Warnings: CHAN (students are 15 and 16), slash sex, implied het and femmeslash sex, some language, AU after OOTP

Cliché: forced bonding; virgin!Harry

Summary: Harry normally rolls well with life's punches, but this one might just leave him with the most sour taste in his mouth for the rest of his days.

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Lemons to Lemonade

Chapter 1 - The Spell

"Hurry! I know Draco's up to something." Harry was urging on his fellow D.A. members so as not to lose sight of the Slytherins. "Why else would he and his friends sneak out of the castle to go to Hogsmeade after curfew?"

He'd been following Draco around for months now, and many of the D.A. had been running reconnaissance as well. Finally, they had something to go on, so they snuck out of the castle as well, never noticing a black-cloaked figure following behind.

Silently, they took up positions around the Bell, Book and Candle Emporium.

"What do you see in there?" asked Ginny. She, Neville and Padma were facing away on look-out.

"Draco, his goons, Pansy and a couple others in your year are talking with two blokes," Ron answered her. "They sure are gesturing a lot."

"It seems they are having an argument," said Hermione. "The smaller one is getting angry."

"I don't like the looks of this," added Parvati, watching over Ron's shoulder. She gasped when the two adults brandished their wands and began hexing the students.

"Come on, then!" Harry shouted, all pretense of spying over.

The D.A. came rushing in to give aid to the Slytherins. Spells, both protective and aggressive, soared through the air as Harry's main force battled the attackers. Luna and Neville stayed back to help the injured.

"Stop all this nonsense at once!" bellowed Professor Snape as he entered the room, putting himself between the wounded and the fighters.

The attackers ignored this order and kept fighting. One sent a concussion blast that knocked everyone backward; the other muttered some unknown curse. "Legare Insieme Questi!"

It struck them all, sending electric shocks through their systems, especially where any two of them were touching. After that, the attackers fled.

Snape recovered and stood up first. "Idiot children! You all have a week's worth of detentions with me. Now, account for yourselves! Is anyone severely injured and in need of immediate medical assistance?"

When he received a round of negatives, he asked more generally, "Can everyone return to the castle under his or her own transportation?"

A round of "Yes, sir" and "Yes, Professor" this time.

"Good. Let us arrive straight away to the infirmary. I wish Madam Pomfrey to look over all of us. I did not recognise that last curse. Who knows what adverse conditions it is causing."

Madam Pomfrey was still bustling about when Albus Dumbledore came in. "My dear, is everyone all right?"

"A few of them are bruised from the fighting, and several Slytherins are experiencing aftershocks of the Cruciatus, so I have given them a potion to counteract that," Madam Pomfrey said.

"Severus, what more can you tell me?" Dumbledore demanded.

"My students had a rendezvous with two seedy individuals in Hogsmeade. I felt the wards chime and followed as soon as I could. The rest of this lot were already engaging the enemy when I arrived. Our attackers hit us with a broad concussion hex, then something unknown which sounded like Legare Insem Quest." The Potions Master looked aggravated that he did not recognise the spell himself.

"Hmm. I don't recall a spell like that; we will have to research it. Any odd effects at this time?"

"None that I can see," Pomfrey said.

Snape concurred. "I have felt nothing untoward."

She continued, "But having said that, I would like to keep them here for tonight under observation. If I don't detect anything, they can leave in the morning before breakfast."

"Alright," agreed Dumbledore. "If anyone senses anything unusual, please let Madam Pomfrey know immediately. Otherwise, you should all get some rest. I understand you have detentions for the rest of the week," he pronounced with a sparkle in his eyes. He always did find these bouts of mischief amusing. "Severus, I take it you want to return to your rooms? I'm sure there is much you can research about this spell in your own library. I'll start looking through mine."


But as Snape began walking away, Harry could detect twinges of pain in his gut. When Snape stepped over the threshold, he doubled over like someone had punched him in the stomach and groaned.

At the same instant, Pansy Parkinson screamed.

Dumbledore cast quick glances between the students and Professor Snape and made a quick decision. "Perhaps you should stay," said Dumbledore as he led Snape back into the infirmary.

As they stumbled back to the mass of students, the pain must have died down for the Potions Master stopped gritting his teeth enough to check his charge.

Pansy was clutching at her belly and crying.

Pomfrey was frantically casting diagnostic spells on the Slytherin girl. She became frustrated when they were inconclusive. "The pain is lessening, but I don't know where it came from to begin with." Her brows drew in further when she looked at Snape. "What's wrong with you?"

"It appears Severus was hit similarly. This might have to do with that unknown spell," Dumbledore mused.

Dread washed over Harry. How was his life going to be messed up now?

Snape spoke. "Headmaster, odd energy waves passed through us at that spell, I especially noticed it where my arm was lying on top of Miss Parkinson after we were thrown about by the concussion spell."

"Did anyone else experience the same?"

Several students nodded and rubbed at various places on their bodies. "Interesting. Perhaps a little experimentation is in order. Mr. Longbottom, take ten steps away from the others, if you please."

Neville looked a bit uncertain but did as asked. Once he got far enough away, he winced and put his hands on his stomach. Simultaneously, Hermione gasped.

"Odd. Now walk back to us, Mr. Longbottom."

Neville did, and the pain in both of them appeared to subside.

When she could catch her breath, Hermione said, "I was thrown back against Neville in the skirmish. My whole side tingled where it touched him as that other spell took affect." Hermione was trying to piece it all together, and it was obvious her concern was deepening.

"Alright. Who else?" asked the Headmaster.

Ron Weasley raised his hand.

"Do the same thing for us, Mr. Weasley. Walk ten steps away and then come back."

Ron stood up and walked about the same distance as Neville had before he and Ginny both felt it. She was panting by the time Ron sat back down on a bed.

Luna and Parvati had similar reactions, and Parvati reported that she had fallen against Luna due to the blast. Padma had no such reaction. She glanced over at her twin questioningly, but neither girl had any explanation for it.

Neither Crabbe nor Goyle nor the other two fifth-year Slytherins had any reaction whatsoever. They also confirmed that they weren't touching anyone when the spell went off.

That just left Harry and Draco, and Harry could tell what was coming. Draco had been pushed on him in the shop. With snitches quivering in his tummy, Harry took the ten steps away. Sure enough, pain lanced through his body and he clutched at himself. Horror filled his eyes as he watched Draco cry out and grab his stomach as well.

No. If this was what he thought it was, it would be a nightmare worse than facing Voldemort.

"Well, that certainly is intriguing," the Headmaster intoned, not reassuringly. "It will, at least, narrow down my search for the spell. In the meantime, everyone stay here and stay close together. That includes you, Severus."

Snape argued, "But I have potions that require my attention and my house to supervise –"

"All of which can be performed by others. Stay here. I doubt you would get far anyway." With that Dumbledore exited the room, leaving uncertainty in his wake.

Upon waking the next morning, they found Dumbledore waiting for them.

"Did you learn anything, Headmaster?" grumped Professor Snape.

Dumbledore nodded enthusiastically. "Yes, I did find the spell. A bit obscure and not used since the Middle Ages in Italy. It's a form of slavery spell where the master and the servant are bound together, much like a marriage spell. The literal translation is 'tie these together.' I will have to research more specifics, but I believe you will not be able to go far from each other until the bond is consummated."

This news fell like a dead weight over them all. It took them a minute to process.

"Slavery spell?" asked a shocked Pansy.

"Not on your life," groused Draco.

Harry heartily concurred. This really couldn't be happening. He would not be bonded to Draco fucking Malfoy!

"Consummated?" whispered Hermione, who had turned pale and was glancing back and forth between Ron and Neville.

Ron finally caught on to the meaning and snapped his head toward Ginny. "Wait, no, that would mean …" He jumped up in alarm. "I'm not sleeping with my sister!"

"Quite right, Mr. Weasley, which is precisely why I need to further my research," said Dumbledore. "In the meantime, rooms will be arranged for each pair of you so that you may stay in proximity yet maintain some privacy. Your teachers will be alerted and your schedules rearranged so that you may function without consequences for as long as this lasts. It should go without saying that even if you feel compelled, do not have sex with anyone, in or outside this group, until we know more. Lastly, I will be contacting your parents and guardians today to alert them of the situation."

Grumbling could be heard around the room at this last bit of news. What would their parents think? Harry was sure the Dursleys would be mortified by the whole thing.

Snape visibly recoiled at this news. "Are you suggesting what I think you are, Headmaster? It would be highly inappropriate to share living space with a student. I doubt Miss Parkinson's parents will be ecstatic to learn of this."

"That is what I had in mind, Severus, but every possibility will be made to protect everybody's innocence during this time."

Yeah, right, thought Harry. Like Snape was ever innocent. He could tell his friends were thinking the same thing, probably about Pansy and Draco, too.

Dammit! Oh gods, he was going to have to live with Malfoy! Honestly, he had the worst luck.

"Pomfrey will check you over one last time. Once dismissed, a house-elf will come get you to take you to your new quarters. Breakfast will be served to you there this morning so that you may become adjusted. Crabbe, Goyle, Marsters, and Stephens, you are free to go about your business."

Dumbledore took his leave as Pomfrey finished her assessment of them all. They were all perfectly healthy with the exception of the proximity clause. "So unfortunate …" she muttered.

House-elves came and escorted them down an unused wing of the castle.

"I wonder if they'll make us live here if this bond thing can't be sorted out," said Neville.

"What, afraid you won't have your dormmates to defend you any longer?" sneered Draco.

Neville's hands clenched. "I can take care of my own self, thanks. You're the one who seems to have lost your bodyguards. And at least I won't have to worry about my new roommate hexing me every time I turn around." Then he realised about whom he was speaking. "Sorry, Harry. This whole mess is a bit awful for you, innit?"

"Yeah," Harry agreed, trying not to think how much his life was screwed up. Ron, Hermione and Ginny didn't look at all pleased either.

Pansy snorted. "At least none of you are tied to a professor." She glanced sideways and back a little at the dark teacher who skulked after them but still stayed within nine paces of her.

The house-elves showed them their rooms, each nicely divided and their belongings already ensconced. Each suite had two beds with curtains in each person's House colour, two wardrobes, two desks and chairs, one table, one bathroom, and a generous breakfast for two.

Harry noticed that Snape's room also contained a Floo, presumably linked to his office and the Potions classroom. He didn't envy the long hours Pansy would have to endure down there. Coming upon his own rooms, however, he stared unbelieving at the red and green curtains. It reminded him of Christmas, only twisted into a horrible parody of joy and cheer.

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