Dearest Katie,

That sounded so formal, and I'm sorry about that, luv, but I don't know how to begin this.

I'm coming home, though. We got him, and they say that Dad should make a complete recovery. I wish I was there with you right now, since the due date is so close, and of course, it's Christmas eve, but I'm sure that Rose, Lily & their significant others will take amazing care of you.

This sounds so formal, and I just want to remind you that I'll love you always. Ever since that snow ball fight in third year when you pelted me.

I still haven't forgiven you for that. And I'll get you back.

I'm sorry I haven't been there, Katie Cat. I didn't mean for you to get pregnant so early (wow, I don't even know what that sounds like) but it happened and I love you and the baby unconditionally . . . even if you continue to make me describe your feet. They're lovely feet, really.

And tell Rose that if she throws our ornaments at Scorpius again, I'll kill her.

Yours forever,


PS I'll be home for Christmas.

Katie smiled and hugged the letter to her chest, tears streaming down her face.

"He'll be here for Christmas, Parker," she told her stomach. "Your dad'll be here, I promise."

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Effectively ending my hiatus—at least for the weekend. My grade in math still isn't very good. Actually, it's probably worse. Ah well.

This is for the 'I'll Be Home For Christmas' challenge on HPFC.

And you know that announcement? Well, I'm working on a colab with InlovewithFred and a few of our other friends! I'll link to it on my profile.