A/N: I decided to write this to tell how I think Church felt just after he finally let Tex fade into memory.

Peace, However Brief

There was nothing left. The key to him finally coming to understand his nature was perhaps the most painful action he had ever taken. But he realized that it was necessary.

"Do your worst world, I've just done mine."

That line gave him a sense of calm that he had not felt since before the Alpha had been fractured. Epsilon was his true name, but Church was who he was at his core. Leonard Church. The last remaining fragment of an AI that had taken on its own life.

'Memory was the key to my salvation, but was it worth it. Maybe, maybe not. Can a computer construct, even one based off the mind of a real person, ever truly find peace,' he mused silently as he watched the rest of the Blues rumble towards the Red base in Sheila.

Tex had been his life many years ago, yet he could not remember how she had died. She completed him in a way that no other person could understand.

His thoughts drifted. He wondered what the Alpha had thought while standing with Agent Washington and the other AI fragments. Was it peace, regret, or maybe even fear.

He considers taking off his helmet and enjoying the air of Blood Gulch without the oxygen scrubbers. He considered putting down the sniper rifle he held and laying back on the top of the concrete structure upon which he stood.

Ultimately he never got the chance as the ground rumbled once more. Looking up in the sky he say a pair of helmets he did not want to ever see again.

A/N: Yeah it is short, but the scene did not last long before Sarge and Caboose interrupted his moment of peace. Saying that I would recommend you watch the last episode of Red vs. Blue Season 9, that way you know what I am referring to.