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Episode Summary: This takes place during the week of Luffy's recovery, just different reactions and what Whitebeard's planning to do with her. Enjoy!

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Episode 3: What to do with Ravens?

The Moby Dick (somewhere in New World)-

Marco was in the infirmary, looking over their unconcious guest, a young female captain by the name of Monkey D. Luffy. She had been out for a while now, and thanks to the fact that her Devil Fruit didn't deactivate while she was unconcious, they were able to help fix her wings as well. The wings were jet black, and indeed reminded him of a raven, which explained, at least partly, where her second epiphet had come from. She was supposed to be out for another week thanks to the severity of her wounds. That meant that she'd be on their ship a lot longer then any of them had originally expected. But there was one little question bugging him; What would they do with her when she was fully healed? She was strong, she'd more then proven that when they first met her, and her bounty had done her no justice, nor anyone else.

That bounty was supposed to be a level of how dangerous she was, a given threat level to show how bright an idea it was to mess with her. She was far more dangerous then the World Government was willing to show. 300 million beri was not a high enough bounty for the girl, especially when she took on two New World pirates, one of them being a Shichibukai, at the same time when she was already injured and won. Yep, the government could no longer be counted on to honestly tell them the current threat level for some of the more dangerous pirates. Heck, he'd hate to admit it, but if she were at full health, she might've just been able to beat them and get away. But then again, if Luffy had been at full health they probably wouldn't have had to fight her to get her to calm down.

They had dropped off a fully healed Whitey Bay with her crew and bid her a good day, saying to take care of herself, and to not get in fights with others again. Jimbei had left the ship the next day and headed for Fishman Island. Now they just had Miss Sharpshooter to deal with.

He waited patiently, now staring at the wall, as the door to the infirmary opened, and Ace came in, stopping next to the man.

He smiled gently as he poked the unconcious girl in the forehead, getting a slight reaction was she tried to turn away, only for her injured wings to stop all movement and force her to stay still. He got a repremending glare from Marco for it, though it was somewhat amusing.

"So how do you know her anyways?" Ace stood back up as the question was asked and got this mischievous but thoughtful look on his face.

"It was during the mission in Alabasta. I got in a little arguement with some Marines and that's when she showed up. Knocked the marine right into me and through a wall." He seemed miffed about that little part, but MArco wasn't going to interrupt, instead, opting to sitting down backwards in a nearby chair. Ace followed shortly after.

"So anyways, what happened was that she wound up sitting where I was when she knocked me through the wall, and then gorged herself on my food. Idiot marines got up first, and spotted her. Kid was still shoveling food and I tell you what she said next would have classified her as the living definition of 'Devil-may-care'!"

"What'd she say that led you to saying that?" Ace smiled as he knew the man would do a face-fault.

"She said, and I kid you not, 'Hey Smokey! Why don't you sit down and eat! Whatcha' been up to?', even padded the seat next to her and everything!" Ace luaghed as she remembered the man's reaction to her antics. He had yelled at her, causing her to pout and whine insistently that he was being a meany-butt and then proceeded to tell him to lighten up. "Oh, and then she told him to lighten up after he yelled at her for the invite, and guess what she said." Marco was looking warily at him,

"I'm not sure I want to know..." he smiled a she recoutned exactly waht she said,

"Quote unquote 'You see that's why you don't have a girlfriend. You should smile more!'. Then the dude tried to capture her swearing that she wouldn't get away from him this time. The smile she gave would have put the Devil to shame. She pulled a gun on the dude and managed to put him full off ten holes, none of them having any of effect on the man. Then she just got plain reckless, in a confined space no less."

"Let me guess what happened next. You got out of that hole finally and decided that taking on the Marine might not be in either of yours best interest and took off with ehr in tow?" Ace shook his head.

"Actually we both just took off running, she was bored with the fight five seconds into it. Both of us wound up running gin the same direction. That's when I met her crew. Strange bunch. She's got a guy with green hair that reminds me of a moss ball, and a reindeer." Marco just shrugged,

"Hey, crews come in all shapes in forms." Ace nodded as the two continued their conversation.

"You know Ace, the way you talk about her, I'd think you two were siblings or something." Marco said sometime later. Ace was silent, deep in thought as he silently mulled over the commment the Phoenix had made.

"Yeah, maybe. Sometimes I think that if I had known her when she was younger, if I had met her before Alabasta, like when we were still kids. She'd be like a little sister to me." he agreed quietly as he turned his gaze over to the unconcious girl for a little while. Marco had done the same, when his eyes widened slightly as an ideal came about in his head.

"Hey Ace, what do you think of her becoming apart of our crew?" Ace turned back to him as he responded,

"That'd be cool, but even in the short time I've known her, I can tell you already. Heck, her own crew and all of her enemies could vouch for this one single fact. That girl, is 200 times more stubborn then me, and that is putting it lightly." He said, jabbing a thumb at Luffy. Marco raised an eyebrow, shrugging his shoulders in the process.

"You were stubborn, you still joined us. Heck, we basically met you under the same circumstances. You just weren't as beat up as her when we got you aboard." Ace shook his head.

"That's the thing, I just said she was was far more stubborn then me. Besides, in case you forgot. She's got a crew. All of them somewhere out there. She's gonna want to find them. Not hang around with us. She's loyal, unquestionably so. And she'd take on all the Yonko, Shichbukai, and Admirals on her own, and at the same time if it meant keeping them safe." Marco blinked slightly, though not entirely surprised.

"Hmm, I can understand that she'd want to find them. But she'd really go that far for them?" Ace nodded, his expression leaving no room for doubt or questioning.

Marco leaned back in his chair as stretched, standing up in process.

"Well, then I guess that gives us all the more reason to get her to join us." Ace just huffed slightly getting up as well.

"You can try, she may just drive you up the wall though." Marco grinned as he playfully swatted the man upside the head.

"Yeah yeah, just get your butt back to work!"

"Yes sir!" Ace stated playfully as he jogged out of the room and headed for the deck. Marco sighed as he gently closed the door to the infirmary behind him, sparing one last glance to the young girl, and then headed off in search of Thatch and Jozu. He wanted a third and fourth opinion before confronting Whitebeard on the matter of what to do with the captain of the Straw Hat pirates.

Later with Whitebeard-

Whitebeard sat in his chair, drinking a large bottle of sake as he watched the walls, bored. Suddenly a knock on the door alerted him to visitors.

"Come in!" he called as the large door opened. It was three of his top commanders, Marco, Thatch, and Jozu. Ace wasn't amongst them though.

"Where's Ace?" Marco just shook his head slightly as he answered,

"What does he usually do around five o' clock?" Whitebeard nodded as something that probably wasn't supposed to, went boom.

"Ah...Causing chaos." Thatch chuckle slightly as Marco spoke up,

"Okay...So what is it you wanted?" Marco came up and sat himself down in front of the man, and on the floor. Thatch followed shortly afterwards while Jpzu took to standing near the door and out of the way.

"We wnated to talk about our little 'guest'." Marco stated simply as Thatch nodded in agreement, Jozu gave no indication he was listening any longer, but they all knew he agreed with them.

"You want her to join don't you?" the man asked as Marco raised a single eyebrow,

"And you don't, yoi?" Whitebeard busted out into hearty laughter with that comment,

"Gurarararara! So what do you propose we do about the matter huh?" They all seemed thoughtful for a moment when Marco spoke up,

"Well, Ace swears she's more stubborn then him, so I'm not exactly sure how to handle her. From what we know though, she's seperated from her crew currently. We should probably ask her about them as soon as she's concious. She might be more likely to listen to us if we help her find them." Marco opted. He understood how disconcerting it could be when you don't know what happens with your crew. He wasn't sure exactly how it felt when you were the captain, but he knew that Whitebeard would understand it. He'd gone through it once before, a long time ago when he was just finding his way as a Pirate captain.

"Mmh...Yes that's the most important thing right now." Marco nodded just as a loud series of bangs and explosions resounded throughout the ship. They were coming from the infirmary.

"I think she's awake now..." Thatch said as the door slammed open, Ace standing there covered in soot and gunpowder.

"No duh! Now come on before she puts someone else in the infirmary!-" more loud bangs, "-NOW!" all them took off for the sick bay. Hopefully before someone got poked full of holes.

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