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A blonde boy was walking down the street, crying. He just wanted to get away from THEM. The boy looked to be only five, yet he knew pain and suffering like no other. The THEM he was thinking of were the villagers. He lifted his whisker scarred face to look back with his cerulean blue eyes. The shop owner he had just tried to buy something from was still standing there, yelling at him to go away and never come back. The other villagers were either glaring at him or yelling with the shop owner.

"I wish there was something I could do to make them go away" the boy said under his breath while still crying.

Then like a light bulb went off in his head, the boy looked up, seeing the giant village gates looming over him.

There was something he could do.

He was going to run away.

He had been chased into that forest so many times he felt he could easily survive there.

"That's it, I'm leaving" the boy said under his breath while quickly wiping his tears away. With that he turned to go to his apartment so he could gather the supplies he thought he would need to survive in the giant forest that surrounded konhagakure no sato, the village hidden in the leaves.

When the boy arrived back at his apartment he saw the door had been broken down, again. This time though, he didn't worry about it. He would be gone soon so why would it matter? As he stepped into the three room apartment he saw that, while he was gone no more than an hour, the apartment was trashed and covered in graffiti saying stuff like 'Demon Brat' and 'Rot In Hell Demon Scum'.

None of this was new to him. Almost once a week, like it was some kind of sick ritual, the villagers would break into his apartment and vandalize it to the point that if a complete stranger walked into the apartment they would say something along the lines of: "Someone LIVES here?".

And almost every time, overnight the apartment would be clean again. The boy neither knew nor cared how this happened. He had lived alone for so long that he figured that all buildings automatically cleaned themselves.

After he saw all the pretty colors on his wall he went to the back of the apartment were his most valuable items were kept in a safe.

He opened the safe to see the few items he considered precious. They consisted of ninja gear, a pair of green googles that were to big for him, and a book that was titled "Make-OutParadise". He of course had no idea what the book was, since he couldn't read. The only reason it was in their was because it had been in the safe when he found it in the room a year ago. When he saw the book he had vowed to learn how to read to he could read that book cover to cover as a thank-you for the safe.

When he had done this, a white haired man with red lines under his eyes, sneezed behind the "bush" he was hiding behind. This caused the four women he was peeking on to look at the bush.

"Did you hear something Yohiro?"

" Yeah, i did Mai. My pervert senses are tingling".

"Let's search the place girls"!

A chorus of 'Yeah' was the answer the busty brunette got.

"Awwwwwww crap. I'm dead"were the thoughts of the white haired man.

Now, back in the apartment, the boy hastily grabbed the ninja gear and strapped it on.

Figuring he had every thing he needed as he headed back to the gates.

As he approached the gates he noticed the two new chunin on the dreaded gate-duty, vigilantly keeping watch. With their eyes closed. Snoring.

He easily walked past them.

As he walked away into the forest the boy thought solemnly "so-long everyone. Naruto Uzumaki is no longer a burden to you".