Storm Master

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Naruto lay in wait within the shadows of the room, sneaking into the hidden mist village had be quite simple for him. Getting into the Mizukage tower? Far simpler. He was now one floor below Yagura's office and could easily feel the Mizukage's aura right above him. Pulling out a small circular device Naruto pressed the red button on top and waited.

The plan was for the rebels to cause a distraction while he took down Yagura, Mei would assist the rebels while slowly making her way towards the tower in case Naruto required assistance; not that anyone thought he would after seeing his skills over the last week.


On the final count he heard what sounded like explosions on the other side of the village. Up above he felt Yagura's chakra spike as it was soon joined by another, the other stayed in the room for several seconds before leaving quickly. After that Naruto smiled as he felt all chakra signatures within his range head towards the rebels while Yagura remained in place.

'Here I go.' He thought with a small chuckle before a ball of pure chakra formed in his hands. 'Thanks for this dad.' He added sadly.

The Rasengan (Spiraling Sphere) had been one of the first jutsu he had tackled in the Namikaze clan scrolls, it was his fathers first original jutsu and one that he had gained some of his fame from. Naruto had worked three times as hard to learn and master it, after a week with his clones he could easily summon a Rasengan in either hand in a second. He was now working on mastering the variations of the jutsu his father had created as well as completing it by adding an element to the technique, something that was proving to be very difficult; even for a master of the elements.

"Rasengan!" Naruto shouted as he slammed the ball of chakra into the ceiling above him.

The roof exploded upwards and the blond haired teen soared into the room above. Unfortunately, Yagura had felt the chakra used to make the Rasengan and had dodged quickly.

"Who are you?" The young Mizukage asked in an even, almost emotion less tone.

Naruto gave him a wild grin. "Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto, your executioner." He replied cheerfully.

Yagura's eyes narrowed slightly. "The Kyuubi Jinchuriki" he stated evenly.

Naruto sighed as an annoyed look appeared on his face "Worst kept secret Jiji." He muttered under his breath.

"So Konoha has sided with the rebels." Yagura continued.

Naruto's grin returned as he fingered the scratched out headband around his throat. "Nope, just me."

"Interesting." Yagura muttered "Why don't you join with me then Namikaze, I'm sure you know that I too am a Jinchuriki. We should be working together not fighting each other."

Naruto frowned slightly then shook his head "I agree with you there but I can't abide the slaughter of innocent people just because they're different." He replied referring to the bloodline purges Yagura had ordered.

"And you think the rebels are any different? Look at you, just a child yet they send you against a Kage." Yagura countered showing some anger on his face "You must know that you have no chance, they're just hoping we somehow manage to kill each other off."

Naruto chuckled and shook his head.

"Perhaps if I were still a Konoha-nin I would have been swayed by your words but the rebels have shown me nothing but respect since I joined." Naruto replied thinking back to all the smiling faces that had surrounded him in the rebel base, none had shown him any hate or malice, even after finding out he was a Jinchuriki. To them he wasn't a demon; he was their savior. "And you ask why they set me against you? Because they know I can defeat you and they trust me to do so."

Yagura's face returned to its impassive state. "Very well Uzumaki, you have chosen your side and I mine. I have no choice but to kill you." Yagura stated as he drew the large staff on his back. It was a strange looking weapon with a large hook on one end and a smaller hook on the other end, at the center of the staff was a green flower.

Yagura spun the staff around once before vanishing in a blur. He appeared above Naruto with one hand in the Hare seal while the other held his weapon pointed down at the blond teen.

"Suiton: Sodai Kaisaku (Great Excavation)" Yagura intoned.

Mist swirled around his staff for a second before it became a drill shaped torrent of water. Yagura pulled back his arm and thrust the spinning drill towards the blond teen as he fell. The drill stabbed the surprised teen in the gut and drilled all the way through him.

Yagura however wasn't surprised when the Naruto he had stabbed exploded into smoke and another one came rushing at him from a shadowed corner with a ball of chakra in his hand.

"Rasengan!" Naruto shouted as he thrust the ball of chakra towards the Mizukage.

He was caught off guard when the water drill around Yagura's staff exploded and the torrent of water sent them both flying.

The water from the technique quickly filled up the room and most of the tower before both shinobi were sent flying out the windows and to the ground below. Naruto landed steadily on his toes while Yagura clung to the wall of the tower with the large hook of his staff. Water rained down around them but the two ignored it as they stared at each other, waiting for a chance to strike.

A large sheet of cold water fell between them and the two shinobi vanished. Naruto drew two kunai from his pouch and countered a downward strike from Yagura's staff, he dodged the following strike and closed the distance between them while Yagura was still over extended. Both kunai were poised to strike but his eyes widened when he saw a small smirk on the Mizukage's face.

"Kenjutsu: Saki Hana (Blooming Flower)"

The green flower at the center of the staff seemed to release a thin mist before senbon-shaped spikes of water shot out the center and stabbed Naruto's head as he passed it.

Naruto stood with numerous water needles in his head and a shocked expression on his face before his form exploded in smoke.

'Another clone.' Yagura thought in annoyance.

The Mizukage didn't even waste a moment as he spun around and swung his staff to counter the two kunai aimed at his back.

Both projectiles shattered from the force of his blow and the pieces were sent flying back. Naruto dodged to the side and drew five shuriken with one hand before sending them flying at his opponent.

"Ninpo: Shuriken Kage Bunshin (Ninja Art: Shuriken Shadow Clone)"

Five shuriken multiplied into fifty as they bore down on the Mizukage.

Yagura stuck his staff to his back and used both hands to make seals quickly.

"Suiton: Suijinheki (Water Encampment Wall)"

The water laying on the ground around them quickly rose to form a protective barrier around Yagura's form, the shuriken struck the barrier and some were repelled while others drilled their way in and remained in the barrier.

Yagura's eyes widened slightly when the water surrounding the shuriken instantly froze, the entire barrier was turned to ice in less than a second.

'He reinforced them with wind chakra? I couldn't even sense it.'

Drawing his staff Yagura prepared to smash the barrier but his eyes widened when a yellow glow surrounded the barrier and a voice shouted out.

"Raiton: Raijin no Kobushi (Fist of the lightning god)"

Yagura's world exploded in pain as a powerful bolt of lightning struck the ice barrier, the lightning was channeled through the shuriken and struck the Mizukage from various angles. After what felt like hours to him the lightning dissipated as it was channeled into the ground by the surrounding water and Yagura fell to his knees, smoke rose from his form but the Mizukage remained conscious.

Naruto stalked up to the kneeling form of the Mizukage with two kunai in hand.

"Give up Yagura, you can't win." He stated.

Yagura was breathing deeply now and his body twitched slightly from the lightning that had coursed through him.

"Don''m..just..getting...started." He grit out.

Naruto rose a single brow before chuckling. "Underestimate you? Oh no, I don't have time to play around with you Yagura, the rebels need my help." He stated in a serious tone "In fact if there wasn't so much water around you would already be dead, Raijin no Kobushi is an S rank jutsu that should have left you as a pile of smoking ash."

Yagura's eyes widened slightly as he struggled to stand. Naruto watched him for a few seconds before speaking again.

"Surrender and receive a trial at the hands of the next Mizukage, continue fighting and I will kill you."

Yagura stared at him with a blank expression before his eyes flashed with rage and ocean blue chakra exploded around his form.

"Surrender? Surrender! Why don't you just die!" Yagura shouted as the blue chakra completely covered him.

The surrounding water leapt at the Mizukage and began taking form as more and more water was added. After a few seconds Yagura was gone and the Sanbi no Kyodaigame (Three-Tailed Giant Turtle) stood in his place.

Yagura's demon form was at least 20 feet tall and its tails were at least twice that length. It towered over most surrounding buildings with only the Mizukage tower being taller.

The Sanbi leaned its head back and let loose a loud roar as its tails reduced a few of the surrounding buildings into rubble. Naruto was quite glad that the buildings around the tower were empty of life, most civilians in Kiri lived closer to the gates while the shinobi lived by the tower.

"Naruto!" A voice called from behind.

Naruto turned his head slightly and smiled when he saw the forms of Mei, Ao and Chojuro several meters behind him. They looked worse for wear but none had any serious injuries.

"We've won Naruto!" Mei shouted with a wide smile "Yagura's the last one left!"

Naruto returned her smile with a huge grin and a thumbs up, ignoring the large demon behind him.

"What do you need us to do?" Ao shouted as both he and Chojuro were staring at the Sanbi with slight fear.

Naruto vanished with a buzz and appeared beside Mei a split second later, the three were used to his incredible speed but they were still taken by surprise.

"I can handle the Sanbi, the three of you head for the tower." He said with a small grin "Yagura flooded the whole place so try save what you can before its too late."

Mei and Ao nodded while Chojuro released a sigh of relief.

"Ao and I will go, Chojuro you head back to our forces and make sure none of the men panic at seeing the Sanbi." Mei ordered.

Chojuro nodded shakily before turning and dashing off. Mei glanced at the Sanbi once more before giving Naruto a bone-crushing hug.

"Be careful cousin." She whispered.

Naruto grinned.

She returned his smile before dashing for the tower with Ao. Naruto turned back to the Sanbi who was still smashing buildings with a frenzy.

"The boy isn't in control." Kyuubi commented "He must have been too weakened by your jutsu to assert control over Sanbi."

Naruto nodded in understanding and raised a single hand towards the Sanbi. A bolt of lightning leapt from his fingers and struck the Sanbi in the forehead. The simple attack barely fazed the demon but it did draw its attention.

"Filthy insect, you dare attack me? I should crush you where you stand!" Sanbi roared before something flickered in its eyes and it inspected Naruto closely. A wide grin seamed to break out on the Sanbi's face as it released a chuckle. "Kyuubi you old Fox, you went and got yourself sealed huh? And by Shinigami-sama no less, that means if I kill your vessel you'll die too!"

Sanbi released another roar as its chakra spiked. A ball of chakra and water began to form in front of its mouth and grew to humongous proportions.

"Die insect, Suiton: Bijudama (Tailed Beast Ball)"

The ball of concentrated chakra and water flew towards Naruto at high speeds.

"Kit, if that hits it will destroy over half the village, deal with it carefully." Kyuubi warned.

Naruto nodded and flew through a set of hand seals.

"Ranton: Saikuron (Storm Release: Cyclone)" he shouted before taking a deep breath and blowing out.

A swirling vortex of water, wind and lightning escaped his lips and grew as it rose towards the Bijudama. The ball of concentrated chakra and water was sucked into the swirling vortex which flew into the sky and exploded. Water rained down from the sky but the attack had been deflected.

"Impressive, let's see how you handle this!" Sanbi roared as its three tails came up in front of its mouth and its chakra spiked once more.

Instead of another Bijudama the demon formed two balls of chakra and water.

"Suiton: Bijudama!" Sanbi roared again as the two balls were launched at the blond teen.

"You need to end this Naruto, Sanbi uses up less chakra by adding water to his attacks. He'll be able to fire those things for hours without tiring." Kyuubi growled.

Naruto nodded 'I'll end this with my next move' he replied as his blue eyes clouded over and the Haran Arashigan formed.

Looking up he could see the mass of pure blue chakra that was the Sanbi as well as a speck of greenish blue chakra that was Yagura, the strange thing was the pitch black chakra that was situated in the Mizukage's brain.

'Black chakra? That means..'

"Madara!" Kyuubi roared angrily "You can't save the boy Naruto, Madara must have spent years reinforcing his control on the boy. You won't be able to break it."

'I know Kyu but I swear Madara will pay, not just for the lives he ruined in Konoha but those here in Kiri as well. I will avenge the hundreds if not thousands of lives Madara has ruined.'

Tears of blood trailed down the teens cheeks as his chakra spiked in his anger.

'I'm sorry Yagura.'

"Suijin!" He whispered as the twin Bijudama's neared.

A wave of pitch black water formed before him and shot towards the two attacks. The black water hit the two balls and continued flying towards the Sanbi. The two Bijudama's seemed to simply dissolve and vanish as the black water spread over them, the same happened to the Sanbi. The Suijin struck it directly in the chest and seemed to mix with Sanbi's own watery form, the black waters quickly began spreading dissolving everything in there path.

This was the power of the Suijin, the counter to the Amaterasu of the Mangekyou. The waters would dissolve anything they touched until there was nothing left behind, unlike the Amaterasu though it only lasted for three days and nights.

"No! No! What are you doing, Stop it! Stop it! Noooooooooo!" Sanbi roared as its form wavered and fell, the waters had devoured its host. With Yagura dead the Sanbi was no more but it would reform in a few short years.

With Sanbi and Yagura gone Naruto poured his remaining chakra into his eyes and tried to stop the Suijin. The surrounding area may have been destroyed by Sanbi but given three days the Suijin would easily dissolve all of Kiri, he needed to stop it. Unfortunately he had never been able to stop the technique before, that could only be achieved with mastery over the Suijin.

'Damn it, damn it! I should have stopped him another way.' Naruto cursed mentally 'The Suijin will destroy everything if I can't stop it, I need to stop it!'

An image of Mei rose unbidden to his mind.


She was hugging him? He had never been hugged before.

It felt nice.

"Be careful cousin."

Naruto was struck dumb.

'She's worried about me?'

He could only smile back, unsure what to say. Iruka and the Sandaime had both shown him kindness but they had never truly shown worry for him.

-Flashback End-

'I need to protect her, she's my family.'

Ao, Chojuro and the rebels came next.


"Ugh, what is this? It smells weird." Naruto grunted holding the cup away from his face. Chojuro copied his actions with a disgusted look on his face.

The others around the table chuckled.

"Its sake kid, try it." Ao advised with a sip of his own cup.

"I-isn't that f-for a-adults?" Chojuro asked sniffing the cup once more.

"Be a man and drink up Chojuro, we're going to war tomorrow." Ao replied

"Yeah, we're all friends here so drink up." A nearby rebel added, this was met by cheers all around.

"Friends?" Naruto asked with slightly wide eyes, other than Kyuubi he hadn't really had friends before. None of the adults in the village wanted the demon corrupting their children.

"Of course," another rebel replied "if we're gonna fight together then we're definitely gonna drink together."

-Flashback End-

'I need to protect my friends.'

Next was the gloom and darkness that pervaded over Kiri as he crept towards the Mizukage tower.


'Ugh, this place is a mess.' Naruto thought with an upturned nose.

All around him houses lay in wreckage, the closer he got to the tower the worse it got.

The war had been going on for a while now and most of the homes closer to the tower had been destroyed in the crossfire. The rest had been burned down by the loyalist forces during the bloodline purge.

'I can't wait till this war is over, Mei-chan promised to make the village better than ever.' Naruto thought stepping into the shadow of another destroyed home 'I'll help her make this place better than Konoha could ever be, that's a promise of a lifetime..'

-Flashback End-

'My new home! I can't let it be destroyed, I made a promise'

Something seemed to snap inside him and Naruto felt the last of his chakra drain away before the black waters stopped in their tracks and evaporated into mist that vanished a moment later.

His vision tunneled and he felt himself falling, distantly he could hear voices calling his name but only one voice pervaded, the one that came from deep within his mind.

"Good job kit, you mastered the Suijin, only three more left to go."

Naruto awoke with a groan and found himself laying in a soft bed.

'Where am I, what happened?'

"About time you woke up kit." Kyuubi answered in a slightly worried tone "You used up all your chakra stopping the Suijin and advancing the Haran"

'Ugh, chakra exhaustion? How lame, how long was I out?' He asked with another groan, his entire body ached.

"About two days, the woman has been checking on you every few hours." Kyuubi replied "Did I mention you advanced your eyes? You know, less of a chance of you going blind in the future."

'Mei was?' Naruto asked but only got some grumbles from the Fox in reply. Naruto snorted as he stood and made his way to the bathroom 'Oh I'm sorry, I was more concerned over my present health not what might happen in the future.'

"You do realize you have a healing factor don't you?" Kyuubi muttered.

'So what? I can still die from chakra exhaustion.'

"Whatever." The demon grumbled.

Naruto stood before the mirror and activated his Haran. He immediately noticed the difference in his eyes when the clouds appeared. They much darker than usual and after a moment rain began to fall within his Dojutsu like it would with the normal Arashigan, however the rain drops were black in color instead of the normal blue and were constantly illuminated by the golden arcs of lightning.

'Neat.' Naruto stated evenly.

"Neat? Neat! Do you know how long I spent coming up with that design?" Kyuubi roared.

'Like five minutes?' Naruto deadpanned.

The demon grumbled but didn't reply.

With his outfit on Naruto made his way towards the door, he was about to grab the handle when the door swung open and the surprised form of Mei stood on the other side.

"Naruto? You're all right!" Mei shouted grabbing him in a hug.

Naruto smiled softly as he hugged her back.

"I'm fine Mei-chan, I just used too much chakra in the fight."

"I know but I was still worried about you." She replied releasing him "Are you sure you should be moving? Chakra exhaustion usually lasts a week."

"I'm fine Mei-chan, good as new." Naruto answered "So, anything happen while I was out?"

Mei looked him over once more before deciding he looked fine.

"Not much really, we just had to fortify the city from outside forces. Mostly everyone saw the Sanbi fall and the last of Yagura's loyalists surrendered soon after that." Mei explained walking down the hallway with Naruto close behind.

"Ao, Chojuro and I have been going over the files we managed to save as well as working out a plan to rebuild the village." She continued "I have a meeting with the Daimyo later today so we might be able to ask for some help."

Naruto nodded along. "So what do you want me to do?" He asked after a few minutes.

"Well what do you want to do? We had a deal Naruto and you've proven your power, you can have any rank and position you want." Mei replied stopping and turning to look at him.

Naruto grinned up at her "Well I'm fine with being a genin for a while, I don't really want to jump up the ranks like that." He confessed "I do want to start my own unit though, something to replace the Seven Swordsmen"

Mei rose a single brow "You know how to use a weapon?" He nodded "Why don't you just reform the Seven Swordsmen? You already have Chojuro and his sword and I'm sure I know where to find the others."

Naruto shook his head slightly at the suggestion. "I'm not very proficient with a sword, plus I don't really like the number seven -according to Kyuubi, the Nanabi (Seven Tails) was really annoying- I was thinking something more along the lines of the Kyu Hane no Kiri." He explained.

Mei gained a thoughtful expression as she mused it over before giving him a small grin "The Nine Blades of the Mist? It has a nice ring to it, I like it." She said earning a grin from Naruto.

Pulling out a small sheet of paper Mei scribbled something on it and handed it over "Go to this address, its the home of Shu Gabane, a blacksmith and creator of the mists seven swords; he might have some of the missing blades."

Naruto grinned as he took the sheet and nodded.

"Ao and I will work on rebuilding the village, I'll leave everything dealing with the Kyu Hane in your hands." Mei stated "Should you need to leave the village though please inform one of us and take Chojuro with you."

Naruto nodded again before disappearing in a swirl of water.

He appeared a few feet away from an old looking shack on the outskirts of the village.

Walking up to the door he knocked three times and waited patiently, after a few minutes the door creaked open and an old man peaked out at him. The man looked to be in his late sixties with a completely bald head and long white beard that fell to his chest.

"Yes?" He asked in a raspy tone.

Naruto gave him a kind smile before speaking.

"Good afternoon sir, I'm Uzumaki Naruto. The Godaime Mizukage thought you might be able to help me recover the seven swords of the mist." Naruto explained in a polite tone.

The man frowned and looked him over "You're the brat that beat Yagura?" He asked after a moment. Naruto nodded in reply.

"Hmm, I was expecting someone a bit taller." He grumbled before opening the door. "Well come on in, I don't have all day"

Naruto blinked before shrugging and entering the house. The house was pretty small with a bed in one corner, a dining table and kitchen on one end and a small forge on the other, there was another door by the bed that led to what looked like a bathroom. Shu offered him a seat before sitting on the other side of the table.

"So you're looking to reform the Seven Swordsmen eh?" The old man asked giving him an appraising look.

Naruto shook his head in the negative "No sir, I'm creating a new group known as the Kyu Hane. So far its me and one other but I plan on expanding the group someday." Naruto replied.

Shu stroke his beard as he took a moment to think "The Nine Blades eh? You got another two swords to add the the group? They can't just be any regular swords either, the seven swords were a work of art. My best work if I must say so myself."

Naruto grinned sheepishly and rubbed the back of his head "Uh..I was actually hoping you would make a blade for me, I've got the ideas and everything written down but I just don't know how to do it." He admitted with a small chuckle.

Shu smiled slightly and stood, he walked over to his forge and grabbed a scroll that was hanging on top before returning to his seat.

"Let's see your ideas then boy."

Pulling out his possessions scroll Naruto unsealed the scroll with the ideas for his weapon and handed it over. The old man unrolled the scroll and spent a few minutes reading it over, he would mumble a few words to himself every few seconds and nod.

"Interesting idea boy, it'll take some work and rare materials but I think I can make it." He said after a few seconds causing the boy to grin widely "I do have a few conditions though."

Naruto raised a brow and motioned for the man to go on.

"You see back before the purges began there were these two boys that lived near here, brothers and the last of their clan. They were always over here playing around with some of my spare swords, you see they wanted to join the Seven Swordsmen when they grew up." Here Shu released a sigh and looked down at his hands "I taught them everything I could and they were skilled, skilled enough to try claim a spot with the seven swords. However the purges began soon after and the two brothers were forced to flee mist or die."

Naruto frowned slightly at this. 'Another life Madara has ruined.'

"The boys, before they left, promised me they would find the seven swords and rebuild the Seven Swordsmen someday. I really believed they could do it, they were such good boys." The old man sighed again and handed Naruto the scroll he had grabbed from the forge "They managed to find three. I woke to a knock on my door one night to find the older brother injured and dying on my door step. It turns out he had bitten off more than he could chew and challenged Raiga Kurosuki for his sword."

Naruto unrolled the scroll and clearly saw seven storage seals with the first three indicated as full.

"The older brother before he died asked me to help his little brother, the youngest had been kidnapped by one of the Sannin because of his bloodline. Sadly I had grown far too old to deal with the likes of Raiga and Orochimaru, the Mizukage would not help me and I had no one to turn to." Shu looked up and locked eyes with Naruto "I will make you this blade but in exchange you must use it to avenge the older brother and complete his last wish, that is all I ask."

Naruto gave the man a small smile as he held out a hand.

"It's a promise Shu-san." He stated confidently.

Shu returned the smile and shook his hand.

"May I ask for the names of the two brothers?" Naruto asked hesitantly.

Shu nodded and seemed to daze off in thought. "Mangetsu and Suigetsu." He said after a moment "Mangetsu and Suigetsu of the Houzuki clan."

Naruto nodded solemnly.

"Now then, onto your blade." Shu said switching topics "I have an idea that would improve this weapon but there is something I need, an item to complete the weapon."

Naruto was caught off guard by the rapid switch in topics and simply nodded.

"Good good." Shu muttered making slight drawings on his idea scroll "I need you to get me the..."

Chojuro reinforced his weapon with both hands as his opponent delivered a powerful downward strike with his own blade, the younger boy grunted at the effort needed to hold his foe back.

Both fighters were drenched by the pouring rain and could barely see each other through the thick downpour, the battle had been going on for several minutes now but neither had faltered yet.

Chojuro pushed against his larger blade and managed to send his foe stumbling back a step, he ignored the jolt of electricity that flowed through him from his opponents crackling blade and prepared for a powerful swing.

Blue chakra exploded around his large weapon as he swung it and quickly took the form of an ethereal hammer.

His opponent managed to bring his blade up to block at the last second but was sent flying from the powerful blow. Chojuro panicked when he saw his foe flying towards a shadowed figure in the distance.

Naruto grumbled in annoyance as he sensed something flying towards him. He didn't even bother to open his eyes as the projectile neared, he simply held one hand up above his head and extended one leg in front of him.

A moment later he felt an object impact with his hand while a larger object hit his leg, from the cracking sound he heard something had definitely broke.

Bringing his hand down Naruto opened his eyes to view the object in his hands, it was a simple cylinder but he knew what power it contained.

He heard Chojuro arrive near him but ignored him in exchange for the man laying at his feet. From the way his body was bent and how his eyes darted around in panic his spine had been broken on impact, pity.

"Aoi Rokusho, A rank missing nin from Konoha. Quite pathetic if you ask me, without this blade you're barely chunin level." Naruto murmured.

He channeled chakra into the cylinder in his hand and was amused when a concentrated blade of lightning extended out one end.

"The Raijin no Ken (Sword of the Thunder God), sword of the Nidaime Hokage." Naruto mused in a bored tone. "Quite fitting you should meet your end at the very blade you stole, any final words Aoi?"

Naruto rose the blade above his head with a cocked brow. The man attempted to speak but could only stare at them with wide eyes.

"I didn't think so." The blond murmured as he brought the blade down. Chojuro grimaced as Aoi's head was sent rolling from its body.

"Don't forget the head." Naruto stated looking at the other boy. "Its your bounty."

"H-hai Naruto-sama." Chojuro stuttered as he bent and sealed the head away.

"Suijin." The blond whispered and a blanket of ebony water covered Aoi's body. Less than a minute later the body had been dissolved and the water was evaporating.

"Come on Chojuro, let's get out of here." Naruto muttered "Someone's been using the rain to sense us and I can't track it back to the source."

"Its an interesting technique." Kyuubi growled "You would need plenty of chakra to blanket such a large area in never ending rain."

With the Raijin no Ken in hand Naruto turned to leave, Chojuro followed close behind.

In a shadowed office a dark figure frowned as his eyes opened to reveal concentric rings on a lavender backdrop.

"Hmm, the Kyuubi vessel may be more of a problem than we first thought." He muttered.

Another figured stepped out from a dark corner.

"Nothing we can't handle." A feminine voice replied.

The first figure nodded as his eyes closed once more.

Naruto sat patiently as he watched Shu put the final touches on his weapon. It had taken the old man close to a week to do it but in just a few minutes the weapon would be complete.

Off to the side both Chojuro and Mei sat. The former here to see the creation of a blade that would rival his while the later simply wanted to see her cousins weapon.

With a final clang and a long sigh of relief the old man dropped his hammer, a bluish glow surrounded the weapon in his hand before it retreated leaving the completed weapon behind. With almost reverence the old weapon smith gingerly handed the weapon over.

Naruto's eyes sparkled with awe as he examined the weapon in his hands. The weapon was a true work of art, a masterpiece.

It was a Bo staff roughly one and a half meters in length and three centimeters thick. While it was mostly jet black in color, the last two centimeters of each end were of varying colors. One tip was golden yellow in color while the other was a deep ocean blue.

From tip to tip, hundreds of small, white seals lined the staff in the form of swirling whirlpools, the seals seemed to pulse with energy as they drew upon his chakra.

"Wow," the blond haired teen uttered with a slight gasp.

"Its beautiful." Mei whispered as she stared at the weapon in his hand.

Shu chuckled and nodded. "Some of my best work there," the old man stated. "The seal work was a bit of a chore, but nothing I couldn't handle."

"Its impressive." Naruto murmured looking up. "Thank you."

"Don't be thanking me yet." Shu replied waving off his gratitude. "You've still gotta try it out. Come on, I've gotta training ground out back."

With a grin the blond followed after the older man, Chojuro and Mei shared a glance before following as well.

"Here ya go," Shu said as they exited the shack onto a small training ground filled with large boulders, each covered with a series of slash marks. "Give er a try."

Naruto grinned and spun the staff around one hand as he stalked up to a nearby boulder.

Gripping the weapon tightly he slipped into the basic stance of the Nami o Funsai; crouched low with his feet spread apart, the yellow end of the weapon down low while the blue end was held high above his head.

"So, just pour my chakra into it?" He asked looking back at Shu.

The older man nodded. "Yep, just add some chakra and the seals do the rest."

Naruto grinned as he channeled his chakra into the staff, his grin widened when he heard rushing water and the snap-hiss of the Raijin no Ken.

He heard a gasp from Mei and Chojuro and turned his head slightly to examine the released form of his weapon.

From the yellow end of his staff, the familiar blade of the Raijin could be seen. The blade was extended to its full length and was releasing the steady buzz of compacted electricity.

On the other end of the staff however, something different had happened. The entire end of the staff was surrounded by a large ball of water about one foot in diameter, the water swirled around the staff like an oversized Rasengan just waiting to be released.

With a wide grin Naruto launched into the first kata of the Nami o Funsai. He swung the water end of the staff powerfully and grinned when the ball of water impacted with the boulder, exploding as it hit. The entire boulder was soaked in water and a huge chunk of it was missing from where the staff had struck, completely blown off from the powerful explosion.

Without even a seconds pause Naruto spun the staff, another ball of water forming at the tip as it moved, and slashed the boulder with the other end. The Raijin cleaved through the bolder with ease and the rock glowed with electricity as the layer of water covering it caused the lightning to spread.

Grinning wide Naruto drew his chakra from the blade, causing the water ball and Raijin to vanish, and slung it over one shoulder.

"Impressive, its just how I wanted it." The blond said in a cheerful tone.

"Of course it is, you had quite the detailed list compiled." Shu grumbled.

"Another great weapon Shu-san, you truly are a master of your art." Mei stated nodding to the older man.

"I-t really i-is a g-great w-weapon S-shu-sama, w-what is i-it c-called?" Chojuro asked as he stared at the staff with a slight amount of awe.

Shu shrugged and looked to Naruto. "It's your idea, you name it." The old man suggested.

Naruto grinned and took a thinking pose.

"Well its got the power of a thunder god on one end, and that of a water god on the other." The blond mused. "How about the 'Susanoo no Yuza (Staff of the Storm God)?"