Author's Notes: Written for meira16's First Magic challenge on xoxLewrahxox's Bellatrix Lestrange: The Dark Lord's Most Faithful forum.


The parlour of Black Manor was silent.

Druella was working on a piece of embroidery, Cygnus reading the newspaper, and Bellatrix was sitting on the couch, playing quietly Narcissa. The baby grabbed hard onto Bellatrix's finger, her tiny nails digging into the flesh, and Bellatrix let out a sharp gasp, wrenching her hand back.

Druella looked up, and saw only Bellatrix drawing her hand back, glaring down at her baby sister.

"Bellatrix Black!" Druella cried out sharply, "don't you dare hit your sister!"

Bellatrix whipped around to look at her mother. "I didn't!"

"You were going to."

"I was not!"

Baby Narcissa made an angelic cooing noise, and Bellatrix glared at her.

"We have spoken to you about how you behave towards your sister!" Cygnus said, folding his newspaper. "If you were going to hit her–"

"I wasn't!"

"–then that is simply crossing a line–"

"Aren't you listening to me?" Bellatrix asked, her voice rising to a shriek. "I wasn't going to hit Cissy! I wasn't!"

"Do not talk back to your parents!" Cygnus thundered. "Go to your room, Bellatrix Black!"

Bellatrix's eyes narrowed into slits and her fists clenched. She practically swelled with anger.

The chandelier exploded.

Pieces of sharp glass and crystal rained down, and Druella shrieked, covering her head. Cygnus ducked as well, but Bellatrix sat perfectly still, only moving slightly to shield Narcissa's face from the shards that fell around them.

At last, once he was sure that the glass and crystal had finished falling, Cygnus raised his head and stared at his eldest daughter with something like fear. Children should not be able to do things like that… not in anger, especially – it was dangerous…

Bellatrix met his eyes.

She smiled.