Ahem, it's Margie's turn! Here we go!

As Margaret Drilovsky quietly slept in her room, Darkrai panted for air as he opened her door and limped inside. "Man." He panted some more. "These long distances…" More panting. "Are as annoying as I remember."

"Hey-sa, Da'ky."

"Huh?" He looked to see Jar Jar standing in the corner.

"What take-es you so long, eh?"

"Jar Jar? How in Hell did you get here?"

"I was-a guided by the power of mi'k!"

"Power of mi'k? That makes no sense!"

"It's-a HAS to! Is not like I TELEPORTY or anyding! Nyee hee hee hee!"

The King looked wide-eyed, then just shook it off in disbelief. "Oh, it's not like I ever understood your people, anyway."

"Well, ha' some mi'k!" Blinks exclaimed, holding up a glass.

Darkrai took it and began drinking. "Mmm, that's still pretty good. Now then…" He approached Margie. "Girly dictator, meet a swirly HICKPATOR! Gah ha ha ha! Oh, that made no sense whatsoever."

"I-se understand!"

"And there's my proof." He rolled his eyes. "Alright, let's do this." With that, he gave Margie a nightmare.

Inside her nightmare, Margie awoke to find herself in a puddle of mud. "Ew, gross! Where am I?"

"Margie!" At this, she looked over to see Patton and Kami approaching, covered in mud. "Come on, you're gonna be late for dinner!" Patton said as they walked away, Margie following after.

She joined her siblings and some other boys at a large tree stump table, where Wally walked around, placing bowls of bugs in front of everyone. "Dinner is served." Numbuh 2 said, trying to sound French.

"Ew! Why would anyone have bugs for dinner? !" Margie whined.

"Well, that's what boys eat, Margie." Patton said. "You're a boy. Aren't you?"

"What? No I'm not!"

"Yes you are." Kami said, pointing to Margie's crotch.

Margie felt around down there and was shocked and horrified at what she felt. "No! Th-This can't be! It's not true! It's impossible! NNOOOO! !"

Beside her, Darth Vader was drinking tea. "Man. And I thought my son was annoying."

"AAH!" Margie screamed, waking up and gasping for… uh, the stuff humans breathe.

"Margie, what's wrong?" Patton asked, coming in with Kami.

"NO!" she screamed, hiding under her blanket and quaking. "I-I don't wanna be a boy! I'm not a boy, I'm not a boy, I'm not a boy!"

Patton and Kami exchanged disbelieving glances and headed out. "Pfft. Girls." Patton said.

"I'm a girl." Kami replied.

"You're a tomboy, doesn't count."

As Margie continued to quiver, she glanced beside her to see Jar Jar quaking as well. "Why are you hiding?" she asked.

"I-I… l-lost my… m-mi'k."


Darkrai drifted over to them, holding a baby bottle. "Uh… is this it?"

Jar Jar looked up. "Mine MIIIIII'K!" And he threw the covers up, took the milk, and began drinking like a baby. "Ahhh… boy, dose buggies weally makes ya dirsty."

"Huh? ?" Margie exclaimed, confused.

"I-sa eat buggies." Jar Jar replied.

"Indeed." Darkrai said, looking at his list. "Well, we have to go. Next up is… Kim Mason? Oh great, we have to fly ALL the way back there!"

"Le's follow da milk!" Blinks exclaimed.

"Yeah, I'd rather just take my car, thank you." And with that, Darkrai flew out the window and down to his car.

"Eh, suit yourself. YeeeeeAAAAAHOOOOO" Darkrai looked up as Jar Jar rode on several milk bottles like a rocket at high speeds.

"Ohhhh…" he groaned as he started his car and followed after.

O-KAY! Next up is Kim! Now to play more Skyward Sword! Later!