto creating his own jutsu, the D to S rank jutsu library was off limits for academy students and was guarded around the clock by ANBU squads so he was unable to learn jutsu that way and Kyuubi, being a demon of nigh infinite chakra and power, had no use for the elemental jutsu shinobi used.

Luckily for him though, the Kyuubi was quite knowledgeable in pure chakra manipulation and managed to give him some advice, thanks to this Naruto was able to create several original elemental jutsu; most of which didn't even require hand seals.

While his Bunshin read scrolls, trained his bloodline, and polished off his chakra control, Naruto himself was busy training his body. With the Kyuubi's assistance he spent several years simply conditioning his body using weights, strenuous exercise, a proper diet -copious amounts of the Henge had been needed for this one- and some yoki -this had been mostly Kyuubi's idea- until he reached peak physical form. He had also discovered that with his advanced healing factor and the fabled longevity of the Uzumaki clan he would never have to worry about his body growing weaker, it would always remain in perfect physical form -although he would still age, he just wouldn't show it-. He could lay unmoving in a bed for a full year and his muscles would never atrophy, this put him miles above most other ninja.

Although he did plenty of strength training, Naruto's body was mostly built for speed. His form was lithe and athletic with almost zero body fat, giving him the body of a swimmer or athlete instead of a fighter. This didn't mean he was weak though, while he looked thin and fast he could also pack a punch. Over the years, the Kyuubi chakra flowing though him and healing him had strengthened his body to the point where he could easily punch through steel without the use of chakra; he was also faster than most shinobi twice his age and quite durable. His healing factor could heal large wounds in a few seconds and smaller wounds in minutes; the more life threatening the wound, the faster it healed.

As well as conditioning his body Naruto had created and mastered his own Taijutsu (Body Technique) style. He called it Denki-ken (Electric fist), it was a style similar to the Hyuuga's Juken (Gentle fist) except it used Lightning chakra with each blow. He had created the style after reading about the Legendary Sannin Tsunade and her ability to disrupt the electric waves in the human body with a single touch, the katas for the style had been created by watching the Hyuuga clan as they practiced. Using his style Naruto could easily paralyze his opponents with small shocks to the nervous system or kill them by stopping the heart or frying the brain. It was a powerful style that relied heavily on his speed and elemental control, two things Naruto had in spades.

Naruto had also taken up a weapon at the suggestion of the Kyuubi, he had yet to find the correct weapon since civilians weren't allowed in ninja shops but he already had an idea for what type of weapon he would use. Using a slew of scrolls and some trial and error Naruto was able to create a weapon style that fit him properly, the style could be used with a variety of weapons but it worked best with staff like weapons such as a bo staff, pike, spear or jo staff. The style was named Nami o Funsai (Crushing Wave), it relied heavily on speed and strength in order to overpower and crush the opponent. While the style worked better with bladed weapons, Naruto could use any form of weaponry as well. He did however have plans to have a specific weapon created at some point that would work perfectly with the style.

The last skill he had dabbled in were those of Fuinjutsu (Sealing Techniques) but due to a lack of instruction on the art he was only a novice at best. Seal masters were rare to come by and books on sealing were even rarer, this made it nearly impossible for him to learn more than the basics of the art. Still, even though he was just a novice in the subject, Naruto had discovered that he had great potential in the sealing arts. He was able to take some basic, low rank seals and combine them in order to create one big complex seal with almost no effort on his part. Both he and Kyuubi looked forward to learning more about the art.

While his Ninjutsu (Ninja Techniques), weaponry and Taijutsu were leagues above others his age -and even some three times his age- Naruto found himself quite weak in two areas, Genjutsu (Illusionary Techniques) and Medical Ninjutsu. Due to his large chakra reserves Naruto lacked the control needed to cast most Genjutsu and all Medical Ninjutsu. In order to combat this weakness he trained himself to be able to detect and break most Genjutsu while his healing was simply left in the Kyuubi's paws.

Of course all of his training had been done in secret but if anyone had truly known about Uzumaki Naruto's true skills they would label him a prodigy above all others.

Naruto smirked as he saw the damage his training had caused to the training ground, he was currently deep within the Forest of Death since it was the only place he could truly train without being spied upon and the dangers of the forest helped to further hone his skills.

As he gazed around, the storm cloud within his eyes slowly faded away leaving them sapphire in color. His Dojutsu (Eye Technique) had been a birthday gift from the Kyuubi after Naruto had mastered his affinities to the point that even the demon lord was impressed.

His Dojutsu, known as the Arashigan (Storm Eye), was said to have abilities that -according to Kyuubi- rivaled those of the Sharingan in all its stages -this had of course led to a talk about Uchiha Madara and his role in the Kyuubi's attack on the village as well as the demons need for vengeance.-

In its first stage the Arashigan simply turned his eyes cloudy while drops of rain seemed to fall within them. With the Arashigan activated Naruto gained an increase in perception and the ability to see chakra. He could also use his eyes to copy and replicate any water, wind or lightning natured jutsu he viewed as well as pierce through D to B class illusions with ease, unlike the Sharingan however he was unable to cast Genjutsu with his eyes alone nor could he copy Taijutsu styles and body movements.

The second stage of the Arashigan, the Haran Arashigan (Raging Storm Eye), appeared in the form of a storm cloud with lightning flashing across the surface every few seconds. It further increased his perception and his chakra sight, with the Haran he could see chakra in different colors allowing him to tell what element was being used before the jutsu was even launched.

Like the Mangekyou Sharingan, the Haran also granted Naruto four powerful abilities, unlike the Mangekyou though the Haran could only be unlocked through hard work and training.

The four techniques of the Haran were Raijin (Thunder God), Suijin (Water God), Fujin (Wind God) and Ryujin (Dragon Sea God).

There was another level known as the Immortal Haran Arashigan but he had yet to unlock this, it could only be unlocked when all four techniques of the Haran were mastered. Without mastering the Haran and unlocking the Immortal Haran, Naruto would slowly lose his sight; his healing factor slowed the effect down but it was unable to completely stop his eyes from further deteriorating.

"Impressive Naruto, you never cease to amaze me." Kyuubi's deep voice rumbled within the boys mind. "What will you call this new jutsu?"

Naruto took a moment to examine the damage his technique had left before replying.

'Ranton: Sawagi (Tempest)' the boy replied within his mind.

"Ah, a fitting name." The demon stated in an even tone "Now you should hurry up and prepare for class, today is a special day."

A small smile crossed Naruto's face as he nodded, today was indeed a special day.

"The day I leave this village behind." Naruto whispered as he stood.

Checking himself over he made sure he was fully prepared to leave. He checked for the scrolls that held all his possessions and looked himself over to make sure his clothes were still in perfect condition. He caught his reflection in a nearby puddle and smirked.

Naruto was quite tall for his age, at 5'2 he was one of the tallest boys in his class. His body was lithe and well toned, his face was thin and regal with high cheekbones and soft features that made him look more like a noble than a fighter. He had small pouty lips, long eye lashes that accentuated his bright sapphire eyes, a small nose, and small ears that were a bit pointed at the tips. All in all he made for quite the handsome teen and in a few short years he would be a real heart-throb.

His hair was long and shaggy, falling down to his mid back with two long bangs on each side that dropped down to his chin. According to Kyuubi, his facial structure and hairstyle made him look like a younger clone of his father; not that any of the anger-blind villagers would have noticed.

Since civilians were forbidden to buy shinobi gear, his clothing and tools consisted of gear that he had managed to salvage off the corpses found within the forest. Just two years ago the chunin exams had been held in Konoha and Naruto had been able to salvage quite a lot, add in the few ANBU and lower ranked shinobi that died patrolling the deeper recesses of the forest and he had put together quite the outfit.

He wore an iron mesh shirt as armor beneath his clothing with a black ANBU full-body suit over top (Black version of Gai and Lee's green suit except not as skin-tight.) Unlike most ANBU suits he had found, this pair had the arms attached instead of being bare from the shoulders down. On his torso he wore the white flak jacket of Kumo (Cloud) with the single strap going over his left shoulder. On his legs were the red and white shin-guards from Kumo but they were wrapped and concealed with black bandages.

Around his waist was a simple black belt with an Iwa style belt buckle, attached to the left side of the belt was a single hip pouch that contained his sealing supplies, two vials of ink, one vial of blood and three brushes; each one a different size. On the opposite hip he had three small scrolls attached to his belt, two were blanks for seals and the last contained all his worldly possessions and some other seals. Around his right thigh he had a small weapons pouch that contained ten shuriken and kunai with many more sealed within. Lastly Naruto wore a pair of black combat boots from Kumo and a set of finger less gloves with metal plating on the back, these he had found on a Konoha jonin. He had also acquired the forehead protector around his neck from the same man, the leaf symbol had been quickly scratched out soon afterwards.

Each and everyone of his clothes had a set of basic clean and repair seals stitched onto them, the seals when activated would clean off dust and dirt from his clothing and repair minor wear and tear.

Naruto smirked slightly at his reflection before it faded and was replaced by the visage of the Kyuubi.

"Normally I wouldn't mind you standing around and ogling my visage." Kyuubi grumbled in an impatient tone "But we don't have time for that right now."

Naruto smirked and rolled his eyes.

'Yeah, yeah I'm hurrying.' He replied in an amused tone.

Drawing one of his scrolls Naruto opened it to reveal a collection of sheets with seals drawn onto them. Selecting one from the end he ripped it out of the scroll and stuck it to his chest before he made the ram sign.

"Fuin!" Naruto intoned.

The seal on his chest glowed with a blue light before he was covered in smoke. The smoke cleared a few moments later to reveal a different Naruto in place of the old one.

This Naruto was at least four inches shorter than before with no muscle definition and a slightly plump body. His hair was short and spiky and was held up by a pair of green goggles. He wore an orange jumpsuit with a pair of blue ninja sandals.

"Thank god I don't have to wear this monstrosity ever again." Naruto sighed in relief.

The seal he had applied was one of his own creations, it was a variation of a basic Henge seal mixed with a basic Genjutsu seal. Those two seals added with a slight touch based Genjutsu seal created what would look and feel like a real form. The Genjutsu and Henge seals made him look different while the touch seal made others feel what they expected to feel.

"I agree, we should burn this horrid jumpsuit once the day is done." Kyuubi added with a slight shudder.

Naruto nodded in reply. He couldn't burn the actual jumpsuit but he had plenty of spare henge seals remaining.

Over the years he had built a second persona while in the academy, to everyone he was nothing more than a dumb prankster and loud mouthed loser. The persona had been Kyuubi's idea since the villagers would have most likely had a fit if he did well in class, the fact that most of the teachers worked hard to sabotage him was proof of that.

Another reason for his persona was so they would underestimate him when the time came, no one knew his true skills or abilities and that was just the way he wanted it.

"Right then, time for my last day of class." Naruto muttered putting the scroll away.

The calm, collected expression on his face slowly vanished and in its place was the happy, carefree mask he had spent so much time building. To others he was simply the happy, carefree dobe (Dead Last) of the academy.

Making the ram seal once more Naruto vanished with a Kiri (Mist) Shunshin (Body Flicker) leaving only a puddle of water behind

Naruto sighed with boredom as he waited for his turn, he glanced around at the students remaining in the room. On one side of the room were those that had passed, there were a few civilian kids but the majority were clan kids.

Big surprise.

On the other side of the room were the ones that had yet to be tested, namely him, the Yamanaka heiress and some strange kid named Sai, no last name.

The sound of a door opening drew his attention and he looked over to see Uchiha Sasuke exiting the room with a headband in his hand. A few of his fan girls that had passed cheered for the boy but Sasuke simply ignored them and took a seat by the window.

'Arrogant prick.' Naruto thought with an inward sneer. He had always hated the Uchiha clan since many of their members had enjoyed using him for target practice years ago. While he couldn't fault Sasuke for the crimes of his family, the prick just made it impossible to not hate him. He was arrogant, egotistical and pretty much a bastard to those who didn't worship the ground he walked on.

"Just like the rest of his filthy clan." Kyuubi snarled within its cage.

Naruto smirked at this, the demons hate for the Uchiha clan outshone even his own and with good reason too.

'Maybe not all of them, after all Itachi did us a large favor wiping them all out.' Naruto replied.

Kyuubi grunted.

"I would have preferred for us to have been the ones that slaughtered them, not some filthy monkey." The demon commented "Besides Madara's putrid scent was all over the place, the massacre was most likely his idea and this 'Itachi' was nothing more than a puppet."

Naruto's reply was cut off by the sound of his name being called, standing up he made his way to the examination room.

'About damn time.' He grumbled to himself.

"Alright Naruto, in order to pass you just need to perform the Bunshin no jutsu (Clone Technique)." Iruka commented once the blond entered the room. "You need at least three clones to graduate."

Unlike most other teachers in the academy Iruka was one of the few that actually treated him fairly. He was perhaps the only person in the village, other than the Sandaime, who saw him as a person and not the demon he contained.

(Remember he doesn't eat ramen so he doesn't know the Ichirakus.)

"Sure thing Iruka-sensei!" Naruto replied cheerfully. His hands went up and he prepared to perform the jutsu only to feel a nearby spike of chakra.

Naruto turned his gaze to the source and noticed it was Mizuki, the second instructor. Like Iruka, Mizuki was kind to him as well and offered him help should he ever need it. Unlike Iruka though Naruto could easily see the malice held in Mizukis eyes, he never trusted any advice the man gave him nor did he go asking for any.

'What's he up to?' Naruto pondered performing the Bunshin jutsu. His answer came in the form of two sickly looking clones laying around him.

"He disrupted the jutsu, he's trying to make you fail." Kyuubi growled in anger.

Their entire plan had depended on him passing the exam, if he passed he could enter the shinobi library and 'acquire' several scrolls before leaving the village. Thanks to Mizuki though that plan had just been shot straight to hell.

"I'm sorry Naruto, you fail." Iruka stated in a sad tone.

Mizuki open his mouth to say something.

Naruto however wasn't listening to the conversation between Iruka and Mizuki, all he could think about was the fact that months of planning had just been destroyed by a spiteful chunin.

In an angry daze he stomped out of the school and made his way towards his apartment.

'All right Kyu, new plan.' Naruto ground out 'We kill Mizuki, painfully. Steal the scrolls the hard way and make a run for it. Oh and did I mention killing Mizuki very painfully?'

He could practically feel the demons glee at his comment.

"Hey Naruto, wait up!" A voice shouted from behind him as he neared his apartment.

Naruto seethed as he recognized the chakra signature slowly approaching him, Mizuki.

'Damn it, its still light out and there are too many witnesses to just gut the bastard.' He cursed as he turned around with a sad expression on his face

"Yes sensei?" He asked in a defeated tone.

"You got a few minutes?" Mizuki asked with what was clearly a fake smile on his face.

Naruto allowed a devious grin to cross his face as he saw Mizuki leap away.

'This is perfect!' He cheered inwardly.

"You do realize its a trap right?" Kyuubi commented as Naruto made his way home to prepare.

'Of course I do but Mizuki wants that scroll desperately.' Naruto replied with a wide grin 'He'll make sure I don't get caught until I'm at the meeting spot, then he can pin it all on me after he gets what he wants.'

"Its quite the devious plan, ingenious even." Kyuubi stated smirking.

'And it totally benefits us. With everyone looking for us the Shinobi library will be left unguarded, we can still continue the plan.' Naruto added as his grin slowly grew wider 'And as a bonus we get a shot at the Hokage's vault, I didn't even know about that.'