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Chapter 1

Auggie was just laying in bed looking aimlessly at the ceiling. This past week had been hell. First Parker broke up with him and left for Africa. Then to top it all off Annie's mission was compromised and she shot at, yet again, and he and the rest of the tech ops had to stay until the extraction team got her. After the extraction team got her everyone left, except for him and Joan, and he waited until one o'clock until Annie had gotten back. When she finally got back she had to go up and get debriefed by Joan. After the briefing with Joan Annie found Auggie in the tech ops and then dropped him off at his apartment on her way home.

Ever since he climbed in bed he had not been able to fall asleep. He clicked his watch and the voice said "six-o-eight" and all he could think was damn. He knew that he would not be able to go to sleep, at least for a little while, so he just rolled out of bed and started to get ready. He first took a cold shower for five minutes and then switched to a hot shower just to make sure that he was awake. After he climbed out of the shower he checked the time again and heard "six-fifty." After he checked the time he went and got his breakfast from the fridge and make a small cup of coffee just to hold him off until Annie brought him his cup of coffee later that morning.

Auggie checked his watch again and heard "seven-fifteen" after he checked the time he got up and went to the bathroom to brush his teeth and hair. As he was doing that he remembered that Annie was supposed to pick him up at seven-thirty. After he brushed his teeth and hair he sat back down on the couch and waited for Annie to get here. Five minutes later he heard a knock on the door and Annie calling his name, so he walked over to the door and opened he did he smiled at her but just a little over her right shoulder. Annie then smiled back and asked "you ready?" He nodded and she brushed the back of his hand with hers and his hand found her elbow and they walked out of his building, after he shut his door, and they then walked to Annie's car. She lead him to the passenger side and when his hand found the handle he opened it and hopped in and shut it while Annie went over the driver's side door and climbed in and drove off so they could get to work.