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Seven o'clock in the morning. Grass hopers hop in the grass. Chipmunks and squirrels chatter in trees. Birds sing melodically in their nests. And in a certain household, one can hear a pan being clanged.

CLANG CLANG CLANG! "Rise and shine everybody! Time to wake up!" Naruto shouted. "I love you fox."

"Don't make me kill you." was the response that reverberated through his head.

Kakashi, on the other hand, did not really appreciate the Kyuubi nearly as much as Naruto.

"Damn you fox." Kakashi thought through the pounding headache he had as a byproduct of the drinking he did at the festival as he sat up. "First you took away my teacher, the closest thing I had to family. But you just crossed the line. Now, you are taking away my $&^#*% SLEEP!"

Naruto saw Kakashi's plight through the open door and moved on to the next room thinking "One down, three to go."

The next room happened to be Sasuke's room. Naruto was about to walk in, continuing to bang the pan with his wooden spoon before he realized he could have some fun with this. He set down his pan and spoon next to the door before he went over to Sasuke's bed. Once there, he ripped of the covers to reveal Sasuke in only his boxers.

Naruto heaved Sasuke onto his shoulders, before walking down the hall two doors before he turned to his left into Tazuna's room. He placed Sasuke on the floor before going over to Tazuna's bed and ripping off the covers to reveal Tazuna in some pajama pants.

Naruto grinned mischievously as he stripped Tazuna of all his clothes before going over to Sasuke and doing the same. He lifted Sasuke over to the bed and then laid him next to Tazuna. His grin only grew wider when Sasuke instinctively snuggled next to the warmth. Naruto put the covers back on before he left the room.

Naruto passed by Sasuke's room before going into Kakashi's room. Kakashi was just putting on his vest as Naruto walked in. Kakashi was about to give an outburst when Naruto put a finger to his lips signaling to shut up. Kakashi did so, but still looked pissed. Naruto gave a follow me gesture before leaving the room.

Naruto went to pick up his pan and spoon, before going back into Tazuna's room. He turned to see Kakashi there, suppressing giggles as he suspected what was going to happen. After all, it wasn't a new one in the ANBU bunker.

Naruto took a deep breath ready to shout before he realized something was off. He set down his pan and spoon before rushing into Sasuke's room and picking out some clothes and then rushing back to Tazuna's room and scattering them around the room and then doing the same to some of Tazuna's clothes for good measure. As he returned to his original position he gave a nod of satisfaction. He then took a deep breath and shouted "Alright love birds! Time to wake up! Don't care how exhausted you are!" while he started to bang his pan.

Sasuke and Tazuna slowly opened their eyes. It took a while to register in their deeply hungover brains. But it eventually clicked and they realized exactly whose eyes they were looking into.

"AHHHHHHHH!" they both screamed as the scuttled away from each other as fast as they could, only to fall out of the bed. It was then that they realized how dressed they were. And exactly what that implied.

By this time Sakura had walked in, awakened by the two words 'love' and 'birds'. It did not take long upon entering the room for her to realize what the situation implied.

Soon they were all screaming. Somehow they all ran out of air at the same time. As they paused for breath, it gave them a chance to hear something they would not have heard if they were screaming.

Uncontrolled laughing.

They all looked towards the door to see Naruto and Kakashi on the floor laughing while holding their sides. Sakura did not like that.

"Why are you laughing!" she screamed. "Sasuke just lost his innocence to this… This…Old male pedophile! Not even to a proper woman!"

"The hell!" Tazuna shouted. "You think I wanted to sleep with this kid! I'm married!"

"Hey!" Sasuke shouted. "I'm still here! Stop talking like I'm not here!"

"S-Sorry." Naruto worked out, gaining a little breath. "But there was a reason I challenged you all to a drinking contest.


The festival had been going on for about an hour. Sakura had been following Sasuke the whole time, cheering him on when he played a game, and then shouting at the person running it when he didn't win. They(Sasuke) were playing a classic ring toss game when she noticed him. "What do you want? Can't you see we're busy?"

"Relax. Just wanted to ask you something." Naruto replied innocently.

"Make it quick." she snapped.

"All right. Geez. Just wanted to ask you guys if you wanted to grab a drink. You know, as teammates and all."

"Are you kidding me! I thought you were joking on the bridge! We're underage! We could get in big trouble!"

"Only if you get caught. Besides, we're old enough to kill. We should be old enough to drink off regret."

"I like the idea." Naruto and Sakura both turned to see Sasuke was now finished. Since it was a carnival game, you can be assured he lost. "It would help us bond and improve our 'teamwork'."

"Alright!" shouted Naruto. "We can do a whole team bonding thingy, 'cause I know the bar Kakashi's at. Besides, I planed on challenging him to a drinking contest anyways."
"Why would you do that?" Sakura asked. "There should be no way you can win."

"Because I have to make him feel like he the leader of something on this team. He can be the leader of drinking."

With that they walked to a bar a little bit away called The Drunken Dog. Inside it was smokey and you could smell the alcohol on some people. The perfect place to not get caught. Kakashi was sitting in the corner with a bottle of sake, where he could see everything going on.

Naruto led the group, sauntering over to Kakashi. That is what is what his teammates saw. What only Kakashi saw was the grin and gleam in his eye as he mouthed "Keep up appearances." Kakashi knew something was gonna take a hit. More than likely his wallet.

Naruto walked over and stood next to Kakashi, resting his hand on his shoulder. "Kakashi, we, as a team, have decided to hold a team-wide drinking contest as a way of team bonding. We also decided that since you are the only one with a substantial income, you get to pay. Waiter! Four bottles of sake please!"
Mentally Kakashi sighed. Not only was his wallet definitely getting a beating, so was his pride, and he was gonna have a bitch of a hangover as well.

I won't go into details so I'll just give the scores. Sakura finished off with a total of nine bottles, so as not to disappoint Sasuke. Sasuke finished with about nine and 1/4. Kakashi and Naruto went on for a while. Kakashi got 27 bottles. Naruto decided to stop the humiliation at 42. And still didn't pass out. (A/N: First off: finished=passed out. Second, I have no idea how strong sake is. And I'm not in the interest of finding out. Therefore I made up some numbers and if you don't like 'em: fine. Change them in your mind. I just did what I thought how a wisky shot for shot would go down, except with bottles.)

*flashback end*

"Wait." Sakura stated, the rush from love birds gone and now her hangover was kicking in. "You got us piss drunk just to mess with us?"

Naruto just gave a nod.

"WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU!" she screeched, making Kakashi, Sasuke, and Tazuna flinch.

"A lot." was the only answer he gave. Kakashi himself could count a few. Head of the list was being an ANBU before he was FREAKING TEN.

A voice from down stairs however made everyone hungover flinch as Tsunami shouted up from the kitchen "Everyone be quiet! Breakfast is ready, so dad and Sasuke get dressed and all of you get your butts down here!"

No one said a word as the scrambled to get presentable and eat.

Page Break

Naruto was currently kneeling in the grass with Kakashi in front of two grave markers a week later. One was a simple cross made of two sticks, but had a white mask with a red swirl hanging from the top. The other was massive. Of course, this was probably because the cross was made by a stick, overlaying the giant sword of Zabuza Momochi.

As the two payed their respects for the dead in relative silence, it was soon to end though. "This is stupid." stated Sakura from her spot to the left of Kakashi. "They were our enemies. Why do we mourn them?"

"Because." Naruto said through ground teeth. "If you die in the field, along with your teammates, would you like to be given a chance of some peace, even if given by the enemy."

"Why would I die in the field? I have Sasu-"

"Fool!" Naruto continued. "We are shinobi! Ninja! It is almost like having a prophecy that reads 'Will die away from home in some combat situation'. If you don't like it, quit."

Sakura chose to wisely leave, there were two people capable of killing on her team. And she was pissing off the stronger one. So she went to help Sasuke pack. Or pester him. Same difference.

After a while Kakashi broke the silence by asking "What now?"


"You are the new demon of the bloody mist named by Zabuza. Zabuza also gave you that sword. So,what will you do with it?"

"I think it's rather obvious. That sword is too big. When I'm older, I'll go get it and seek out the training I will need. As for the bloody mist thing, that stays between the three of us. Right Tazuna?

Tazuna gasped behind the tree he was hiding behind. He had wanted to say thanks again, only to find them mourning. So he had waited until they were finished, just to have this thrown upon him. So he picked a simple solution and decided to go home and drink it off. Tight lipped.

"Now..." Naruto said before he stood up and then stretched his back "We need to leave let's go."

Kakashi got up after him and in a mock salute stated "Ay ay, captain. Whatever you say."

"Damn straight, so lets go."

Page Break

Team seven stood at the beginning of the newly created bridge facing the majority of the population of the land of waves.

"Well, looks like this is goodbye." Kakashi said while waving nonchalantly.

"I don't want you to go!" cried Inari.

"Inari," Naruto placated "we will visit. It's just we need to head back to the hidden leaf village. We'll visit again."


"Of course. Goodbye everyone! We need to get going now though." shouted Naruto.

"Hey!" Kakashi said to Naruto. "That's my line."

"Not anymore. I'm team leader. Remember?" Naruto said smugly.

"I was hoping you forgot about that." was Kakashi's depressed answer.

As team seven crossed the end of the bridge, Tsunami brought up a valid point.

"You know, we still haven't named the bridge."

"Oh, don't worry about that. I already have a name for it."

"Really!" Exclaimed Inari. "What is it!"

"The great Tazuna bridge!" Tsunami slapped Tazuna on the back of the head before he continued, while rubbing his head. "I mean, The Bridge of Bloody Mist. You know, since so much blood was spilt in the mist of this bridge."

Everyone cheered at the name, so loud that nobody heard Tazuna mutter under his breath "And this is also where the two demons of the bloody mist saved us all."

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