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Five minutes had passed since we all sat down at the table, and I stared into my coffee cup with no intention of drinking it. If I did, I would be sick. I held Jasper's hand tightly under the table. If we were going to hang, I wanted to have as much physical contact as I could while we were able.

Finally, Emmett spoke.

"I'm not angry," he said quietly, and my eyes snapped up to meet his.

"You're not?" I asked, surprised. He had seemed furious.

"No," he sighed, and ran his hand over his face. "I am disappointed, and scared."

"Why are you disappointed?"

I chanced a look at Jasper and he looked like a ghost. Rose was sitting beside him, rubbing his shoulder for comfort. I could only imagine what was going through his mind, and my heart ached.

"We were brought up in a very God fearing home, Edward, as I'm sure you remember. Everything I've learned over the years from reading the Bible tells me this is wrong. You know Pa wanted you to settle down and have kids one day."

I snorted. "Yeah, I know, but that isn't me, Em. It never has been. My younger years have been so damn hard, trying to figure out my true self. When all the other boys in school started courting girls, I had no interest and I didn't know why. Until Jasper came to work here, I've been so confused. The day I showed Jasper around the ranch, it just...all came into place. I want to tell you I'm sorry, but I can't. Not when this feels so right."

"I don't want an apology," Emmett said, turning his mug in his hands. "I just want to understand, and figure out what happens next. Obviously, no one outside the ranch can know. I am a bit hurt that you didn't come to me."

"I figured it out on my own, Emmett," Rose said. "It was obvious, at mealtimes and while they were working - every glance they shared was filled with love. Then, one night, I saw them go into the barn. I confronted Edward about it, and he admitted I was right, that he is in love with Jasper."

Emmett slowly shifted his eyes from Rose to me.

"Are you in love with him?" he asked softly, with a caring expression.

Taking a deep breath, I replied, "Emmett, I love Jasper more than anything in the whole world. I want us to grow old together." Surely, he had to understand what I meant. He felt the same way for Rose as I did Jasper.

Emmett looked like he was thinking for a moment, studying my face, then nodded and shifted his attention to my self proclaimed husband.



My stomach was churning and I was sweating bullets during Emmett's interrogation of his younger brother. He didn't make a single angry move, but I was consumed in horrific memories. Frankly, I was surprised that we hadn't been shot or at least thrown out on our ears by now.

Staring into my cold coffee, I snapped my head up at the mention of my name. I'd gotten lost in thought for a moment.

"Beg your pardon?" I asked.

Edward grabbed my hand and said, "I want us to grow old together, and Em wants to know if that's true for you as well, love."

I couldn't help the slow smile spreading on my face at his words. Getting lost in his deep, green eyes, I whispered, "You know I do. That's all I want. Didn't I prove that to you yesterday evening?"

An uncomfortable clearing of throat had my eyes snapping to Emmett, who was studying his folded hands on the table top. Rosalie sat next to him, her clear blue eyes a little red rimmed, biting her lip to stop it quivering. I gave her a wan smile, nodding at the suddenly shy and awkward man at the head of the table.

"I do, Emmett. He's everything to me - everything I never thought I'd find. I never shared my story with anyone beside Edward, and I don't think I ever will, but let me just say this: I had to give up my life, my family, my career as a lawyer - everything I ever had and ever loved. But Finding Edward though, made it all worth it. I'd do it ten times over again, if it means that I get to keep him. I'll treat him right, don't you worry."

Taking a deep breath, I carried on before I lost my courage. "I know we can't ever have kids, or even go public with our commitment - and I'm sorry about that. If I could, I'd give him children, 'cause he's a natural father, but it'll be you that carries on the Cullen name. I know EJ will grow up to be a fine man - he's got the best role model you could find. And... I hope that you'll grow to accept us, 'cause I know how much you mean to Edward, but if us leaving is what it takes, I promise you that I'll see to his every need and he'll never want for nought..." I trailed off, a little insecure of how my rant had gone over and looked at my hand, entwined with Edward's.

The room was so quiet that you could hear the clock ticking in the parlour next door. Emmett didn't meet of our eyes, his gaze was fastened on his wife who sat with rosy cheeks and wet eyes, clasping his solid underarm tightly.

"I don't know, Jasper. I don't know how to feel about this, what to tell you. I mean - God created Man and Woman to be together. He punished Sodom and Gomorrah for going against His will... I simply don't know... I look at the two of you, and it just seems to fit, somehow. You're as committed as me and Rose are - the feelings shoving on your faces as clear as day. How can that be wrong? I know what I was taught, what's in the Good Book, but I can't help but feel that I've been missing something...," he answered, his voice more subdued than I'd ever heard it. His shoulders were slumped and he had a devastated expression on his face.

Rose brought a hand to his cheek, cupping it in her dainty palm. "Emmett.. God will never punish those pure of heart. Sodom and Gomorrah didn't get punished for having relations between men - they got punished for promiscuity and adultery. There is a difference, it's just been overlooked. Remember the testament of Love. Love is never wrong - it was God's greatest gift to us all."

"I wish I could have your simple view of it, Rose. I really do. But it's gonna take some thought for me. I still love you, Edward," he said, making eye contact with him for the first time that night, since our secret was revealed, "but I have to think this over before I can say if I condone it."


"I understand," I said. "Thank you for listening to us tell our story. We'll leave you to think about it, and I hope we hear something soon."

Pushing back my chair, I stood, bringing Jasper with me. Rose got out of our chair and hugged each of us in turn.

"It's gonna be okay," she whispered to us, and we both nodded and kissed her cheek.

As she moved away, I glanced at Jasper. "Ready to go? Hopefully, the sheriff has sent someone to get Newton's brother off our land."

"I'm ready," Jasper confirmed.

"You know," Emmett said slowly from his place at the table, "you can stay here the night, and get some sleep before you go back."

It gave me a tiny bit of hope that he offered, but I knew we couldn't.

"Thanks, Em, but we're not well liked around here right now. I just want to go home," I told him, and he nodded in understanding.

"As soon as I hear from the sheriff, I'll be by," he said.

"Thank you," I replied over my shoulder, leading Jasper out of the kitchen with a hand on his back.

Rose and Em didn't go out to see us off, and as we climbed into the buckboard, I noticed the lamp in the bunkhouse was still lit. The hands, no doubt, would have a late night talking about everything that happened.

Jasper took the reins and we headed out. I refused to look back at the ranch as we travelled back down the road towards home.

We were quiet as we rode along, and I watched the moon shining down on us, dimly lighting our way. So much had changed in the matter of minutes. I was happy that my brother loved me still, but I was so sad that he couldn't just understand. Jasper was my whole life, and always would be.

I was so damn tired, and wanted to lean against Jasper for a nap, but I couldn't. My mind was too active. I felt numb, like I had lost something dear to me. Even sitting beside Jasper, I felt so alone, and I wanted to crawl into his warm arms and have him tell me everything was going to be okay, but he couldn't. That was up to my confused brother.

Slowly, the moon faded to dawn, and the beautiful sunrise couldn't even lift my mood. My eyes felt like they had sand in them, I was so tired.

Just after the sun came up fully, I suggested that we stop and water the horse. Jasper agreed, and those were the only words spoken between us. I wanted to know so bad what he was thinking, but I couldn't ask. If he was changing his mind about us, I didn't want to know.

We got back on the trail and I drove while Jasper sat next to me. Sometime during the afternoon, he took my hand and held it firmly. I hoped that was a good sign and not just a gesture of comfort before he ended my world by going away, like he had to after James. I was terrified that would happen.

The sun moved slowly in the sky, toward the horizon, and with every step the horse took, the more worried I became.

Finally, our house came into view, and Jasper heaved a big sigh of relief. Was he happy to be home, or was he dreading telling me what was going to happen next?


Edward felt stiff and uncomfortable next to me and he had been all night. I was itching to ask him what was on his mind, but I thought I had a pretty good idea. Something was off, though. He didn't return my caresses with the same ease and natural feel that he used to. Was he regretting? Had he decided that enough was enough, and he'd rather have his family back the way it used to be?

His silence didn't help dissolve my fears, and eventually I stopped trying to get closer. Finally, we were home and started to unhitch, still without speaking. Rubbing down the horse, I felt him move around behind me, putting tack away and finding a bucket of oats. God, how I wished he'd just say something! The quiet was grating on my nerves, hanging heavy and oppressing between us.

Making sure that everything was put away and all the horses were doing fine, we checked the yard and the bushes to make sure the body had been removed and the blood buried - still, we worked in unison without the need to exchange words, however much I wanted to. I felt that it should be Edward that broke the silence, since he was the one with most on the line here. I felt more and more like a bystander, being kept out of his mind and thoughts. It was so unusual for us - we shared everything, from heavy, philosophical discussions to silly randomness, but not now.

My gut felt like ice when we finally went inside. We boarded up the window in the master bedroom, wrinkling our noses at the lingering smell of gunsmoke, and swept the floor from broken glass and empty shells.

Finally, we filled our wash basins and stripped off to have a quick splash. He still undressed without hesitation, which I took as a good sign. He hadn't moved to the other bedroom either, but went about his routine as any other day. My skin still crawled with unease, though, and I heaved a dejected sigh as I pulled on some clean drawers and a nightshirt.

The rustling of bedsheets alerted me that Edward had crawled in the bed, and I went to it, relieved to see that he'd turned down the covers on my side too. Climbing in, I automatically reached for him and he came willingly into my arms, resting his head on my shoulder where it belonged. A warm fluttering filled my stomach, dissolving the lump of ice that had been there these last few hours. I was totally exhausted, my limbs as heavy as lead, but I knew we had to talk.

Running my fingers through the hair on his nape, I cleared my throat slightly to get his attention. His right hand rested on my sternum and twitched a bit at the sound.

"Edward?" I said, unsure of how to proceed.

"Yeah, love," he replied, enforcing the warmth between us.

"Do you regret us, darlin'? Would you rather I be on my way and leave all this behind - give you a chance of a 'normal' life, with your family?"

"What? No! Do you want to leave?" he lifted his head and rested on his elbow, looking squarely at me with unnaturally bright eyes.

"I just thought.. You've been kind of distant on the way home and you haven't said two words to me - maybe you decided it was too much of a hassle?"

"Jasper, I love you. I promised myself to you the other night, and I meant that with all that I am! I won't leave you willingly. I already made up my mind the minute we kissed for the first time. I won't go back on that - you're everything to me, and if Emmett and the rest can't accept that, we'll go somewhere else! It doesn't matter where we are, as long as we're together. I was scared, Jasper. I was so scared that you'd changed your mind and didn't want to relive your past with me!" his voice was hushed, but outraged - like he couldn't fathom that I'd think that way about him.

I couldn't find my voice, but that didn't matter - body language was so much more efficient, I thought when I grabbed his neck and brought his mouth to mine for a bruising kiss. Yes. This was right, and nothing would tear us apart. Ever.


Oh my God, yes. This was what I needed. I rose up further and leaned over Jasper, kissing back with fervor. He opened his mouth for me and I tangled our tongues urgently, needing to taste and feel and drown myself in him.

He grunted into my mouth and pulled me on top of him roughly, pushing the covers away and pulling my nightshirt up. I broke our kiss, panting, just long enough to get the shirt over my head and on the floor, then attacked his mouth again. We licked and bit each other's lips and tongues, breathing hard and emitting sounds of pleasure.

Jasper held my hips in a vice grip, digging his fingers into my skin, while he pushed up into me. God, he felt so damn good, and in my hazy mind, I thought that if this was wrong, I was guilty and happy about it.

Deftly, I rolled us over and scrambled to get his nightshirt off. He helped me and in a matter of seconds, it was on the floor with mine. He kissed me again roughly, pressing our naked chests together.

"Oh, God...Jasper..." I breathed, clutching at his back for a moment before sliding my hands into his hair and pulling gently.

He grunted again and moved to lick and suck my neck and throat, and I wanted him so much. I needed to be inside him, as soon as possible.

"Want you..." I gasped as he bit my collarbone lightly.

He lifted his head and his eyes, dilated with desire, met mine. "Have me...I'm yours."

We rolled over again and our hands fumbled with the ties on each others drawers, desperate to get them off. It took a minute, but finally they were thrown aside and I attacked Jasper's neck while rutting against his thigh.

Both of us cried out at the feel of the wetness leaking from our cocks on each other's skin, and I quickly decided we'd had enough foreplay.

I pressed three fingers against Jasper's mouth and he sucked them in greedily, licking all around them and making them nice and wet. Moving over a little, I pulled my fingers from his mouth and reached down, searching.

Finding what I was after, I kissed him hard and carefully pushed a finger into his tightness. He broke our kiss long enough to swear in my ear and beg for another right away. Who was I to deny him?

I worked in a second finger and pumped them gently, at first, until he started whimpering and bucking against my hand.

"Please..." he said breathlessly, and I added a third, making sure to stretch him well.

When I was satisfied he was prepared and he was arching his back at my movements, I pulled my hand away and situated myself between his thighs. Staring into my lover's eyes, I kissed him once, gently, and he raised his head, searching for more. I pulled back a bit and he laid his head back on the pillow.

"I love you, Jasper. Never doubt it. You're stuck with me, forever."

He smiled his dimpled smile at me. I spit in my hand and wet my prick, then lined up. Slowly, I entered my man, and his gasps and groans for more and for me to hurry were building my desire to the boiling point.

Finally seated within him, I kissed him long and slow, and began to move. Slowly and reverently, I thrusted into Jasper, relishing in the feeling of him around me. He was tight, hot, and perfect.

Large hands gripped my shoulders and back, his nails scratching my skin as I moved above him. We shared long kisses,soft noises of pleasure, and I felt like I had come home. All was right in my world in those moments.

As our passion built and Jasper started asking for more, I upped my rhythm, and yelled out at the sensation. He felt so good, so perfect, and I bucked wildly into him as my bliss approached.

"Oh God! Jasper!" I cried into his neck.

"Me too..." he breathed, and I fell over the edge. Trembling, I screamed against his skin as I came, and he followed right behind, biting me on the shoulder and grunting loudly.


Heaven. This had to be how Heaven felt. Sweaty, sticky, exhausted, but oh so content, I lay under the warm, firm body of my lover, sharing a moment of breathless completion. I folded my arms across his back, holding him against me in chase of a few seconds more of that indescribable bliss. I could feel his prick softening inside me, and clenched to keep the connection for a bit longer, causing it to twitch before resigning. I guess he was as exhausted as I was.

Kissing the salt of his neck, I scooted out from under him so we both could breathe better. "I love you so much, and I'll never leave you, darlin'. Sleep tight." I whispered into his sweat soaked hair.

His answer was a grunt and a mumbled "Me too, love. Me too," before we both drifted into a well-earned sleep.


Later that day, we awoke to the holler of Emmett and trample of hooves in the yard.

"Heeeeyyyooooooo... You up in there?"

Scrambling, we pulled on our work clothes, grimacing at the sensation of crusted release not yet washed off of our skin.

"We're coming, we're coming. Hold your horses, darn it!" Edward yelled, trying to button his shirt with sleep-numb fingers.

When we emerged from the bedroom, Emmett was seated at our kitchen table with three mugs set out and a loaf of bread on the cutting board. The coffee pot was on the stove, which had just been re-stocked and the butter and jam was on the table as well. Seems like he was intent on feeding us properly, or maybe that was Rose's orders?

Wearily, we took our seats and directed our eyes at Emmett. What could have possessed him to ride out already, when we just saw him the other night?

"I bet you're curious as to why I'm here," he said, taking the thoughts right out of my head. "So I'll head straight to business. Michael Newton was found in his cell this morning, hanging from his own belt. The coward didn't have the guts to face a trial. Your secret is safe - at least, sheriff Swan didn't let on that he suspected anything about the pair of you."

A huge sigh of relief sounded from both of us and Edward went to fetch the boiling coffee pot. I cut a couple of slices of the loaf and started buttering them for us both.

"Thanks, Em. That was a huge boulder off our shoulders, so we appreciate you letting us know this fast," Edward said, filling Emmett's mug.

"Of course, li'l bro. Of course," he answered, still subdued and a far cry from his usual boisterous self.

"What about the hands?" I interjected, passing the jam to Edward.

"They know to keep quiet 'bout it. Not sure how they feel though - there ain't been any talk about it that I heard, at least."

"And yourself?" Edward asked, directly and with a stern expression.

"I guess I'm alright. I mean, I'm quite sure that it's either I accept and keep my discretion, or this will be the last meal I share with my little brother... Am I mistaken?" Emmett said, meeting his brother's eyes across the table.

"You aren't. Thank you, Em. I hope you'll grow to accept us for what we are, not just ignoring it to keep peace, but it'll do for now." A determined drag set around Edward's mouth, but his eyes were smiling.

"I knew that there was no splitting you up, as soon as it sunk in that you're together. It's like me and Rose - meant to be."

I couldn't stop smiling - my cheeks ached with the impossibly wide grin that overcame my face, and I took Edward's face in my palms, pressing a smiling kiss on his surprised mouth. A bubbling laugh escaped my throat.

I stood quickly, running to my bedroom and digging through my trunk for a post card. At the parlour, I dipped my pen in the inkwell and scribbled a hasty note on the back.

"Dear Mother,

I write this to reassure that I am alive and well. I keep no ill will against either of you, though my heart longs for your embrace. I have found my peace now, and will remain your faithful son,

Jasper Whitlock."

Back in the kitchen, I handed the card to Emmett. "Will you see to the posting of this for me? It's for my Momma."

"Of course, Jasper!" he answered, standing up. At the door, he turned and spread his arms wide. "What, don't I get a goodbye hug?"

Grinning, we both went to him, squeezing with all our might. He just laughed and crushed us against his massive chest. "Runts. Tsk tsk. I'll give your love to Rose, shall I?" and then he was off.

As he rode away, I put my arm around Edward and pulled him close. We had our home, and our family, and most importantly, each other.

All was right in my world now.

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"Put me down, unca Jay! Pwease, put me doooooooown!" The delighted squealing from a child could be heard miles away, and if you paid attention, you could see the joy emanating from both of the figures that were spinning around on a lawn behind a beautiful farmhouse. One tall and blond, with wiry muscles and a leather tan; one small and stocky with dark brown curls and bright blue eyes, still rosy cheeked with the innocence of the very young.

Sitting on a garden swing was a blonde woman, curled up against a broad-shouldered, broad chested clone of the child, just a generation older, both figures smiling indulgently at the antics taking place in front of them. A brown-haired slim man came out from the house, carrying a tray of iced tea and biscuits, minding his step.

With the utmost care, he placed his feet, not looking up to see what was in his path. That would be his downfall. Spinning wildly through the air, the playing pair intersected with him, the toddler's legs hitting the tray with unintended precision, making the servings sail through the air in a wide arc, spraying everyone with cold tea and crumbs.

Perplexed, the man sat on his behind with a 'thump', looking wide-eyed, before bursting into laughter. The blond and the child stood stock still, faces adorned with identical crestfallen expressions, adding to the humour of the scene. Time seemed to have frozen, a picture perfect scene just waiting for an instructor to scream 'action'.

"JASPER WHITLOCK, what did you just do to my best china?!" the woman's voice rang out, interrupted by the boisterous laugh from the big man in the swing. He was doubled over, clutching his stomach, absolutely red-faced with laughter tears streaming down his earnest face. Standing beside him was the woman, hands on her hips and an indignant expression on her face, belied by the smile lingering at the corners of her eyes and in the drag of her mouth.

"I'm sorry, ma'am. I... I'll replace the set...," he mumbled, clutching his hands and looking at his boots like a little boy receiving a scolding.

"You see that you do! Now, clean up this mess and bring out another pitcher of tea - I'm melting in this heat, brother-in-law of mine!" Her hands rubbed protectively at the bulging stomach protruding under her apron and she sat back on the swing with a huff.

Nodding and running into the house as fast as his feet would carry him, the blond man took off.

The toddler walked up to the man still sitting on the grass and held out his hand.

"Up, Unca E?" he asked, and with a wide smile, the man took the toddler's hand and pretended to let the little boy lift him to his feet.

He then walked over to the couple sitting in the swing and smiled down at them. They returned his smile and the child climbed into the man's lap, rubbing his eyes and sticking his thumb in his mouth.

"I think the little man is ready for a nap," the seated man said, and rose to take the child inside.

The woman patted the spot next to her, and the brunette sat down.

"How have you been feeling?" he asked, and she gave him a soft smile.

"Fine," she answered. "Tired."

Returning her smile, the man said, "I bet. How much longer?"

"A couple of weeks, I think. How are you and Jasper?"

"Right as rain. The herd's growing good and so are the crops. I can't complain."

"Glad to hear it," she said, and patted his leg fondly.

They were quiet for a moment, listening to the sounds of summer and wishing a breeze would come along to soothe their heated skin. It was late July, the hottest days of the season. Soon, it would be time to gather the harvest and make hay. It was hard to believe a whole year had gone by already, since those dreadful days last summer.

The slamming of the screen door startled the pair on the swing, and they watched as the big man and Jasper walked out, the smaller of the two carefully carrying a tray.

The brunette rose from his seat and grabbed a small table to arrange the tea on. The large man bowed to kiss his wife and proceeded to drag two sturdy chairs to their impromptu afternoon picnic, and the woman stood up to help the blond arrange the tea. After standing, she froze with her hand mid air, reaching for the pitcher. Her face went pale as a ghost and she looked down in abject horror.

"Oh Lord...," she moaned, grabbing the table edge. The blond man lunged and grabbed her around her expanded waist before she could topple over.

"Rosalie, what's wrong?" he asked, concern marring his features. His rising voice alerted the large man who his on his way with the chairs, making him abandon them mid lawn.

"Rosie, Rosie, speak to me! Is it the baby? Is it time?" he burst out, running towards her and pulling her into his large arms.

"My water just broke. I.. I better go inside... You send word for the midwife, you hear, Emmett? Mrs. McDougal. She'll know what to do...," Rosalie whispered, clearly upset.

"Is there anything we can do?" the brunette asked, excitement and concern battling on his handsome face.

"Edward, if you and Jasper would keep an eye on EJ and set some water to boil, please? Thank you," Emmett said, and continued, "I'll ride for the midwife - please, Edward, bring Rosie inside?"

"Of course," Edward replied, wrapping his arm around Rosalie and walking her inside slowly. Jasper followed Emmett to the stables to help him saddle a horse.

"Don't worry, Em.. I'm sure she'll be just fine. She's done it before, remember?" he said, patting the big man's arm reassuringly.

"Yeah, and I was a mess last time too," Emmett replied, swinging his leg over the horse's back.

"Be safe, Em..," Jasper said, clapping the horse on its behind.

"Take care of her, please?" Emmett looked at him with such pleading eyes that Jasper could only nod, his throat constricting from the emotion welling up inside him.

"We will, don't worry."

Resting his shoulder against the door frame, Jasper watched the man ride off into the distance, before turning his attention towards the house.

"Better get in there - Edward will be round the twist by now, I reckon," he mumbled to himself, walking with long strides across the yard.

Not soon enough for Edward, Emmett finally returned with the midwife. As soon as he heard hoofbeats in the yard, he ran outside to greet them.

"She's doing okay," he told Emmett as he swung down from his horse. "She's asking for you, though."

With a nod, Emmett ran to the house, followed by the kind Mrs. McDougal. Edward motioned for Jasper to grab a horse, and they walked them to the barn.

Once inside, the to men rubbed down the tired animals, then gave them fresh water and hay. When they were finished, they didn't quite know what to do.

Edward sat on an overturned crate and pulled his pouch of tobacco out of his pocket. With practiced hands, he rolled two smokes and offered Jasper one. The man took it with a smile.

"You look like you need it," Edward smiled, and lit up.

"I do. I have never been through this before," Jasper said, and lit his own. "Colts are easier, that's for sure."

Edward laughed. "There's nothing left to do now but wait, so you might want to take a seat."

Jasper pulled up a crate of his own and sat next to Edward.

Before too long, the barn doors opened and Emmett walked in with a sleepy looking EJ. Edward and Jasper looked up, startled, then settled back down to wait. Edward pulled up a crate for him and he sat down, cradling the little boy in his arms, trying to soothe him back to sleep.

"How's Rose?" Jasper asked quietly.

"Hurtin', but okay. EJ got woken up, so I figured I'd bring him out here," he answered.

"Do you want us to watch him, so you can go back in?" Edward asked.

"No thanks," Emmett chuckled. "Mrs. McDougal threw me out."

Edward and Jasper laughed at that, and they all grew quiet again.

Hours passed and the sun went down. Edward lit the lantern and the three men and little EJ waited. They only talked a little, and ever so often, Edward or Jasper would step outside of the barn to have a smoke.

Finally, when the moon was almost at its highest point, a call of Emmett's name was heard from the house. He perked up, stood with EJ, and took off for the house.

Jasper gazed at Edward, rose and straddled his thighs. "Finally alone," he exclaimed, before grabbing Edward's mouth in a searing kiss.

Gasping, Edward returned the kiss, grabbing a fistful of Jasper's shirt while his other hand made a desperate grab for his belt buckle.

"Oh sweet Jesus, I've been hard for you all day! Are you hard for me too, Jasper?" Edward moaned out, biting his way down his lover's neck.

""Oh my... Yes, Edward!" Jasper threw back his head, giving him more room. His hips rutted back and forth, looking for friction but making it difficult for Edward's hand to free the erection straining against denim.

"Hold still, love, or I won't ever get your cock out," he admonished, grabbing Jasper's ass to keep him in position. Jasper's fingers worked on the brunette's shirt buttons, freeing the pale chest and pink nipples that he loved to suck on.

Finally free, Jasper's cock leaked its fluid all over the flushed head. Groaning, Edward smeared it with his palm before he started rubbing the foreskin back and forth with agonizing slowness.

"Hell, darlin', are you trying to kill me here?" Jasper whined, and bit Edward's earlobe, "Just rub me off already, will ya?"

"Your wish is my command, love," he replied, picking up the pace. In a matter of minutes, Jasper spilled all over Edward's hands with a muted scream. Looking mischievous, Edward raised his hand to his mouth and licked off the come with languid strokes of his tongue, like a cat lapping cream.

"Jesus," Jasper whispered and kissed Edward, who thrust his tongue into his love's mouth, sharing the remains of his release.

With a small moan, Jasper broke the kiss and moved to his knees in between Edward's spread thighs. After tucking himself away and buckling his belt, Jasper went to work on Edward. He quickly freed his man's prick and sucked it into his mouth.

"Oh...God..." Edward breathed. "Yes..."

Jasper bobbed his head, sucking hard, teasing Edward's cock with his tongue.

Edward's eyes rolled back at the exquisite pleasure his lover was giving him. He thrust shallowly into Jasper's mouth, and weaved his hands into the soft blond hair.

"Not gonna last..." Edward breathed, and Jasper moved his head faster, urging him to come.

Within seconds, Edward was grunting as he shot his release forcefully. When he was finished, he leaned down and kissed his man's smiling mouth, delving his tongue inside to get a taste.

At that moment, the barn door slammed open, and Emmett rushed inside. When his brain finally caught up with his eyes, he stopped short and looked away quickly.

Edward fumbled with trying to get his cock put away while Jasper scrambled to his feet.

"Sorry, I...," Emmett stuttered, while they all stood there, blushing and averting their eyes.

"S' nothing... So Emmett, why did you come running like that?" Edward asked, the first to gather his composure in spite of him being the one flagging his brother.

"Oh.. OH! I'm a dad!" Emmett burst out, excited, embarrassment forgotten.

"Well, we kind of knew that already, Em...," Jasper drawled, smirking.

"I mean - Rose gave birth to a baby girl! Come in and see, you two! But wash your hands first," he smiled, almost running back to the house.

Inside, Edward gave a timid knock on the doorframe to the master bedroom. He hadn't entered this room since EJ was born, so he felt awkward and out of place. Rosalie was resting against a mound of pillows, a little pale and tired, but with a blissful smile on her face, directed towards the pink bundle in her arms.

"Hello. May we come in?" he said, when she looked up.

"Of course, come see our daughter, uncles," she responded, beaming at them, her beautiful features lit up from inside.

Tentatively, Edward and Jasper scurried to her bedside on socked feet, mindful of their too-large bodies in the feminine room.

"Oh Rose, she's beautiful!" Jasper exclaimed, carefully pulling a snippet of blanket back to see the baby's face.

"Would you like to hold her?" Rose asked, offering the bundle to him. He recoiled with a horror-struck expression, palms up.

"No, no, I can't. I'll break her!" he whispered.

"How about you, Uncle Edward? Do you dare?" she chuckled and turned towards him.

"Sure," he responded, carefully taking the wrapped baby in the cradle of his arms, a gentle smile spreading on his face.

"Hello, little one," he whispered softly, caressing her pink cheek with a calloused finger, "welcome to the world."

Sharing a look with his love across the pink blanket and pink-faced baby, he felt happier than ever before.

Life was good.

Thank you for taking this journey with us. We hope you enjoyed it.

Penny and Puzzy