Author's Note:

Hey I know I haven't uploaded in a while, and I just want to take a moment to say how sorry I am. I've been meaning to update for sometime now, but I got caught up with applying to college, dealing with my mom going back to work full time, and the end of bowling season. Now, I know that's not really an excuse. But believe me when I say how truly sorry I am about the delay and I want to thank all of my loyal readers and reviewers, you are who I write for. Anyway, I also wanted to let you know that all my hard work has paid off and I have been accepted into my dream school! So now that that's done and over with, I have that much more time to concentrate on my stories! Now, the following is story specific information:

Naval Mutations: Should I pair Alex with Palmer? Please PM me with a response.

Generation Regenerate: I'm suffering from minor writers blockā€¦ please bear with me and I should be up and writing again soon.


Bleed It Out: This should turn into my fastest written fanfic, cause the chapters are so short, but please bear with me while I type them in my free time.

Noble Wolf, Meet Lowly Dog: Again, I WILL GET CHAPTER ONE UP SOON! I PROMISE!

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