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Ok so I'm been reading this story on the "Victorious" section of fanfiction and it's basically oneshots of one of the characters (Beck, if u guys watch the show) and his daughter. It's by "For a thousand years" and it's called "Daughter and Father" if u wanted 2 check it out, it's really good.

So it got me thinking….. "Hey how about I do one of these 4 winx?" so that's wat I'm doing, yay!

So this is gonna be about the specialists with their daughters, my ocs. I'm taking requests so if u want me 2 write a oneshot in this story with your oc. Just give me info about them and an idea and I'll write it. Or if u have an idea just review and tell me.

Ok so this ch is gonna b about Sky and 1 of his daughters hope u like :)

O and btw this takes place on Sparks/ Domino

Do you still love me Daddy?

Sky sat back in the rocking chair that was in his and Bloom's room and began to reflect on all that had happened in his life this week and man there had been a lot of stuff that had happened!

The main thing that had happened was that his and Bloom's second child had been born.

"I'm a lucky man," Sky thought as he went over to the crib where his newborn daughter was sleeping and looked down at her.

He smiled, she was gorgeous!

The baby, Lockette her name was after Bloom's pixie, looked like Bloom with her peach skin tone and light blue eyes.

The only trait that she had that wasn't exactly Bloom's was her hair, which was light orange with blonde streaks.

Sky then thought about his other daughter- his oldest child- Skylar.

Like both of her parents, six year old Skylar had peach colored skin and light blue eyes.

Like Sky, her hair was blonde.

"Such beautiful girls," Sky thought "they got all of it from their mother."

Speaking of their mother, Bloom then came in, tears rolling down her cheeks.

Before Sky could ask what was wrong, she said:

"Have you seen Skylar? She's been missing for an hour now, and no one can find her!"

"You're kidding," Sky said, starting to get worried.

Bloom shook her head.

"I sent the guards to look everywhere and they haven't found her," she said.

"Well that's weird cause I do remember that the last time I saw her was an hour ago…" Sky said.

Flashback to an hour ago…

Sky was sitting in the rocking chair, holding Lockette in his arms and bottle feeding her.

There then was a knock on the door.

"Come in," Sky said.

The door opened and Skylar walked in.

"Hi Daddy!" she said.

"Hi honey!" Sky said.

"Do you wanna play with me?" Skylar asked her father.

"Sorry honey, I can't right now I need to finish feeding your sister, but after ok?"

Skylar gave a sigh and said:

"Ok Daddy."

She then sadly walked out.

End of flashback…

"You didn't see her, you know after she left?" Sky then questioned.

Bloom shook her head and continued crying.

"I think I know where she is…" Sky said.

Bloom looked up.


"Somewhere… I'll be back…"


Sky was walking deep in the forests of Sparks.

He walked until he reached a giant tree with a huge tree house in it.

Sky climbed the ladder that led into the tree house.

There lying down on the couch in the treehouse drawing something, was Skylar.

"Hey kiddo," Sky said as he walked up to his daughter.

Skylar ignored him and continued drawing.

Sky went over and looked at what she was doing.

On the clipboard in which she was using to draw on, Skylar had clipped on a picture and was redrawing it on a piece of paper under it.

The picture was of Sky holding Skylar when she was a newborn baby; Sky was looking down and smiling at Skylar while she was sleeping peacefully.

Sky then took his glance away from the picture and looked at Skylar's redrawing.

It was really good, looked like a professional had done it.

"I love that picture," Sky said as he knelt down next to Skylar "I remember the day that you were born."

Skylar tuned out her father and continued redrawing the picture.

"I was afraid to hold you because you were so tiny, I didn't wanna drop you," Sky continued "but then your mother said that I was just being silly and gave you to me. Oh and then when I had you in my arms I started to cry because I was so happy…"

Skylar then stopped doing her redrawing and looked up at her father.

"And then," Sky went on saying "I promised myself that I would protect you and try to be the best father I could be to you."

"Well you aren't doing a good job," Skylar grumbled "cause you don't love me anymore!"

Sky felt hurt when she said that.

"What are you talking about honey? Of course I love you!" he said.

"Not uh, it's Lockette you love now not me! Cause whenever I ask you to hang out with me you say you have to be with her!" Skylar screamed as she started to cry.

Sky was about to say something in his defense when Skylar softly asked:

"Daddy, why don't you love me anymore?"

Ok now that double hurt.

"How could she keep thinking this? I'll always love her," Sky thought.

He then said out loud, as he sat down next to his daughter:

"Honey, I love both you and your sister equally, it's just that your sister needs just a little more attention because she's a baby. But please don't think that we're forgetting about you, and I'm sorry that you've been feeling that way. I promise it won't happen again. Can you forgive me?"

Skylar smiled and said:


"Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..." Sky just kept going on saying that until Skylar said:

"Ok Daddy! I forgive you! I love you!"

She then hugged her father.

"I love you too, kid," Sky said as he hugged her back.

The end!

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