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Prologue: Legacy

Long ago in ancient China, the great Grandmaster Oogway of the Valley of Peace foretold that one day a warrior of great strength, bravery, amazing skills in Kung Fu, and great hunger for some reason. Anyway, Oogway predicted that this great warrior would one day shoot from the sky in a ball of fire the day he would arise, Po Ping the Dragon Warrior. It was then that the Dragon Warrior would face an equally powerful warrior. A warrior with a darkened heart. A warrior who's name, even to this very day would make even the bravest of Fighters quiver in fear. Tai Lung. Tai Lung jealous and bitter that he was denied the title of Dragon Warrior years before Po was chosen laid waste to the Valley and sought to take the Dragon Scroll, the key item to becoming the Dragon Warrior, by sheer force, but was stopped by Oogway and sent to Chorh-Gon prison to be contained. But one day it happened. Tai Lung escaped and immediately made his way to the Valley of Peace to once again seize the Dragon Scroll to become powerful and destroy the Valley of Peace. His desire however would be once again denied as the Dragon Warrior stood in his way. It was then that both warriors engaged in combat with the Dragon Warrior victorious and all was celebrated. All around China celebrated the defeat of the wicked warrior, all except one. It was later revealed that Tai Lung took up an apprentice before he rampaged through the Valley and taught him Kung Fu just as his master, the soon to be Grandmaster Shifu one of the greatest Kung Fu teachers and warriors who trained Po into becoming the Dragon Warrior. The apprentice angered by the defeat of his master vowed to take revenge on the Valley of Peace, The Dragon Warrior, Master Shifu, and the Furious Five: Tigress, Monkey, Crane, Viper, and Mantis five of China's most celebrated heroes. As the apprentice grew so did his hatred of the Valley of Peace and the inhabitants that dwelled in the village and the Jade Palace. It was then that the apprentice recruited warriors from bandits to assassins to mercenaries and became a cult that had dedicated their lives and worshiped Tai Lung as their god, The Brotherhood of Chaos. Then one day they attacked the Valley of Peace and made their way to the Jade Palace to eradicate the Dragon Warrior and his allies. With the Sword of Heroes in hand the Dragon Warrior lead the Furious Five and many other honorable warriors into battle against the Brotherhood and emerged victorious. With the surviving faithful and loyal members in tow the apprentice swore, even if it took thousands of years, the Brotherhood will return and have their revenge. It was then shortly before the Dragon Warrior passed on, that he predicted that a new Dragon Warrior would arise one day and when he did the Brotherhood would return. But at the same time he foretold that many warriors would stand by his side to take on the Brotherhood and many other forces of darkness. One was a vision that foretold that warriors from beyond the stars would appear and aid both Dragon Warrior and Furious Five against any threat to the lives of innocents. Even if it meant risking their own live as well. As there should be, there are no coincidences in fate or destiny.

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