I found her sitting poolside, staring into the water. Thinking back now, I wonder what would have happened had I decided not to see who was at the pool that day, decided to sleep in, and decided to go to the movies with the guys. After taking that thought for a ride, I wonder if the reason I didn't do any of those things was really fate or just a coincidence.

She didn't as little as acknowledge me when I sat down next to her. Because of this I suspected she was feeling distant. She would deny it if I ever accused her of it, but I know for a fact her face lights up when I walk into the room; her smile bigger, her eyes wider, her voice higher. I've noticed it for a while now, chosen to ignore it for obvious reasons, but I've always secretly found it flattering, maybe even a little cute.

When I asked what was wrong with her, she looked at me like she didn't realize I was there until that moment. Yup, that's me, always sneaking up on people? I smiled at her, which evidentially calmed her down. I went with asking if she was okay this time, instead of what was wrong. She nodded, but it was totally forced and unbelievable. Her acting coach would have had kittens if she'd seen it. I nodded too though, since I knew from experience she wasn't into people pressing into her business. So, we sat there in silence, the both of us nodding like bobble heads, staring into the water. Then she finally spoke.

"My mom's in town. Dad says she's dying to see me." She rolled her eyes when she said this, which confused me greatly. Camille never talked about her mother much, but I'd never met her, so I was assuming she didn't come in town very often. Is it weird that I suspected she'd be exited when her mom came to visit her? She sighed, shutting her eyes and now shaking her head.

"I'm guessing you and mom don't have the best relationship?" She laughed, but it wasn't a happy laugh, like I'd told a joke or anything. It was a sad laugh, the kind of laugh you do when you hear something sadly ironic.

"It's not that I don't love her, because I do." I watched her, realizing by her expression she was choosing her words carefully. Obviously, she hadn't talked about her mom in a while. I couldn't help but feel honored that she trusted me enough to tell me something so personal. "It's just ... nothing I ever do is good enough for her. She's the CEO of this really huge law firm back East and she's never forgiven me for becoming an actress, or as she would call it, 'running off to Hollywood with my stupid little pipe dream'." I nodded again, unintentionally, and she started shaking her head again. I'm sure we looked funny, sitting there, seemingly disagreeing with one another but not saying anything.

"When do you see her?" I asked, after deciding there'd been a long enough silence. She sighed again, this time rolling her eyes, then told me her father had made plans for dinner that night. The sound of her voice was so unfamiliar, I knew immediately that there were sides of Camille that I'd never fully knew. Because of the guilt I was feeling for having never asked her about her mother and not being very good at consoling, I went and said something stupid. It wasn't the words themselves that were stupid, it was the fact that I didn't mean it and still said it, like an idiot. "Man ... I wish I could be there with you." So, basically, I lied. This just added to the already piled up guilt I'd been feeling.

"Seriously?" Her face finally lit up the way it usually did when I saw her. The fact that just the thought of my being there for her slightly brought her back to normal made me incapable of saying no. Her eyes soon followed suit, widening like they always did. "Logan, you don't understand how grateful I'd be if you came. I know it seems weird, you know, meeting my mom and having dinner with both my parents and all but ... I know I'll be able to endure the night if I have my best friend by my side."

That's when it really got real. She considered me her best friend. How could I say no to that? Her best friend? And the thing was, I knew she wasn't just saying that either. Camille is an ... odd one. She's the kind of person that some people can only take so much of and she wasn't exactly exceeding in the friend category. Now that Jo was gone, besides the guys and a select few at the Palm Woods, I was really all she had. I couldn't abandon her, especially when she really needed me. Boyfriend or just friend, I had an obligation to be there for her no matter the circumstance. Besides, I knew she'd do the same for me in a heartbeat.

"I'll be there."