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Summary: After getting seperated from her crew during the incident in Sabaody Archipelago, Luffy winds up in a fight with the Shichibukai Jimbei, and Allied Pirate Whitey Bay. There after Luffy finds herself in a fight with the captain of the Whitebeard Pirates, which somehow winds up getting the top 4 division commanders involved. How can this happen you're wondering. Easy, Monkey D. Luffy. Let's see how the story changes with this turn of events.

Warning: Fem!Luffy with a different Devil Fruit. She will also be using guns, cause frankly I think that'd be really cool. Oh, and this is just because I thought it would be a good twist around to the story, Luffy never met Ace before, that is until the two had a run-in during the Alabasta Arc and became pretty good friends. Two haven't seen each other since. Though Ace occasionally keeps track of how much chaos the rookie pirate has caused since their first meeting.

Devil Fruit based off of my all time favorite Digimon, Beelzemon. No this is not a crossover between the two animes, I don't think it'd be possible for the two to work like that, but you never know. Anyways, enjoy! And sorry if the summary sucks. Oh, and Luffy is 15 in this.

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Episode 1: Seperation and Stupid Fishsticks!

Unnamed Island in New World-

A young, 15 year old girl was walking through the forest, her black hight tops causing the smaller, fallen branches on the ground to snap under her weight. She wore a bright red shirt with the Jolly Roger for the pirate crew she led, and black cargo capris. Her socks were always too big for her, so they kinda piled up around her ankles. In her hand was a torn, black jacket, her favorite, shredded beyond her skills of repair. Wrapped around her waist were two belts, secured in a way that they would not fall off, but also so that they sagged slightly at either side of her. They were tarnished from long hard battles alongside the girl's nakama in the past, and held her twin pistols. Her hair was jet-black, and left to fall down to her butt, never having gotten in her way before, and seeing no neccesity in cutting it short. Placed on her head, and shadowing her brown eyes, was a straw hat.

"Well this sucks..." She stated as she lept over a rather large root from an even bigger tree. She had gotten seperated from her crew, and she doubted they could be found anywhere on the island she was on right now. She had already done a rather thorough search of it from the air. She was miffed about being left alone, and really didn't like that Shichibukai for attacking her crew like he had. She wasworried about them, having absolutely no knowledge of their current conditions, or where-a-bouts. She couldn't help but worry about them. She needed to get stronger so that it never happened again, her and her crew. "Ok, it's official. I HATE Shichibukai!" she yelled out as she finally came to a clearing.

"Well now that's your opinion." the girl jumped in surprise at the voice, having not noticed that anyone was there before then, and looked about. She quickly took notice of a fishman, a big one at that. Standing next to him was a tall, beautiful woman who could only be described as ice and snow personified.

"Who the he-"

"Now now. Ladies should swear, it's unbecoming." the older woman stated smugly. The girl narrowed her eyes warningly as her hands reached for the guns in her belts.

"Shut up you! Who the hell are you two! I thought this island was deserted!" The woman just raised a curious eyebrow, as the fishman responded,

"I am Jimbei, this young woman here is the "Ice Witch" Whitey Bay. We're are pirates, same as you." The girl raised an eyebrow, becoming even more wary of the two.

"Oh? And how do you figure that, huh?" The woman, Whitey Bay, spoke up, her tone seeping with amusement,

"Simple. Your wanted poster." she brought out said piece of crinkled paper, showing it for all, if there were any others, to see. "'Wanted: Dead or Alive, Monkey D. 'Straw Hat' Luffy, also known as the 'the Devil's Raven". Captain of the Straw Hat Pirates, and only at age 15, she has a bounty of over 300 million beri. Quite the trouble maker aren't you?" The woman seemed amused even more about the information as she tucked the wanted poster carrying the pirate captain in front of them's picture. Luffy was now completely on guard.

Now they may have been pirates as they had said, but even pirates would go for bounties when it fit their agenda. Especially if they were out to become Shichibukai. Capturing high level pirates with decent bounties, like Luffy, was sure to get them into the position. Since she had last heard, the spot that Crocodile had left after she had confronted and beat him was still empty, and had yet to be filled. Which meant that catching someone with a bounty like hers was sure to get them noticed.

"So what do you want?" The woman seemed thoughtful before answering,

"Well I don't know about you, but I'm just here to visit a fellow ally and friend." Luffy still hadn't stopped looking like she was about to force someone into a good impression of swiss cheese.

"Hey now! We're not here to fight, besides, I doubt you're in any condition to fight..." Jimbei tried to calm the girl down. Upon closer inspection, she was covered in scratches and bruises, and her shirt was torn slightly in various places on her lower torso.

"Hmm, yeah. I don't think it would be a good idea to fight. Especially when your outnumbered two to one, and your crews not present to save you." The woman was acting rather smug, and Jimbei had to sigh. The woman was unintentionally instigating the girl into fighting them. That was the last thing either of them wanted or needed. The problem was, as unfortunate as it was, it worked.

Luffy growled as she drew both guns, Whitey Bay having tap danced and smiled over her last nerve.

"That's it! I've had it! How about I wipe that smirk right off that pretty little face of yours?" And with that declaration, she fired at the two, aiming more toward Whitey Bay then her companion, who had really done nothing wrong but try to keep a fight from breaking out.

The two dodged, only for Whitey Bay to get caught in the shoulder with a well-aimed bullet from the girl, who was appearently more skilled with a gun then they had originally thought. The second bullet had missed her head by a about an inch. She wasn't aiming to kill anyone, she just didn't like Whitey Bay's attitude. Her's was probably just as bad though at the moment, but she had the decency to not look when talking to strangers, especially when one such stranger just shot her in the shoulder.

Luffy didn't fire again, preferring to wait and see if they would retaliate as they both landed. Whitey Bay was clutching at her shoulder, blood slipping through her fingers as she scowled at the pirate captain in front of her.

"Stupid BRAT!" Whitey Bay charged at the girl despite the injury which left her shoulder out of use at the moment. She drew a saber and immediately proceeded to try and take Luffy's head off. Luffy jumped back, but seeing that Whitey Bay had a longer reach with the sword then she originally thought, and had to use both guns to stop the blades path.

Whitey Bay growled in an upset manner,

"Hey! Don't go growling at me you crazy lady! I'm not the one who instigated a fight! Don't go starting something you're not prepared for!" Luffy declared angrily as she kicked the enraged woman back to her friend.

"Whitey Bay! Please stop this! You're already injured! You don't need to go trying to win a fight when you're losing blood! You'll just pass out!" The woman growled as she shoved Jimbei off of her, though she wasn't violent about it, a sign that she obviously considered the man a friend, but was not about to listen to his advice.

"No! That brat needs to learn some respect for her superiors! Beating all those Marines and famous Pirates seems to have given her a big head!" She stood up fully, wincing as her injured shoulder started to protest to any and all of Whitey Bay's sudden movements. "If you don't want me to pass out before I win, then help me out! Otherwise stay out of the way!" She lunged at the young captain again.

"Fine. But remember Whitey Bay. You're the one who started this, so don't go getting angry if she manages to bring you down." He got into a fighting stance and began firing off water infused attacks. Luffy used her unnaturally high speed to dodge the oncoming onslaught from the now two forces opposing her currently.

Luffy decided to focus on outlasting them, rather then head-on beatings, as it was only a matter of time until Whitey Bay lost enough blood to pass out. Then the remaining two could stop fighting and treat the stubborn woman's injuries.

Several Days Later-

Whitey Bay was still standing, having used a quick fix to stop the flow of blood from her injury so she could continue the fight. So was Jimbei, but both were now exhausted. The same could be said for their current foe in battle.

Monkey D. Luffy's bounty did the 15 year old no justice, as not only had she fought both Whitey Bay, a well known pirate in New World, the sea in which their current location lay, but Jimbei, a powerful Shichibukai at same time. And she was injured from a previous battle no less. The two allies were running on just adrenaline alone to keep them standing on their feet and battle ready, but even that lasted only so long. And both were at their limits now. They had no idea about the girl apposing them, who was still only panting, and had yet to use the Devil Fruit abilities that had gifted her with her second alias; "The Devil's Raven". Supposedly it was another Mythical Zoan, like a certain commander of the Whitebeard Pirates that they knew personally, and fleet admiral for the Marines.

But they couldn't be sure if they could win anylonger. The girl was definitely stronger then the marines had specified. She was definitely worthy of a much higher bounty then she already had. After all, according to news at least three days before her arrival, she had punched a tenryubiito, and even then proceeded to fight a Marine Admiral, and another of the Shichibukai. But she was sent away, and had wound up here on the island and current location for their battle. And before that, there were rumors that she had beaten another one of the Shichibukai, Gecko Moriah, by pirates that had been founded in the New World known as the Rolling Pirates.

They may have been telling the truth.

"Ugh!" Finally, Jimbei collapsed with a grunt, unconcious and too tired to move. Whitey Bay followed shortly after. Luffy collapsed on one knee, gasping for air as her body almost gave out. Fighting two opponents as strong as the two infront of her was a bad idea when she had already taken a beating and had not fully recovered, and with no help no less.

Suddenly she looked to the side, the clearing being close enough to the ocean to see any oncoming ships, though a severe fog would hide things pretty well until you were maybe a few seconds away from the island.

There was a huge ship, colossus in size honestly, and Luffy's eyes widened at the sight of it. It was shaped like a giant whale, the figure head in the shape of a white whale.

"W-woah..." she said in stunned amazement as a voice rang out from the deck of the ship as a huge man with a white, crescent-shaped mustache appeared. Behind him were a large number of men of various sizes.

"Who picked a fight with my family?" among the men behind the huge man, was a familiar looking orange cowboy hat. 'Wait a minute...Ace?'

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