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Chapter 9:

"This meal is very delicious Miss Rizzoli."

"Why thank you Casey," Angela smiled. Things were a little awkward at the table and even Maura could feel it. Casey kept on quickly glancing at Maura and Jane sitting together and going back to his food.

The boys Frost, Tommy, Frankie and Korsak were oblivious to the situation. Angela and Casey were the only ones who knew about Maura and Jane, but Angela didn't know that Casey tried proposing to Jane.

"So are you enjoying your stay in Boston so far Casey?" Korsak brought up a conversation.

"Well I'll tell you one thing, this place can never be boring," Casey smiled, looking at Jane.

"Planning to get Jane in the sack?" he smirked, and Jane ran a hand over her face.

"Come on Korsak, let's not bring me up in any kind of conversation?"

"Oh fine," Korsak said turning his attention on Maura. "So how are you doing Doctor Isles?"

"Quite fine Korsak," Maura smiled. Tommy and Frankie looked at each other and shrugged.

"Is it time for dessert yet Ma?" Tommy asked, getting antsy. He didn't like the looks Jane and Maura were giving each other. Even though Jane told him to back off many times he still wanted to persue her best friend.

"Wait until the rest finish their dinner you pig," Frankie shook his head.

"I would love some other kind of dessert," Tommy whispered in his brother's ear, Frankie looked up at Maura and he slapped Tommy in the arm.

"Like she wants a guy like you," Frankie whispered back.

"Are we going to have to fight for her, because I think I'd win."

"Obviously you can't see the way Jane feels about her, I think she's in love with her."

"Oh yeah, sure," Tommy rolled his eyes.

"Hey you two, stop whispering over there, and help me get dessert ready," Angela pushed away from the table, and the two brothers happily followed.

"So Casey, how long do you actually get to stay here?" Frost asked, suspicious of why he was here, he was getting in the way of his plan to try and get Maura and Jane to admit their feelings for each other, not knowing they were dating.

"Only three days, then I have to go back out."

"That's a shame, really."

"Didn't know you were that interested in me Frost?"

Frost shrugs, "Just trying to make conversation, usually Maura and Jane aren't this quiet."

Casey nodded, "Yeah I know, it's weird right?"

"Hey if you're going to talk about me at least, let me go piss so I don't hear you," Jane pushed away from the table, and went to the bathroom, she actually had to pee and then after using the bathroom she just sat on the closed toilet seat, hoping that Maura would soon get the hint and come in the bathroom.

It had been five long minutes when Jane finally heard a soft knocking on the door.

"Come in," Jane states, and the door slowly opens and appears a smiling Maura, who closed the door and locked it.

"Are you doing alright Jane?" Maura sat on the edge of the bathtub.

Jane shrugs, "It's hard Maura, seeing Casey now. I let him down and made him upset, I'm not one for doing that. I feel horrible about it. He's one of the only guys who actually understood me, we were good friends and now I felt like I let him down."

"You didn't let him down Jane, you just moved on, you didn't do anything wrong, you just want something different then what he wants, there is nothing wrong with that."

"Then why do I feel like this?" Jane ran a hand through her hair.

"Because you used to have feelings for him."

"I think I might still have feelings for him, but I'm in love with you and don't want to screw anything up. I want you in my life Maura."

"I know you do Jane," Maura nodded, rubbing her thigh. "I love you Jane and I always will."

"I just hate feeling confused, you know."

Maura nodded, "Jane, I know exactly what your talking about. We'll work out the confusion together, alright?"

Jane sighed, looking up at her girlfriend. "You're right Maura, I'm sorry."

"Don't be sorry Jane," Maura stood up wrapping her arms around Jane's neck, brushing her lips against Jane's. "I love you."

"I love you too babe," Jane moans softly, as she is pressed against the bathroom wall, having Maura's lips on her neck, nipping at the collarbone. "Maybe we should continue this later," Jane smiled as Maura pulled back giving her a pout.


"Well Doctor Isles, you still have visitors and if we continue this here I'd wanna have sex with you on the bathroom floor."

"Really?" Maura smiled. "Is that such a bad thing Detective?"

"You're so cute Maura," Jane kissed her girlfriend's neck.

"Oh so I'm only cute to you?" Maura asked, teasing her.

"Come on, let's go get some of my Ma's dessert," Jane grabbed her girlfriend's hand and they left the bathroom heading back to the dining room.

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