Enquanto a chuva cai II

(While the rain falls II)

• Raindrops of facts

Takashi Ryuugasaki, the forgotten son of infamous headmaster from Akihabara Juuban School, is, again, watching the rain falls. Behind the intricate metal embellishment his windows, he sat with all comfort and solitude his room could provide; silent shadows and surreptitious feelings permeating the space within his heart and the quarters, the Dark Prince, as he known, combining the atmosphere of his pouring turmoil. Yet, today was the very next month after the incident and fatherly discussion of the failed attempt of trying to catch the Divas.

"Fatherly discussion", humph, what a laughter. As Takashi should be use to, except for the fact of being raised like a family relative, there wasn't anything remotely emotional in their link… nothing, not even that tiny splutter of blood could be designed to of said task. For he wasn't the product of holy matrimony, or some canal indulgence; it was an alchemical ritual, the ritual that brought him life.

Strange, really – was his thoughts, as he puts his fingers on the glass, following the drops of water, mixing them and creating another, bigger, droplet that would roll further away from his sight – that by combining all the right elements in the right proportion, you could make a carbon life being. Just strangely perfect for someone with the ambition of ruling the world in the end. Father… A carbon life being exactly like the one he lost long in America, in one of the more massacre of humanity, the last global war. It took years for preparation, desperate effort to overcome the shock and shift of the world; Dean Ryuugasaki had another identity, both now and still to this century, and was as Rosenkreuz that he was able to make till the destroyed Germany and as it was since the medieval times, use the knowledge of the cult and create the homunculus, a creature some believed mythical.

A sigh and then the retreat, away from the clouding skies and memory of his existence, Takashi… the Dark Prince was only this dark aspect of villainy because of the circumstance of how he was created. Kept only in this darker situations, secrecy and banishment from the leader of Rosenkreutz, it was easy to transport, a simple machine or toy, and then Japan, the other mythical place in common sense, where the samurais once reside, and the intellect was privileged in modernity, the real and material technology; the only possible place where he could really gain followers, fans who didn't knew of his nonexistent past or reason of living. It was only because of them that he has the chance of addressing as Prince, neither his creator nor anyone else would care for the title.

Yet another sigh in the usual dark room.

And the responsive stray of lightning from the sky… just a spark of electricity between the clouds and, for a moment, the eyes of the sad young man were seen. The fact, obnoxious, annoying fact that wouldn't disappear, is that he was still linking the rain to one episode; still connecting the fierce lightning with one pair of fiery eyes, still remembering that once the cool breeze and isolating rain brought him a strange gift within the warmth of a girl. Hibari… He couldn't forget her, couldn't, even if not being memorable he was now striving his best lately to be near her, for making her feel him, anger him, think of him… Gods! Slapping hard on the wall near the window; he just wanted to make an impact on her, anyone!, 'cause he wasn't sure if he could stand not knowing the consequences of that rainy day anymore.

The sky sends another roar of thunder, one seemingly close to the cry that has left the boy's lips, a punch near his cradle bed in sequence. Now he could relate the drip-drip singsong of that never stopping rain with the red blood pooling his hands, Takashi smashed the wall without seeing it; he just wished to stop over thinking, storm out of this drugging image, his room was already infected with a utopia, an illusion so tempting.

"Dammit!" – even the pain would not erase what the memory, even more alive with the thundering and water of the weather… Such a bizarre coincidence, that an angel, a Diva, who commanded these elements can stand on the same ground that a Fallen Angel, a forgotten one, still, ruler of Cerberus and blazing Inferno… This shouldn't be possible, it was not possible. But the dream remained alive, Takashi acknowledge it cringing his teeth: the blood was red, vibrant and warm, the same as the one he wished he could touch with this hands.

• Puddles of thoughts

Love. Abstract noun, abstract conception in Ryuugasaki family, undetermined and inexistent in Takashi's life. It is a greater achievement, even noble, since the beginning of alchemy was the search, the loving search of pure knowledge. "Loving"… adverb, that is more palpable; his fellow subjects made it simple to observe, their loyal and most foolish actions proving to him that this so regal feeling – not suitable in the least for non humans, Takashi, take this out of your mind at once! – was not a rational one.

They were the living proof that we can't trust love, pffft, love! If it was love that moved the masquerades obeying his orders, as he was no blind towards that, why would he want to be so easily manipulated by other self? It made no sense, to love another self other than its own… You can not cooperate to progress; it isn't in humanity to do things selflessly, at least not in this humanity of twenty-first century… (As it wasn't real in the alchemist universe, from his studies and readings).

To love and be altruist, beautiful dream, even he could recognize this, he was one idea from this world. A failed one, a bitter taste of unsuccessful idea filling in his body, unable to please his creator, unable to perform even simple imitation; he was a test, a glimpse of what a perfect human who once stepped on this planet.


"It seems that you took all that notions away with you, did you not... Oji-sama?" – even the title was a stab trough his heart, a thorough method of mirroring anything Crane could be, but Crane was the Prince of Light, (the prince of Hibari-chan's heart too), was the silent murmur that insisted in saying near his ear.

"And even 'tough you long gone, you're still symbolic with us, how enchanting! Did you realize that 'Rosa', as you used to nickname him, believed for a long time that the rain was your tears of sorrow in the evolution of mankind? Oh, why yes, 'till this day Ryuugasaki stops his meeting to gaze the rain for a little, as it is the only connection he could grasp. Of course, he doesn't believe in my capability so he just crosses the illusion of me being the other connection with you that he might have."

Hissing because the healing hand flexed the wrong, painful, way, Takashi stood and walked away from the humble throne he has on the control room; moments after ordering his girls to lure the patapis and their masters to a convention in Akihabara downtown. It still rained, not the atypical outburst of weather from earlier day, but the serene raindrops from a languid cloud. It looked like the season of storm was approaching… Fast, as it always looked like, for someone who wasn't paying attention to time countdown, but not even Takashi could forget such a thing.

"He lost his will to watch over me, to look at me even, very early, I think. The homunculi, mythical human being created mixing elements that construct life, the possible re-incarnated of one of the greatest mind of this planet. I. Brought to life by his very hands, wasn't perfect like you; I only began to walk with two years, my mathematical skill didn't surpass those of this age, even though it is quite remarkable, not really an outstanding performance… not at all."

Hate. It was a sentiment that empower Takashi so, so much, it made him human, to loathe something so deeply, to want to obtain and envision because of this motivation. This ambition. Oh, what a glorious, devious power. The trouble it brings now! For it wasn't aimed at his father's oblivion, or the Divas innocent behavior; not to his greater mirror. But to him. To him.

Hibari couldn't see trough this cape of hate.